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I'm a fighter. I'm a survivor. I am brave. I AM RED. 🌹If you are a survivor, comment a '🌹' of your own in the comments! I love hearing stories from you all. Inspires me to be stronger. 💪
photo: @letalexis 📸.
wardrobe: @diesel 👕.
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thank you @samarchitects ❤ we need more people like this. When you see an injustice happening, SPEAK! OUT!
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Anong ginagawa mo kay Emma? ANGELO!!! #abuse #bad #ika6nautos #gmadrama ##gmanewstv

#relationships #dating #marriage #business #confidence #communication #adversity #abuse #coachcoreywayne Photo by iStock.com/DGLimages “People will treat you in ways that are consistent with how you view yourself to be. If you value and love yourself, you won’t tolerate people who cross the line and mistreat you without standing up for yourself.” ~ Coach Corey Wayne

"Only I can change my life. No one can do it for me."-Carol Burnett #clickthelinkinmybio

From thefreethoughproject.com

WATCH: Cop Attacks 61yo Man for Singing a Beach Boys Song—Taxpayers to Be Held Liable

For singing on a sidewalk, as onlookers cheered him on, a 61-year-old man is now suing after being violently attacked by a police officer.

By Matt Agorist - August 23, 2017

Allentown, PA — Jim Osche likes to go out into public and sing as a means of relieving stress. However, Osche’s stress relief was met with police brutality and is now the subject of an excessive force lawsuit brought against an Allentown police officer who attacked him for singing.

According to Osche, he made a deal with police about singing in the Center City streets two years ago. According to Osche, he had a meeting with then-Capt. Glen Dorney about where and when he could sing. “He said, ‘We’ve gotten some complaints about your singing, it’s kind of loud,’” Ochse testified. “He said, ‘Why don’t we make a pact? You can sing any time after five o’clock.’” At 7 p.m., on August 14, 2015, Osche was doing exactly that.

However, that street singing would come to an abrupt and brutal end when officer Robert Busch responding to Osche’s performance. The entire interaction was captured on video and speaks for itself. “For some reason, they view my client as a ’60s hippie and they can’t stand his singing, so they beat him up to the extent that he still can’t walk right to this day,” Richard Orloski, Ochse’s attorney said.

Ochse is the first person to admit that not everyone loves his singing. However, the force that he was met with on that August afternoon was no just response to bad singing.

That night, as Osche walked down the sidewalk in front of Shula’s Steakhouse in downtown Allentown, the restaurant guests seemed to be pleasantly receptive as Osche serenaded his friend who bartended there. Many of them pulled out their phones to record this cheerful man giving his rendition of Beach Boys, Barbara Ann.
After wrapping up his song, however, Osche was met with police violence instead of applause.

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This is my verbal abuse story. The link to the full video is in my bio👆👆👆
I held off on making this video for a long time but I finally decided that my story needed to be heard.

Circuses capture, breed, abuse, and even kill innocent animals on a daily basis. These animals are locked up when they are not being trained or performing which is about 20 hours a day. They almost never feel grass, just concrete floor. These animals are not stupid. They know, they feel, they think, they want to live a different life than in a circus. White tigers aren't even natural. They come from illegal inbreeding. White tigers would never survive naturally. This needs to stop! BAN ANIMALS FROM CIRCUSES! #animal #animals #animalabuse #animalcruelty #circus #circuses #animalcircus #circusanimal #circustiger #tiger #tigers #whitetiger #whitetigers #bancircusanimals #activism #activist #activists #abuse #cruelty


A very informative class to say the least. #childabuse and #neglect are both very serious issues in the #unitedstates. Every day there is a child #abuse report made every 10 #seconds and the most affected age range are #children ages 0-1 years old. #capta #rainn #advocacy #kids #mandatedreporter #cenpaticointegratedcare #reliaslearning #socialworker #motivation #thetruth #thursday

Leather on the face
Callused, self-abuse.
Doesn't matter which fuse
Short ends are always
penetrated by empty Odysseys.
Sacrificed youthful adventure
for adulthood. Doesn't mean
you have to die.
numb betwixt smoke.
voices appear
in the radio. Spectral
warnings, future-

Forsaken landscape.
Beauty, stolen from the horizon.
A sorrow so great, for the first ones.

Two destined to create and prosper.
What they spawned- rotted.
Crying within the flames
of time, and a betrayed god.
Tragedy, or there destiny?

An eclipse for now; So the dawn
may rise even
brighter, cutting the shade
from whence it

Shaakeerah Britow Gr11 sculpture #resin #wire #abuse

I'm disgusted. I'm heartbroken. I'm confused. Why.........

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