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the search for love (starts here)

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An abundant weekend. Filling up. Coming down. Lots of pictures to come. I took a solo walk and found new subjects and some awesome winter light. So grateful for this wonderful spot to experience togetherness and adventure and a bit of solitude. #abundantjoy #lovecreek #manifestyourdream #heartcenteredconnections #playful #creative #oldgates

The Mediterranean Sea in Tel Aviv, Israel. #beautiful #spectacular #holyland #holymoment #abundantjoy #joyunspeakable

Ladies, this 3-part Spring series is for y’all! Sign up for all 3, or as many as you want to. Interested? For dates & more information check us out on Facebook, email info@soulcompasscenter.com, or come see us at the Natural Family Wellness Fair in Elkin 1/20/18.
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Celebrating connection with my kid. We are working together on daily chores and completing them before the relaxing stuff. Working on my expectations and how to help him and work with him instead of yelling (thanks @simplyonpurpose ). We have a had a few good (not perfect) days with some good lessons in time management, household chore completions and patience. Last night, after we did chores then watched a few episodes of Fuller House together, he said to me “Mama, I’ve had a good night with you.” It makes it all worth it. #heartcenteredconnections #parentingwin #gottacelebratethelittlethings #abundantjoy #manifestyourdream #flowers

This is my brother. We just started messaging each other fairly regularly now that we figured an app that works for both of us. It makes me so happy to be in communication with him. We tend to send silly videos or photos, often of the animals in our lives. Here is Luna and Alma. I love that I met them a few years back and will likely get to see them in 2019. #siblinglove #abundantjoy #heartcenteredconnections #doglovers

Ice skating =play and connection. In reviewing the pictures and video, I realized how much we learn from play and trying new things. - Its okay to look a little goofy. Props are helpful. Fall down and get back up. All new things take effort. New activities = new muscles engaged = feeling it the next day. #mymartinez #iceskating #learningisfun #playful #heartcenteredconnections #abundantjoy #bellbivdevoe

Holiday Season

Togetherness is not about how much money is spent to pay something but it is more than that, It is mutual respect and not dominating one another, we will find peace and abundant joy 😇🎶 #Holiday #season #withbroandsis #togetherness #withmyfamily #mutual #respect #notdominate #peace #abundantjoy #calm #smiletogether #joyfullheart #ByHisGrace @ #OmahLawas #BaliNdeso #CemoroSewu #PosPendakianCemoroSewu #itisamazingtime

We were chatting about what the heck it means to “empty to fullness” or to “let go and let God” and also “how & why bother? “❤️
Ok...the “why bother?” bit will come in another conversation. And the “how’s” will be expanded, but here’s something to ponder right now: How do you greet the unknown? How do react to possibility? I’m asking you not to just think about this, but to bear witness to and acknowledge your answers without judgement (I use gratitude & the Examen to do this.)
Why are these questions relevant? Well, for me (and I don’t think I’m the only one), the Unknown spurs a frantic desire to know. When I’m awaiting test results or news of a job or just waking up on a Wednesday, I want to force the Unknown to reveal itself so I can make a plan to deal with it. To not to do so seems ill-prepared and Pollyanna! Life has to be managed or it’ll knock you over like a crashing wave! And who’s fault is that? The wave’s? No! I should have seen it coming and been prepared! ☹️And if preparation doesn’t work, then maybe hiding will! 😂In other words, I don’t like things being unknown because the Unknown could be dangerous.
And when people say, “embrace possibility!” it feels like a trick of the Unknown. Who knows what Possibility includes? (Uh, everything?! That means bad stuff too so I better start being scared! Don’t mind me, I’ll just be trapped and panting under this rock of Possibility, thanks.) 😆❤️
What’s happening here? I’m seeing the Unknown and Possibility as something that is so scary I can barely consider other options like it’s a gift, it will delight, it will allow me to grow through joy. Hmm. Without intending to, I have attached myself to the notion that the Unknown and Possibility are harbingers of trouble, which leaves no room for them to be anything else. When I admit I do this, I can soften my grip on this thought and realize, “oh this is a thought, not reality”. What a relief!
Because the minute I let go a little, surrender a fraction, the floodgates of the Unknown and Possibility open, only they come as abundance rather than overwhelm, awe and wonder rather than suspicion and fear. And then I am buoyed, no longer trapped! ❤️

Allowing myself a little grace this morning as my body told me that I need to schedule breaks if I’m going to commit to a regular and routine morning workout. So I reset a new alarm to allow for a hump day break each week. I’ll report back later to see how this panned out. Slow and steady with breaks to rest keeps this body going. I’ve learned this much about myself. #manifestyourdream #abundantjoy #powerfulyetpeaceful #restandrejuvenate #slowandsteady #sunset

Shifting lights
Uneven hips
For being here today
#givetoothers #liveoutloud #gratitude #dailyyoga #stream #flow #abundantjoy #firefighterwives #naptimeyoga #gogetit #thisisnow #neededthistoday

One year later and there are plenty of days when I feel like I have no idea what I’m doing. I do know this is where the Joy is for me. This is where I feel feel most alive. ~ @2btia #oneforthejar #joytothetable #counthehappies #theworldneedsbiggertables

One of my words for this year is playful. And the biggest reason is connection with this guy. We had a wonderful Sunday together. This is from our “newting” adventure (while getting the puppy out for some exercise). #optoutside #newts #briones #abundantjoy #manifestyourdream #playful

Good morning, beautiful hearts, this is a Celebration Tuesday! Let us fill up with the brightest joy and the most fantastic sense of freedom, as we count and celebrate the abundance of love, beauty, wellbeing and wisdom that is available to us at all times!
#celebratelife #celebratetoday #celebratetheday #abundantlove #abundantwellbeing #abundantjoy #abundantwisdom #abundantclarity #knowing #abundantcertainty #livealive

We changed our name!! With the start of the new year, we have decided that MHK WORSHIP is the most fitting name for this next season. There has always been some confusion surrounding our name and event both being called ONE so we wanted to make things simple! WE ARE SO EXCITED for this next semester and wanted to share this little update with you guys. Have a great rest of break! 🎉🎉🎉

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