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I celebrate my new pin, and sing my new pin / for every new pin belonging to me as good belongs to you / (except this one's mine) #poetsorg #academyofamericanpoets

Thank you to #academyofamericanpoets and @wildeamericanboy for publishing my poem "There is no name yet" on Poem-a-day today 💘

From the Academy of American Poets comes POEM-A-DAY: 365 Poems for Every Occasion
Loosely organized according to the flow and themes of the seasons (for example, the month of February includes poems on love, lust, and heartache), this substantial volume is designed to encourage the daily practice of reading poetry. A thematic index is included so that poems can be sought out for popular occasions such as marriage, graduation, and holidays, or enjoyed any day of the year.
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Started in 1996 by the Academy of American Poets, National Poetry Month is celebrating its 20th anniversary! Write your own poem in the comments using 20 words or less. (This small fairy house at the Ira Nelson Horticulture center has been provided as a potential prompt.) For example:
Leaves whisper the secrets of seasons passed to those who care to listen. (Word count: 13)
#nationalpoetrymonth #writingprompt #academyofamericanpoets #terrifictuesday

The Academy of American Poets has awarded me with their Piri Thomas Poetry Prize. I'm super grateful. Go to poets.org to read a new poem by me. #forwardisthemantra

Alas! My members journal hath arrivethed. 😎

#americanpoet #cool #academyofamericanpoets

Happy Poetry Month! ✍🌷☔️ We are celebrating with the Academy of American Poets all month long. Tell us which lyrical geniuses you are reading! #poetrymonth #academyofamericanpoets


I used to think I ran away
from things I knew too well

for boredom's sake or
the contempt-bred familiar

but I know it's not that
at all. It is the perfectly reckless

spinning wheel, the gossamer web-string's
thread spun back and forth

upon itself to steel. It is that love
is a vortex that threatens swallow

and in any hemisphere sinks down
in a singular point of black

where nothing escapes. Not even light.

Not even us. "The Things I Know"
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"A water woman has no body" by Lisa Ciccarello 😌 #AcademyofAmericanPoets #Poetry

“Scented candles, bed. Grant me / four walls, a 5-foot fridge & a hall. / & maybe four more walls. Yes. / Four more walls. & a desk. & / a decent laptop, plus pleather / rolling chair. So that I might sit / &  write you a poem, Lord.” #marcuswicker #dogslovepoetry #bedlingtonterrier #academyofamericanpoets #windowshopping #selltradeES #elizabethsuzann

“George barks, the tense white comma / of himself arced in alarm. / At home he floats / in the creaturely domestic: curled in the warm / triangle behind a sleeper’s knees, / wiggling on his back on the sofa, all jelly / and sighs, requesting/receiving a belly rub.” #markdoty #academyofamericanpoets #dogslovepoetry #bedlingtonterrier #westpawdesign

“I would like to watch you sleeping, / which may not happen. / I would like to watch you, / sleeping.” #margaretatwood #dogslovepoetry #bedlingtonterrier #academyofamericanpoets #variationsonthewordsleep

Civitellians Mai Der Vang (CRF 2017) and Ben Goldberg (CRF 2017) connected at Goldberg's concert in Chicago on Saturday

Howl is a High School, student-run, literary magazine. Follow us for updates and news on upcoming publications. Link: https://m.poets.org/poetsorg/text/how-one-student-magazine-engages-literary-community

Fueron tres días a pleno. Me encantaría regresar este año a #poetsforum #academyofamericanpoets #thenewschool #newyork #nyc #poetry

“Mother doesn’t want a dog. / Mother says they shed, / And always let the strangers in / And bark at friends instead, / And do disgraceful things on rugs, / And track mud on the floor, / And flop upon your bed at night / And snore their doggy snore.” #judithviorst #dogslovepoetry #bedlingtonterrier #academyofamericanpoets #inmyden #westpawdesign

"There is a force that breaks the body, inevitable,
the by-product is pain, unexceptional as a rain
gauge, which has become arcane, rhyme, likewise,
unless it’s assonant or internal injury, gloom, joy,
which is also a dish soap, but not the one that rids
seabirds of oil from wrecked tankers, that’s Dawn,
which should change its name to Dusk, irony being
the flip side of sentimentality here in the Iron Age,
ironing out the kinks in despair, turning it to hairdo
from hair, to do, vexing infinitive, much better to be
pain’s host, body of Christ as opposed to the Holy
Ghost, when I have been suffering at times I could
step away from it by embracing it, a blues thing,
a John Donne thing, divest by wrestling, then sing." -- #dianeseuss from today's #academyofamericanpoets (why no IG site???) Poem-a-Day. One of my very favorite photographs of legend #billieholiday. #poem #poetry Side note: I just taught John Donne today.

The Academy of American Poets has awarded me with their Piri Thomas Poetry Prize. I'm super grateful. Go to poets.org to read a new poem by me. #forwardisthemantra

"the humble slaughter," published by the Academy of American Poets on Poets.org, winner of the Henri Coulette Memorial award. One part of a much larger piece! Stoked to share it! -
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