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REN Bio-Retinoid

I’ve been using this for a year now and I absolutely adore this product. I alternate this in my skincare regime every other week at night as a last step because it comes in a moisturizer form and surprisingly it acts as a moisturizer for my skin (does not dry the skin like some retinol). Honestly, I love the way my skin looks the next day, Radiant and clear. Some say it helps with breakouts, I have experienced that it has a calming effect on breakouts and never experienced any breakouts while using it. So, there is truth to that from my experience. This is a natural form of retinol an alternative for the strong form for those who have sensitive skin and can’t tolerate it but still want to incorporate retinol for anti-aging purposes. This is definitely a great choice.

[Skincare talk👄]
Still causing confusion, today we covered the basic of skincare: dry vs dehydrated. Hope it helps! Any questions, write in the comments below❤️💛
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Let’s talk Toners!
The best thing that happened to my skin. Since, introducing toners into my skincare routine my skin has never looked better from texture (more smooth less congested) to the tone of my skin. My first ever toner purchase was the Pixi glow tonic 5% glycolic acid ( I have moved on but still is my favorite toner, I always recommend it to ppl. Starting out with acid toners). There are many types of toners for different types of skin issues. My personal favorites are acid toners. Acid toners gently exfoliate the dead skin they minimize the appearance of pores, help with fading dark spots (like blemish scars), help with receiving other products afterwards.
Toners come right after cleansing the face, followed by serums, creams or oils.
My Favorites/Current
@tartecosmetics Knouckout
@alphahskincare Liquid Gold
@paulaschoice Skin Perfecting 2% BHA Liquid
@indie_lee COQ-10
@caudalie Vinopure
@e.acwell 5.5 Licorice pH Balancing toner
What was your first toner and what is your current favorite now? Let me know 😊 #acidtoners #abskincarecommunity

Lately my skin has been congested and getting some blemishes. So I’ve been reaching for these products. Now these might be harsh for those with sensitive skin but my skin responds well to stronger ingredients_
🌟Tarte-knockout toner my skin loves acid toners. This has salicylic acid (which is great for treating blemishes /congested skin) and lactic acid. The combination is great for renewing and resurfacing the skin. _
🌟Kate Somerville Anti Bac _
Is a 5% Benzoyl Peroxide which helps to clear blemishes and blackheads. (Can cause drying if you use too much) It definitely works. This is my second bottle. _
🌟Origins Out Of Trouble 10 min mask. __
I stumbled upon this mask on one of my followers and she highly recommended it to me. This has zinc oxide +salicylic acid. It has a menthol smell and feels cooling on my face. I definitely see a difference in my blemishes (they’ve shrunk a bit).
🌟Clinique Acne solution BB cream spf 40. _
This is great for oily or combination skin. It’s light (has a watery consistency) which lets the skin breath and keeps my face matte throughout the day. This has great coverage tones down the redness +evens out my skin. _
🌟Would love to know what u guys use when your skin is acting out. _
🌟P.S the color theme was not planned 😊

I’ve had this vitamin C paste by the brand Lixir on my list of products to try, for some time now. It’s a 10% L Ascorbic acid mask, that is meant to be used daily for 3-5 min. It is activated when rinsed off. I’m a bit skeptical about products you leave on for such a short period of time but, I’m always up for trying new skincare products. So, I went ahead and bought it. It has an oily paste like texture that melts into the skin when you apply. It has a slight scent of jasmine + mandarin. This actually does it’s job of brightening dull skin that needs a wake me up in the morning. I noticed throughout the day my face looked fresh and glowing ( you still get benefits of UVA/UVB +collagens protection) This is such a great addition to my daily skincare routine. Happy I got it. Have you tried it? #discoverunder1k #abskincarecommunity #igskin #igskincarecommunity #360skin #skin360 #360skincare #dmskincare #dmsskincare360

Ok...I got sucked in by gorgeous packaging. 😬Watermelon 🍉 is not my favorite fruit but, I love watermelon flavored candy😁
I got this during the Sephora VIB Sale. I Haven’t tried this set yet (wanted to snap a photo before I use the mask) but I’ve heard so much great reviews on it. Let me know your thoughts if you’ve tried it. #abskincarecommunity

What is you’re favorite Drunk Elephant 🐘 product/s? For me it is hands down the T.L.C Sukari Babyfacial and Protini Polypeptide Cream. #skincarecommunity #skincarejunkie #skinstagram #skincarebrand #1skincarebrand #abcskincare #abcskincarecollection #abcskincareproducts #igskincarecommunity #igskincare #luxuryskincarebrand #abskincarecommunity #skincareflatlay

