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As we all know, curating a beautiful Instagram feed is half the fun and half the challenge. With more tools available to help us achieve our ideal aesthetic, our go-to phone editing apps are: VSCO, OVER & Snapseed 😍

Our quote of the day is a significant one from the man himself @garyvee. Our ethos is predicated on this very idea, how can we give your brand more value? We believe this attitude gives us leverage over our competitors. Giving this value isn’t something that’s just said. The way we do it is getting to know your brand inside and out, building a relationship with you and getting to know your deepest aspirations for your business and then finally, executing like a bat out of hell!

Music heals the soul

Our latest obsession! #PassionfruitPower🍹The food and drinks at @somewr_ is just PERFECTION. If you haven’t yet tried them then what are you waiting for! 😍

Everyone has a personality! So should your brand! 🤗 Here’s an example of a ‘Wizard Personality’ 🧙‍♂️ Wizard brands specialise in taking the ordinary and transforming it into the extraordinary. They champion values such as imagination, surprise and curiosity. Good examples of wizard brands are Apple and Pixar. ———
——— “If you want to excel professionally, you have to convey a UNIQUE synergy of passion, principle, and competence that sets you apart from others. “But it’s so hard to stand out when there’s so many brands out there” There are more people than brands in this world, but nobody is the same as the next. If your personality can be unique from billions of other people, then so can your brand.😁" - via @kitesocial

How’s everyone’s Sunday going so far! ☕️

3 Instagram must do’s for fleeky content! ——
—— 1. Keep it curated! If your feed is random with no uniformity, it’s less likely to grab potential followers. You want your posts to look like they belong together. ——
—— 2. Be loyal to your Palette! An easy way to curate your feed is to pick a colour palette and stick to it. (Tip: use your brand colour as your Instagram palette!) ——
—— 3. Contrast is king! Posting 3 busy images next to each other is a no-no! Why? Your eye doesn’t know where to look! Instead, use a chessboard strategy where you rotate simpler images with those that have lots of graphic, fonts, and/or words.

Just a little #WednesdayWorkspace inspo 💚

Marketers can now track engaged audiences & measure click-through website visits, leads, purchases & more!

The sisters behind the jewellery brand @dannijo said: “We create narratives that are so compelling to consumers, they want to build your products into their lives” — And this is exactly what we’re all about! STORYTELLING😍 (on a side note, how gorgeous are those earrings?!)

We’re starting the day the right way! How delicious does this look!? 🥝🥥🥑🍍

From social media management, to content creation, to design, to web development and much more; at Socialeyes we’ve got your needs covered! Check us out on www.socialeyesm.com today and let us bring your brand to life! 😍

Throwback to our event at @deerfieldsmall - Be a Deerfields Star Kids Got Talent that saw three weekends of amazing talent from over 150 kids! A big thank you to our amazing client @jeni_angeles from @deerfieldsmall, @limitlessideas for the production, @artbeatprod for capturing all the moments, @starfmuae for covering the event with the beautiful and versatile RJ @raniayounes , our awesome judges and our super fun Emcee @lifestyle.with.mrk

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Yes, we are small. But that's what makes us different. We spend time with our clients to better understand their needs, challenges and goals, which helps us offer creative solutions that work! Talk to us and you'll see the difference!

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