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Step 1: Find that perfect someone. Step 2: Visit #AburiAtMadison or #AburiAtOrtigas Step 3: Have an Aburi Feast! #MadAboutAburi

Japanese lunch at @aburimnl ❤️ (Swipe left) 🍱🍣😋

Celebrate Father's Day this Sunday in #AburiAtOrtigas or #AburiAtMadison with a special promo for dad!

Craving for Japanese food? Visit us at #AburiAtMadison or #AburiAtOrtigas to get your fix!

Our schedule for the long weekend - June 23 to June 26, 2017!
#AburiAtOrtigas will be open til 11:00PM tonight. See you there!

We’re really craving for some delicious maki! Call us up at 09171420725 and book a table at #AburiAtOrtigas! #MadAboutAburi

Celebrate the weekend by having some G&Ts with us at #AburiAtOrtigas and @AburiAtMadison!

You can’t finish your #AburiMeals without trying our Aburi S’mores. #AburiSuggests

Visit us at #AburiAtOrtigas and #AburiAtMadison!


Totally craving for a Salmon Aburi right now. See you in #AburiAtOrtigas today?

A classic in #AburiAtOrtigas: Make your own spicy tuna or salmon maki. #MadAboutAburi

A close up look at our Aburi bites., a special
creation of ours. Try it now at #AburiAtOrtigas

A little after work drink for you and your coworkers. Pass by #AburiAtOrtigas and try our G&Ts.

Don’t you just want some maki now after seeing this photo? Stop by #AburiAtOrtigas today!

If you’re a fan of chicken wings and food being torched then the Aburi Tebasaki is perfect for you. Only available at #AburiAtMadison and #AburiAtOrtigas.

Tying out this new concept of sushis from @aburimnl where they seared their sushis to add smoky flavor dimension and heighten the fresh flavors of the sushis. Care for a bite?
#madaboutaburi #aburiatortigas #thefoodcrawlers #sushis #aburisushi

Don't miss out on our Sunset in the City event tomorrow at #AburiAtOrtigas!

The perfect after work appetizer. See you in Aburi? #AburiAtOrtigas #AburiAtMadison

Our Ten Cha Soba comes with Miso soup and 2 Ebi Tempuras, perfect for the weather today. #MadAboutAburi

Pass by #AburiAtOrtigas today!

Celebrate Oktoberfest with us at #AburiAtOrtigas!
Everyday for the whole month of October, Heineken will be P45 a bottle. See you in Aburi!

#AburiSuggests you try the Kylie Jenner Roll. Why? Because it’s HOT!

Visit us at #AburiAtOrtigas!

Aburi Bites! A unique maki roll from @aburimnl. Seared roll with spicy tuna sashimi filled the roll and topped outside the roll is spicy salmon sashimi with aburi mayo.
#MADaboutABURI #ABURIatORTIGAS #thefoodcrawlers

Aburi is nigiri sushi that is torched or slightly seared to give the fish a partially raw with a fresh and smoky taste. @aburimnl's sampler is the surf and turf of sushi. Best eaten alone! #worldeatswithus #thefoodcrawlers #madaboutaburi #aburiatortigas

We're trying @aburimnl tonight and while visiting a new restaurant is difficult because we always want to try everything in one sitting, we're glad there's Aburi Sushi Sampler, which composed of tamago (egg), salmon, beef, unagi (eel), and ebi (prawn).
Aburi means flamed or seared with a flame leaving the fish partially seared and partially raw. This light searing brings out a smoky and fresh taste specially when eaten with their aburi mayo. #madaboutaburi #aburiatortigas #worldeats #worldeatswithus

Call now, pick up later! Order the Sushi Platter for you and your officemates at #AburiAtOrtigas! Give us a call at 637 6438.

Chicken wings topped with our special Aburi sauce, torched perfectly just for you. #AburiSuggests you don’t miss out on this Aburi Tebasaki.

Try it now at #AburiAtOrtigas!

Time to unwind from a busy day in the of ce. Pass by #AburiAtOrtigas for delicious beer and top it off with some Aburi dishes!

Seafood mixed with meat soup and udon noodles? Yes, please! A must try at #AburiAtOrtigas

It’s a beautiful day to visit #AburiAtOrtigas. Call us up at 637 6438 and book a table!

Did you know that your neighborhood Japanese restaurant is in @citadinesmillenniumortigas? Visit us today for delicious Japanese meals. #MadAboutAburi #AburiAtOrtigas

The Aburi Sampler and green tea. This is what good days are made of. #AburiSuggests

Visit us at #AburiAtOrtigas today!

Something fresh, light and different. Visit us at #AburiAtOrtigas to try our Carpaccios. #MadAboutAburi

Go crazy for our Crazy Maki. #MadAboutAburi

Visit us at #AburiAtOrtigas today!

#AburiSuggests you try the Foie Gras Bites. It’s definitely something different.

Available at #AburiAtOrtigas and #AburiAtMadison!

We’re happy to help.

Call us up at:

637 6438 to book a table at #AburiAtOrtigas
776 1474 to book a table a #AburiAtMadison!

Fun fact: Did you know that Norway introduced Salmon Sushi to the Japanese in the 80s?

Get your salmon fix at #AburiAtOrtigas

The Kylie Jenner roll getting torched. #Yum #MadAboutAburi

Only at #AburiAtOrtigas and #AburiAtMadison

Pair your G&Ts with our Tuna and Salmon Carpaccio and Ebi Shiitake Bites. #AburiSuggests

Pass by after work with your officemates! #AburiAtMadison #AburiAtOrtigas

This is the Seafood Dynamite. Looks good, but tastes even better. #MadAboutAburi

Only at #AburiAtMadison and #AburiAtOrtigas

Craving for Yakitori? Visit us at #AburiAtOrtigas today!

Calling all sashimi lovers, this dish is calling out to you. #MadAboutAburi

Visit us at #AburiAtMadison or #AburiAtOrtigas!

Nabeyaki Udon. A great seafood dish for the seafood lover. #AburiSuggests #MadAboutAburi

Visit us at #AburiAtOrtigas today cause this is just perfect for the weather!

The Salmon Sashimi craving is real. Visit us at #AburiAtOrtigas for that salmon sashimi fix. Call us up at 637 6438 to book a table.

The Ginza Platter has everything you want. #MadAboutAburi

Visit us at #AburiAtOrtigas for a mini sushi party!

Ebi + Aburi Special Sauce = YUM! #MadAboutAburi

Call us up at 637 6438 and visit us at #AburiAtOrtigas!

Enjoy a sushi feast with your officemates at #AburiAtOrtigas! Call us up at 637 6438 and book a table!

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