Tonights hydrating routine, it's so dry out here in California
In search for a thicker toner, what is your skin loving in winter, help !? .
⛲ Double cleanse with banila Co balm and @origins Original skin cleanser .
@dermacosmetics near skin toner.
@deciem Niacinamide and zinc serum
@cosrx hyluroric acid mixed with .
⛲ Rose hip oil .
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Happy Friday my skincare beauties!!! I’m so freakin’ happy that the weekend is finally here. It’s been a rough week and I could really use a self care Saturday and Sunday. 〰️
So I find that I have been quite obsessed with cushion foundations. How can you go wrong with makeup that has skin benefits? I need to leave the house so fast in the mornings that tap and go is best for me. Also, now that I don’t use a foundation brush, I am noticing that these airpuffs actually drive foundation in leaving zero streak marks. 〰️
The biggest challenge for me was shade range. When you are spoiled with 15+ shades in the western market, limiting yourself to 3 is kind of hard. But I find that shade 27 works for me. It’s right around Light Medium if you need something to gauge by. 23 is a little too light but sometimes I use it to highlight the center of my face to create dimension. 〰️
This is the @misshaus Magic Cushion. I believe it was one of the OG cushions. The coverage is in between a light and medium. You have to have pretty good skin texture to wear this cushion in my opinion, but don’t let that deter you. I really enjoy it! So much that I bought five. Because you know...in an apocalyptic crisis...I could never have enough cushion foundations. 〰️
💡Tip: Use sterilized clean tweezers to flip the cushion periodically. It will appear to dry out, but there is a lot more product! 〰️
I would consider myself a cushion newbie so please drop me a comment below to let me know what your experience has been with cushion foundations and what are some of your favorite brands.

Happy its almost the freakin' weekend loves!! 💗💗💗💗💗🦄🦄🦄🦄
Let start off first by saying that I'm kind of confused by this product. So if you can read Korean and I'm totally getting it wrong. By all means, please  let me know. It was really hard to find any information on this so here is my attempt at it. 〰️
J&co: Ceu Volume Peptide Essence is marketed as a serum, but I would have to say that the texture is a little bit thicker than what I would consider a serum. The product itself has a blue tint, and after application, it bubbles up. Then you're supposed to tap it in. I personally am not a huge fan of bubble products. I don't like the feeling of bubbles popping on my skin if that even makes sense. It's bizarre to me! 🤯
So what's in this stuff? From what I could research, there is niacinamide. We all know what a huge benefit niacinamide is...improved texture, tone, pore, dullness. This list goes on and on. There is also adenosine which is an ingredient derived from yeast. it is a skin restoring agent that is used in anti-aging products. Another website description I read showed tiger grass aka centella asiatica. Which as we all know by now, helps to repair the skin barrier and has brightening effects. 〰️
And ya'll.. it was really pricey! I mean I know I post about some pricey stuff but this was kind of a lot. The pricing I found was all over the place, but it was between $50 and $90. Granted, you do get almost 4 oz of product, but still.
So what I think this is.. is a k-beauty version of medical grade skin care. Kind of like the skinmedica of kbeauty. After using it, I did notice visible differences in the tone of my skin. It was a lot brighter! But I'm still not sure about the bubbles. 😬
I received this Serum at a reduced rate in exchange for my review from @0.8l_usa.
What are your thoughts on bubble products? I feel like they suffocate me. Am I a total weirdo? 😜

• [ COSRX ] •
🌿 Who is excited for this brand new product from @cosrx 😱?! This is their One step green hero calming pads!!! Shall I review it? Let me know!! I will be trying these out for a while 😍, I cannot wait! I am always excited when they release a new product out. •
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» try me, review me | pt. 02
Olivarrier Dual Moist Toning Lotion*
|| a mildly acidic (pH 5.5) toner + lotion that helps protect skin from harmful external factors and normalizes skin turn-over. It helps fix the irritation that may have been caused from the use of alkaline cleansers (resulting in an imbalance of oils and moisture). The Dual Moist aspect (it has squalane and micro hyaluronic acid) of this helps fill skin with moisture, resulting in a stronger skin barrier. And of course, this is unscented!

|| this product has a transparent and light consistency that is similar to water. It leaves a tacky residue after use (this may be what they claim as a “very thin moisturizing film”) but it disappears quickly, so I’d say this is a product that’s fast-absorbing. After it has absorbed, my skin feels smooth and moisturized...normally. There were nights when I noticed that one layer was not enough, so I either went for an additional layer or I proceeded with the next step (because the next product is superrrrrr moisturizing!). Either way, it both worked.

