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- อีกหนึ่งความทรงจําที่ดี.💓😎

Nmpak serius sebab panas,tapi hati sejuk sebab ada sebelah wife ..😁😄😍 ...Hehe


"A Man who is Shy and Modest, is An Amazing Character, but a Women who is Shy and Modest is Beyond Amazing." - Abu Bakr

Masjid Abu Bakr in Madina, located across from Masjid al Nabwi صلی اللّٰہ علیہ وآلہ وسلم.😘👌
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El Observatorio Sirio de Derechos Humanos confirmó el martes el fallecimiento del líder del grupo terrorista Estado Islámico (EI), #AbuBakr al Bagdadi, que ha sido dado por muerto en varias ocasiones en Siria e Irak. “Información confirmada por el Observatorio Sirio de Derechos Humanos sobre la muerte de Abu Bakr al Bagdadi, emir de la organización Estado Islámico”, dijo la ONG en su página de Facebook, sin dar más detalles.

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Hazrath #AbuBakr ر / In Tafseer-e-Kabeer of Imam Fakhruddin Raazi & Qasais e Kubra of Imam Jalalluddin Suyuti it is recorded that Hazrath Abu Bakr ر had requested that when he leaves this world, he should be shrouded, the Funeral Prayer prayed & then taken to the Sacred Burial Chamber of the Prophet Muhammad ﷺ . He said salutations should be offered to the Prophet ﷺ & then it should be proclaimed, ‘O Messenger of Allah ﷺ ! Your companion of the cave, Abu Bakrر is present’. He said if the door to the Prophet’s Burial Chamber automatically opens then he should be buried inside or he should be buried at Jannat al-Baqi, the Sacred Cemetery. When his blessed funeral bier was taken to the Prophetﷺ’s Burial Chamber & the Companions had presented their greeting, they said, ‘O Messenger of Allah ﷺ! Abu Bakr ر is at your door’. It is reported that the door of the Prophet’s Burial Chamber opened on its own & a voice was heard from the blessed grave of the Prophet ﷺ saying, 'Adqelul Habeeba ilal Habeeb
wa innal Habeeba mushtaqul illal Habeeb

Bring my beloved to his beloved / For the beloved is longing for his beloved

Hazrath Abu Bakr ر was buried within the Sacred Burial Chamber. Ponder, leaving your doubts & sectarian bias aside, on the request to be taken to the Prophet’s Burial Chamber, to greet, to proclaim that Abu Bakr is present & to say if the door opens on its own then he must be buried inside. Should not the Companions have stated as to who will open the door for the Prophet is buried & dead. The fact that Hazrath Abu Bakr ر requested this & the Companions carried out his request are proof that they believed the Prophet ‎ﷺ‎‬ is functional on another dimension beyond the physical (Hayaat-un-Nabie) . His tasarruf or 'ability to interact' is prevalent unto this day. The door opened & the voice was heard . When Abu Bakr ر was placed in his grave, Hazrath Aliر was at his head side and he witnessed something that made him cry. The Companions enquired as to why he cried & he said. “I saw the Prophet ﷺ arise from his grave, look at Abu Bakr ر and pray, ‘O Allah! For the sake of the white beard of Abu Bakr ر forgive all the white bearded members of my community.

The woman I love the most is Aa'isha and from the men is #AbuBakr (Radi Allahu Anhuma). [#KanzulUmmal, V12, P133, #Hadith 34350]


Images of Mary and the Arabic calligraphy remain in the Hagia Sophia, preserving both religions.
Around the Hagia Sophia, on big plaques are the names of, Allah, the Beloved Muhammad (saw), the four Islamic leaders after the passing of the beloved and his two Grandsons
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Names of Rasulullah (saw) and Khulafah Rashideen (ra); DM for info #Islam #Calligraphy #Muslim #Art #Arabic #Muhammad #AbuBakr #Umar #Uthman #Ali

Kids last day at school & they also say goodbyes to there teachers #alisha #Ayyub #abubakr #lastdayofschool #summerholidays

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