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It's Monday, which means it's back to reality for most of us. 😢

Trying to lose weight and not eating right will NOT give you results! No matter how hard you train!
Let's try and make some better choices this week, try and replace breakfast with a parfait, yogurt, or even a banana.
#getfit #absbysummer #mondaymotivation

Getting my last minute workout in with @mackfit before this 16 hour flight 💪🏼💦✈️ #MackFit #NinasMakeup #WorkOut #Training #NoWaistTrainer #TeamThick #AbsBySummer #TravelJunkie

Great day @halloffamept Eddie was teaching me split jerks, working on form, explosive power. Cleaning up my diet and working on doing some form of activity every day. Like @iii_mode_ says. "Don't cry. Don't Die." #crossfit #olympiclifting #rurogue #barbell #absbysummer

Oct 16' to now... to say last year was a rollercoaster would be an understatement.. but finally I feel back on track. I've fallen back in love with the gym and with a little help of some digestion problems, it is finally showing. I am more motivated now to keep going and accomplish my goals. Competing life is over but that doesn't mean my body goals stop. #moretocome #absbysummer #1stphorm #mytransphormationstartstoday

So looking back now over the past 18 months its crazy to see all the changes I've made #fitness #workhardplayharder #absbysummer #gymrat

I'll start tomorrow... 🙄

A couple brewskis at the Air Show...
A couple bites of one of the girls' hot dogs...
The last 1/4 of Annie's ice cream sandwich... Skipped lunch, ate a granola bar instead... This chick is READY for a fresh start tomorrow.
And this beast of a nutritional powerhouse is doing its job... filling those gaps from craptastic nutrition today. Rehydrating my body from those beers. And as I walk into the grocery store, it's keeping me from unnecessary stuff jumping into my cart. Cause I could totally go for a pizza right now since I'm already going down "that path" today. But #nope. Not today, pizza. Not today.
Reason #6229750 why I drink this Every. Single. Day. My body will thank me as opposed to what will happen if I go for the pizza too. #AbsBySummer
We're meal preppin tonight! And kicking off SHAUN WEEK with a bang tomorrow. I still have spots if you're in for a killer total body bootcamp starting tomorrow! 🙌🏼💪🏼🤜🏼 #Shakeologyforthewin

Some food prep containers come with food already in them. #macros #absbysummer #niblets #girlswholift #fitspo


it's nearly impossible to stop someone who is unwilling to quit

Another year and another 10km Bridge to Brisbane done ✔️👟

Started my Sunday with a run. Such a beautiful day ☀️getting ready for B2B next Sunday!!

Trying out our new protein bar!! Sooo goood!!! Thanks for bringing it all the way from Vegas @madeleine_x_eve 🙌🏻
#fitnessjourney #joinme #absbysummer

A little reminder for today!! 💧

Saw this ad for used gym gear. Wot did I just read? Literally "ROFL"ed. text reads: "Was watching the Avengers one day and thought I should bulk up so I bought a brand new home gym and used it for a week got really sore so I gave up, please buy this off of me, it depresses me every time I look at it..." 😐😦😱😝😝😝😭😭😭😭 #bulkup #gainz #livinthedream #rippedin30days #absbysummer #toohardtohandle #fail #gaveuptrying #hipster #smacksofeffort #toohardsoorderedpizza #brolife #newyearresolutionfail #gonnasticktobatman

Stadium stomp completed ✔️

Nothing but a 5000 stair run at the Gabba 😂

I'm taking on @laurendrainfit 6 week Summer End Challenge! I seen awesome results with the first one and hope to stay better on track this time! Meal prep and progress photos weekly so you all can see my journey! #laurendrainfitchallenge

A fresh start requires a restock. Got an old favourite protein by @greenteax50 and also trying a new burner recommended by a wonderful staff member at @nutritionwarehouse was wonderful having someone listen to what I actually need and wanted that suits my low caffeine tolerance. Best customer service I've ever had!!