|| what I love about this toning lotion is how much it calms my skin and pimples. With one application, I notice an immediate reduction in the redness of my skin. And frankly, that’s about all I’ve noticed. From what I can tell, this product lives up to its claims, so I can’t give it a bad rating/review. Though, I do find this a little boring to use, especially if you’re only using this. It doesn’t target any skin concerns (particularly discoloration and acne, which is what I’m targeting right now), so my skin hasn’t been improving nor has it gotten worse. I mentioned earlier that it reduces the redness of my pimples but it doesn’t reduce the size nor does it make it go away.

|| this product is great and I can definitely see me using this if I need to fix my skin barrier from using any bad products. But it’s not something I would use in my daily routine.
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Innisfree daily uv protection cream (mild) SPF 35 PA++
If i could offer you only one tip for the future, sunscreen would be it. It’s important to wear daily protection against the damages of UV rays🤗

This sunscreen contains sunflower oil and green tea extract that protect the skin against strong UV rays. It's free of animal ingredients, mineral oils, artificial coloring, tar dye and talc. Portulaca oleracea and centella asiatica extracts soothe your skin that has been exposed to UV rays. There is also titanium dioxide

The sunscreen is white and slightly creamy consistency with mild white cast that basically disappears while rubbing it on and this product give your skin a semi-matte finish. The packaging is quite convenient and easy to carry. For me, the scent similar with yupi iced cola😆

I dislike the greasy feeling that I usually get from another sunscreens, but this sunscreen is absorbed almost immediately after applying it so it's perfect. Overall, it's a good product and affordable too!
Do you wear sunscreen everyday?(•̯͡.•̯͡ ) ➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖
Jangan lupa pakai sunscreen! karena penting banget untuk mencegah bahaya dari sinar matahari🤗
Sunscreen Innisfree ini mengandung sunflower oil dan green tea extract yang dapat memproteksi kulit, serta bebas dari kandungan seperti mineral oil, animal ingredients juga! Portulaca oleracea dan centella asiatica extracts juga dapat menyejukan kulit yang terpapar sinar matahari. Sunscreen ini juga mengandung titanium dioxide.

Simpel dan tube nya slim jadi mudah dibawa kemana mana. Tube nya juga mudah di squeeze jadi enak ngeluarin isinya

[tekstur + wangi]
Mudah dibaurin, cepat meresap & engga lengket jadi enak dimukanya. Pas awal diaplikasiin ada sedikit white cast tapi langsung hilang. Wanginya enak! Kalau kata aku, mirip wangi yupi iced cola (yupi terfavorit diantara yupi yang lain😆). Untuk hasil akhirnya semi-matte finish

Kadang aku engga suka beberapa sunscreen lain yang kasih kesan lengket dan berminyak pas dipakai, tapi sunscreen ini engga. Secara keseluruhan sunscreen ini bagus, murah lagi!
Kalian pakai sunscreen setiap hari engga nih?(•̯͡.•̯͡ )


New sunscreen arrived! I have to swap out the A’pieu Pure Block Aqua Sun Gel temporarily so I’m excited to see how this new Purito Centella Green Level Safe Sun SPF50+/PA++++ works out
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🏵️Happy Pink Wednesday🐫! 🏵️
Finally my favorite day of the week other than Friday of course. 〰️
I hope everyone's having a fabulous week so far. I've been seeing some really inspirational things on Instagram lately. I'm so honored to be a part of such an amazing Community full of creative geniuses! 〰️
Here's a quick snap of my #amroutine this morning. Keeping it super simple today for the pink theme. 💗
Cleanser : @arconalosangeles
Device : @foreo
Toner : @laneige_us
Serum : @private.doctor
Moisturizer: @frudia.usa
Mist : @traderjoes
Eye cream : Skinmedica not pictured
Sunscreen : etude house not pictured 〰️
Unicorn for magic! Cause lawd knows...I needed magic to get over this week! 😂😂😂
Spot any favorites? Do you like my unicorn? It was graciously lent to me by @mimithedogg.

|| I just finished a phone interview and decided to take some photos before my nap. This OMG! Pulling & Peeling Kit from @doubledarespa is too cute so I had to take pictures of it! (Unboxing video will probably be up later tonight.) The kit includes 4 items:
1. OMG! Pulling Gel*
· gently pulls away stubborn blackheads while exfoliating, brightening, and hydrating the skin.
2. OMG! Peeling Gel*
· eliminates build-up of impurities and debris in pores. Leaves skin soft, smooth, hydrated, and radiant.
3. OMG! Mega Hair Band*
· super cute and super soft!
4. I.M.Buddy mini *
· eco-friendly and flexible cleansing tool; dual-sided.

Added this into my routine a couple weeks ago for added hydration. It smells lovely (very lightly scented, you can hardly smell it), feels so nice and soothing on my skin, and definitely helps bump up my hydration by a notch or two. Do you use an essence in your routine?
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