#aboyandhisdog nara and Tung.

From night 1 this is how they have slept. #bestbuds #aboyandhisdog #adventuresofrufiothepup

Boot camp has started... heel work with Hugo! #aboyandhisdog #labrador #heelwork

She’s gone. And our family just won’t be the same.
Allie peed on me when Tony and I were on our third date and we went to go pick her up. In witnessing my reaction of laughing it off and wearing the hockey sweatshirt Tony had in his truck, Allie played a pivotal part in confirming to Tony that he may want to spend the rest of his life with me. .
Who would have ever thought what the rest of her life with us would bring: four houses, four cats, and four kids. .
Easily one of the hardest days of our marriage, the need to parent our children through the extremely varied responses was 1000% times more challenging. We fielded “So if we can’t see Allie’s head, does that mean it’s not there?” to the repeated wail of “I don’t want Allie to die.” To Isaac’s simple, “I knew this would be hard, but I could have never imagined it’d be this hard.”
And Tony and I reflected, what a truly richly blessed life for this moment to be one of our hardest and for our kids to have not known a bigger loss. #alliebuttgatorgirl #aboyandhisdog #petloss

#twinning 👦🏻🐶

Catching up with Daddy on our first morning together after his & Mom's trip. #latergram #aboyandhisdog #apupandhisdaddy #adoptdontshop #otatalumni #onetailatatime #staffygram

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