Joe; Looks like an eagle 🦅
Me: Looks like a heart 💙
What do you think???

5,000 steps before 8am...10,000 for Carter! 🐶
Share a pic of your fur-buddy!

"I could never do what you do...I'm not that confident." That sentence is one I hear most often. As women, we constantly struggle with our confidence and for most, it holds them back from living the life they've always dreamed of.
Confidence is not something you’re going to magically start feeling one day and sustain for the rest of your life. If it worked that way, I’d be waiting for the magic moment to arrive too.
We all feel self doubt and uncomfortable at times...it's normal!
That means you're TRYING something new and you're GROWING!
Ladies... that is your confidence is "found". Try something new today!
Do something that makes you a little uncomfortable.
If I had waited until I felt confident, I'd still be stuck in the same place, in the same situation and miserable. 👉 Make that phone call 👉 Talk to me that stranger
👉 Join that group 👉 Take that class 👉 Ask about that opportunity
Do whatever it is that your ❤️ has been telling you to do. It could quite possible change your life!

Want a strong body? 💪
Build a strong mindset first!
How do you do that?
Through consistency!

Never Miss a Monday! 💪
Monday workouts set your intentions for the week and help you stay on track with your goals. .I used to start and stop programs all the time, losing motivation and going backwards with my goals.
Being a coach has totally forced me to be accountable to my workouts, goals and dreams.
It's pretty hard to give up on yourself when you know someone else is watching and counting on you for motivation.
Curious about coaching? DM ME for details!!!

There are moments in life that force you to change your thoughts and see the world differently. Unfortunately for most, it's losing someone close to you. .
You start to think of your own mortality...
What are you leaving behind for your kids and others?
What will I be remembered by?
Have I done enough?
Will I have regrets?
Can I do more?
Can I BE more?
What's your LEGACY going to be? .
I had my moment years ago and it forced me to finally start taking action on all those things I'd been planning on doing "SOMEDAY." At first, I had to take care of ME! Getting myself, my head and my body healthier. That gave me the confidence I needed to give back to others. Which lead to where I am now... Building a a legacy to leave behind. .
This little "side gig" of mine has helped to impact HUNDREDS of lives (and still counting) and afforded my family the financial freedom we've always dreamed of. .
Trust me...I'm as skeptical as they come! Must be the New York in me...LOL!! I'm glad I was open minded enough to take a look at an opportunity that was unfamiliar to me.
I thought to myself " If I want a different outcome in my life, I have to try something different."
Sometimes, what you think you know about something....is not completely true!
If you're curious about what I do as a coach, how you could help others, how to start building your own road to financial freedom and would like to learn more. JUST ASK!! .
My team and I are hosting a 3 day "Sneak Peek" into coaching and I'd love to have you join us.
No strings attached or commitments....Just come on in, listen and learn.
Not for you? That's ok!...It's not for everyone!
But, at least now you'll know.
Like I tell me son: "If you don't ask....you'll never know!"
Comment "Tell Me More" below or DM me.

I told you that I'd never lie to you. .
Is it hard?.....YES!
Is it worth it?....HELL YEAH!!!! 💪🏽 👊🏽
LISTEN UP: Just because I'm a fitness coach, doesn't meant that I don't have the same struggles and frustrations as you.
There are plenty of times I feel defeated (especially when the scale hasn't moved!) .
I let myself have a moment...then I MOVE ON!! .
The truth is...I do this for ME! I do this for my health, my quality of life, to be a good role model to my family and to help others and because it makes me feel ALIVE! .
NOT for a number on the scale or pants size. .
THAT right there is why I'll NEVER GIVE UP!!! .
My advice to you....
✔️ Get STARTED on something
✔️ Do it the HEALTHY way
✔️ STAY consistent
✔️ Be PATIENT and the results WILL come!

"They" say the key to a bountiful garden is to give away your first crop.
Well...Here it is!!! Let's see who will be the lucky recipient. 🍀🍅

When someone 10 years your senior crushes your daily steps goal BEFORE NOON...You know it's time to up your game.
Poor Carter, he's a casualty of my personal war!

Here it is, folks... The secret sauce to feeling good at any age...
It's SWEAT 💦😅 Motion CREATES Emotion 🏃🏻‍♀️💙 My workouts ARE my therapy! They clear my head, drowned out the negativity and put me in a positive mindset.
When you start your day with a good old fashion sweat...you can't help but feel stronger, both physically & mentally 💪😜 I dare you to give it a try!

I'm well aware that abs are made in the kitchen but that doesnt stop me chasing the #gainz in the gym as well!
It's a slow process but rome wasn't built in a day. I can notice little changes so that's all that matters 👊

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Need a little reminder of how important your core is to your overall success in whatever fitness/lifestyle journey you’re on? Join our gym members in this FREE 28 DAY CORE CHALLENGE!

Comment down below your score for today’s challenge: Max Low Plank below. ⬇️

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It's FLEX FRIDAY💪. It's also the last time I'll be able to lift my arms this high for the next few days. Kick ass shoulder workout in 3..2..1. GO‼️ 30 minutes a day and only 4 days a week!
Who wants to join me?
Drop a 💪 below for details.

As if sit ups aren't hard enough!!!! Having a 100 lb hairbag on your chest adds a whole different dimension to them 🤣🐶💙

Welp I'm OFFICIALLY taking application for hair washing tomorrow?! 🤣 Otherwise it will another day of dry shampoo! Shoulder day DONE! ✔

40% - The percentage of times I actually WANT to train.
60% - The percentage of times I think of EVERY EXCUSE not to train.
Does that mean I only go to the gym 40% of the times I should? No and that’s the difference. I show up when I want to AND when I don’t want to.
Because it’s in those times when I’m so cozy on the couch that I know that training will benefit me the most.
So the next time you’re feeling unmotivated, uninspired, and are thinking of EVERY EXCUSE to not train...think again. Do it anyways. Call yourself out on your own bullshit.
I know it’s so cliche but it’s so dang true:: The only workout you regret is the one you DIDN’T do.
-Coach A.
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#DIETMODE still going strong 💪🏾2 months in and 6kg ⬇️ 🙌🏾🙌🏾 #myfitnesspal #absbysummer #fitfam

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