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Now serving Friday T E A! 🍑🥂🌼

She dreams in perfect French. 🌙✨

ᴬᴺᶻᴱᴵᴳᴱ getting a little summer feeling with one of my favorite colors beside black: beige and white! Look from @aboutyou_men all details in my bio. #aboutyoustyle #aboutyoumen #aboutyouidols

@annabelpesant marzy o nim 💕 Zestawu: Krótkie płaszcze 🔎 3764773, Koszulki 🔎 3754660, Jeansy 🔎 3340418 #AboutYouIdols

Slowly starting to realize not everything has to be as perfect as it may seem to be on the internet. I would look around and see what seems to be a "perfect" relationship and wonder what I did wrong that I didn't have that same love or look someone gives their significant other. The look in movies that would make your heart melt. It wasn't until I saw this picture that I knew I had what I wanted right in front of me. Yes, it takes a lot of work on both of our part but I would not change a thing! Thank you to my love @andrew_w_k_ for always being by my side and loving me the way you do. Finally found my fairytale love in you 🖤🦄 #whp

Another one from Pariiii 💌 @loavies #girlsgoneloavies

@annabelpesant daydreaming about bae 💕 Outfit details: Coat 🔎 3764773, Shirt 🔎 3754660, Jeans 🔎 3340418

@annabelpesant daydreaming about bae 💕 Naar de outfit:
Mantel 🔎 3764773, Shirt 🔎 3754660, Jeans 🔎 3340418 #AboutYouIdols

Current mood: Sachen packen, in den Flieger steigen, Sonne tanken ☀️✈️ Zum Outfit von @debiflue: Top 🔎 3809642, Pullover 🔎 3798841, Hose 🔎 3705091 #AboutYouIdols

Teraz chciałabym: zapakować rzeczy, wsiąść w samolot, kąpać się w promieniach słońca ☀️✈️ Zobacz zestaw @stefaniegiesinger: Spódnica 🔎 3846056, Koszulka 🔎 3779200, Kurtka 🔎 3829292 #AboutYouIdols

Hi 🕊 get 20% off at www.ivyrevel.com with my code larissaselene20 #revelistarevolution #codedcouture #ivyrevel

WIN WIN WIN 🕊 I partnered up with one of my favorite online stores and together we’re giving away a Rêveur tee and a vintage heart necklace. Are you in? Just follow @larissaselene & @hellomylovestore. Don’t forget to tag at least 3 friends who would love to join too. ✌🏼

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