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It's been a while, but we want to recognize Mya Lynch as our Alt Breaker of the month!
Mya has been an all-star fundraiser this whole semester, and brought a positive attitude to ABC's first local volunteer trip with @sbpusa! She's a real trooper and will measure the heck out of drywall, no matter how frustrating it may be. We're excited to have her join us on her first ABC trip this January. Congrats Mya! #ABOTM #AltBreakCares

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With Dave Muha and snow days flying behind us (hopefully), Spring has finally arrived. While spring hasn't had much to shoe for yet, one Alt Breaker did bloom and prove him self as Mr. March!

Miguel is the winner of March's ABOTM. Miguel became new to ABC this semester when he decided to take the venture to New Orleans. Working with ABC Miguel helped a great deal during our fundraising efforts.
When Miguel finally got on the trip he proved himself even more by being a work horse on site. Miguel was nominated by members for the following reasons... - "Had a great attitude and wasn’t afraid to get his hands dirty on the worksite" - "Worked through the day with like no breaks like A+ work ethic and was a champ" - "[s]urvived a massive bee hive through sheer awesomeness"

Congrats! Make sure if you see Mr. March to tell him congratulations :) #ABOTM #AltBreakCares

The sunny 70 degree days of December 2015 are long behind us. While many thought this day may never come winter is finally among us. With holiday feasts in the rear view mirror and New Year’s Resolutions rapidly falling off the tracks we look to Alt Breakers to brighten these cold, cold days. Luckily one Alt Breaker has the ability to bring smiles on even the coldest and most gloomy days. Opening the fence for January 2016’s Alt Breaker of the Month is Mr. January himself, Brandon Shamy.
Shamy attended his first trip this past winter and instantly became an ABC all star. Brandon was able to include everyone in his cheerfulness and brought the entire group up. The night before our first day on the work site tragedy struck. On this chilly New Orleans evening Shamy was attacked by the fence entrance at Project Homecoming. Shamy received multiple injuries, most notably large lacerations running vertically across his forehead. “For the strength and resiliency to take a fence to the face and hospital trip and still be able to volunteer and not complain. For being a cool dude and always doing his chores (even breakfast). For being fun to be –Anonymous Member Nomination
A hospital visit and a lot of medication later Shamy was back on his feet and as bright as ever!
Through his injuries he managed to remain the jubilant and fun person he always was. He also never complained and was one of ABC’s hardest workers this trip! Shamy was able to assist in tiling and repainting of doors in a house being reconstructed.
Thank you Brandon for your amazing service for ABC, helping create a culture and community of good vibes that ABC is, and most importantly staring danger and injury straight in the eye and coming out stronger on the other side. Make sure you help us congratulate Mr. January on this honor! #ABC #TCNJ @TCNJ

#AltBreakCares #ABOTM

Better late than never! Sorry for the delay on instagram for December's ABOTM. We are so proud of this girl :) Read her #ABOTM #AltBreakCares Bio below!
The turkey has been carved, we stuffed ourselves with stuffing, and hopefully enjoyed some Pumpkin pie! Our bellies are full and the calendar flips once again as we roll into December. With the holidays approaching the warmth of friends and family will surely take away the pain from the sharp cold air that whips outside. As you cozy up next to the fire with your hot coco and Snuggie (or warm-keeping cloth of choice) make sure to send a congratulations to Kristin Dell'Armo, Mrs. December! It is only fitting to name Kristen the Alt Breaker of the Month in a month that so many people are concerned with giving to those in need. Kristen never needed a particular time of year to lend a helping hand to ABC, NOLA, or others in the TCNJ community. Mrs. December served on the Alternative Break Club for 3 years, from 2012-2015. Most notably Kristen served as the Executive President for ABC, and always went out of her way for the betterment of the organization. Besides serving on E-Board and traveling to New Orleans on multiple trips with ABC, Kristen served as a Long-Term Volunteer (LTV) for Project Homecoming. Spending an entire summer in New Orleans Kristen was able to help “Re-New Orleans” and touch the lives of people whose home was destroyed by Hurricane Katrina.
Outside of her volunteer work with ABC and New Orleans our Mrs. December was a CCS House Mentor while she studied at TCNJ. ABC Club members have called Kristin an “Amazing Leader” and a “True ABC Role Model.
Congratulations on being crowned Mrs. December! On behalf of the Alternative Break Club, its Executive Board, and all its members we say congratulations. We are so proud of your Kristen keep up all the good work! #ABOTM #ABOTM12 #MrsDecember #MsDecember #WhatsTheDifferenceAgain #AltBreakCares

ABOTM ALERT!!! As October is upon us the Alternative Break Club will dig through their closet grabbing that flannel, pullover, or hoodie they wish they could keep tucked away forever. Along with the cold and bitterness that begins in Fall come positive changes. One of the most beautiful is the changing colors of Autumn’s leaves. Just as the leaves will change color this coming month this Alt Breaker of the Month helped change ABC’s color, dynamic, and size all for the better! Congratulations to ABC alumnus Katie Gallagher on winning October’s Alt Breaker of the Month! Katie was Executive President of ABC from 2010-2012 and brought incredible improvements to ABC. Her accomplishments are unparalleled and too long to fit into just one post so we will highlight only a few of her monumental successes.

While ABC was built upon helping the city of New Orleans Katie was the first president to run a trip other than to NOLA, helping out other communities in the U.S. and allowing the club to expand its reach. During her tenure Katie managed to double the size of the organization bringing it to its current size levels. Other members have described Katie as selfless and an excellent leader. “Katie always put her own time and energy towards ABC before her own interests… just all-around role model for absolutely everybody in the club”

One of Katie’s most lasting accomplishments was the creation of the E-Board position, Historian. The Historian has become such a vital part of keeping the club running and will continue to keep the club strong for years to come. On behalf of every Alt Breaker everywhere we want to thank Katie for her hard work, which has left a lasting impact on the club. Without her dedication ABC would not be where it is today! So make sure next time you see Mrs. October to give her the most sincere congratulations! Once again congratulations on winning the October Alt Breaker of the Month. #ABOTM #pathtonola2016 #altbreakcares #ABC #ABOTM10

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