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👈👈👈 Swipe 💚 EID MORNING WITH MY FAMILIA ____________________________________

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Chris Eubank Jr is in talks with Arthur Abrahams for either the 15th or 22nd of July. What a statement it would be if Eubank KO's a man that went the distance with Ward, Ramirez and Froch. #boxing #eubankjr #abrahams #championboxinguk @chriseubankjr

Today's hope injection - "Lord, who am I talking to today?" #noahs #abrahams #40thanniversarySunday

From half of our family to the whole world! MERRY CHRISTMAS! #Abrahams #christmas #suitup

New addition to the family #thejattiems #abrahams

Hensem boi... #abrahams

Trabajando con la familia #Abrahams gracias por confiar en mi trabajo @isisabrahams @gazypabon ✖️🏝🎬
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I had a bit of a mind explosion yesterday after reading a few pages about Affirmations in a book called Tools of Titans.
It speaks about a scientific minded guy, who discovered affirmations for himself and realised that they worked, so in his quest to discover a scientific reasoning why this crazy method worked and that it wasn't some spiritual magic, he came up with a theory based on reticular activation. Reticular activation is basically the idea that it's easy to hear your own name spoken in a crowd.
He goes on to say that our brains are not capable of processing everything in their environment, so it sets up these little filters, the way it sets up the filters is by what you most pay attention to or expand your mental energy on. But you can use affirmations to focus your mind and memory on specific thing, which in turn would allow you to notice things in your environment that might have already been there. It's just that you're filters were set to ignore them, and then you just tune in through this memory and repetition until it widens a little bit to start to allow extra stuff in.
After reading this I had a huge epiphany around affirmations. It's not so much that we are magically drawing to us and manifesting what we desire but the reality is that everything we desire is already available to us and coexisting right in front of us, it's just that we are not programmed to see certain opportunities or experiences due to filters that were set up in our childhood.
So depending on what circumstances we were brought up in, we are only going to be able to experience certain things unless we use tools like affirmations to change and expand our mind. It's like a lot of people who were brought up in wealthy families have no problems making money, because it's programmed into them, it's in their reality and everyone has different filters set up, so it's about expanding our minds so that we are able to see what is already available to us. To me this is just huge, so much about what I have learnt makes sense to me, all of these sages that say everything exists in our time space reality, it's all there and readily available to us, we just need to allow it.

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These 2 are my whole world❤❤daddy and daughter❤❤
#iloveyou ❤😍😙

When #Isaac first learn that HE was #Abrahams #sacrifice #AreYouSureYouHeardGodRight ?

Blessings on blessings #Abrahams blessings my twinnies Imi wa @dzivhur_siala and Dee wa @claudies_florist
Loveky Sunday service was had with the girls!

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