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“During the first eight years of our marriage, God blessed our home with four biological children! Two of them had significant special needs. In 2013, our youngest son passed away, but that same year we were chosen to be the family to adopt Grayson! Then, early in 2016, we said goodbye to our second son with special needs. It was only after his death that we learned that he suffered from a rare genetic disorder.

If you’re keeping track, that left our family with two biological children and our adopted son. After several months, my wife began sharing her desire to adopt again someday. I wasn’t sure my heart was ready to risk opening up to another baby. I asked her to give me a year to think and pray about it. She agreed and respectfully waited as I wrestled with God.

Eleven months in, I visited some friends with a son who has special needs. As I scooped him up, my arms naturally went into the familiar position of holding a baby with muscular issues. I was convicted that there was a baby out there who needed a family to love them and that God had specially-shaped our family to meet that need. When I got home, I tearfully told my wife that I was ready.

In the blink of an eye, we were in Arizona holding a beautiful baby girl. She checked out perfectly healthy and we were released from the hospital. It seemed too good to be true! At three days old she continued losing weight, struggled to eat and was lethargic. An attentive resident realized Felicity had an overlooked CDH! Typically the diagnosis has a 50/50 chance of survival! We were immediately readmitted to the hospital and she had emergency surgery that same week. We spent 19 days in the NICU watching her recover.

While I held Felicity Quinn’s tiny hand in the NICU and listened to the ventilator help her breathe I thought, ‘God knew. He that knew that a little baby in Arizona with a life-threatening, undiagnosed medical condition needed a family familiar with hospitals, doctors, and nurses. He knew that my heart needed to risk opening up again.’ Thankfully, after 19 days in the hospital, Felicity passed all her remaining tests with flying colors and we took her home!” - Jeremy #standforlife

We support healthy pregnancy across the globe! Yesterday, Executive Director Mary LeQuieu met with OSPP Clinic Director Fabienne Goutier from Haiti and affiliate Chris Franklin and volunteers. We were happy to share pregnancy tests, prenatal vitamins, and fetal models with OSPP to use with their patients in need at their clinic in Haiti.

American Evangelist, Linda Harvey, has shared her thoughts on abortion and homosexuality. .
According to her, there are many gay children in the world today due to God punishing everyone for the abortions committed in the world. ....
Harvey made this known while speaking at the Bringing America Back to Life Convention recently. In her speech, Harvey said; “You may have thought these were separate issues, but they are foundationally connected. .
One has to consider, first of all, the horrifying possibility that this complete sexual and human identity meltdown could be an aspect of God’s judgment on us for aborting millions of our children. ....
We won’t know until we see him, but it is very possible that as an instrument of God’s judgment, he is using the punishment to come on us through our children, the corruption of our children. Even more horrifying, we are letting it happen."
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Business is booming for #PlannedParenthood in #Illinois, where a #ProLife
leader predicts the state is going to see a major spike in #abortions in
the wake of the governor signing legislation (#HB40) putting all abortions
on the taxpayers' tab.

Whenever I see a he/him lesbian, I kinda wanna go all Scooby Doo and pull of their mask, being like “Let’s see who you REALLY are” ⭐️ Mature comments welcome, immature comments will be deleted. Not all tags represent my views.

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Statictcs liberals ignore. #maga #abortions #prolife

I’m not really political on $hit, but fuck it. Ion really fuck wit #nra cuz they greedy when it come$ tø member$hip. But I hate #abortions more. Fuck #plantparenthood a baby deserves ah chance in life, ju$t cuz yo a$$ irri$pon$ible Af, don’t mean ya kid gotta give up hi$/her life før ya fuck up$💯💯💯👌🏿 #fuckplantparenthood #fuckabortion #abortionismurder #followforfollow #like4like #deletingsoon

"In our work for life, we should remember that the women who experience abortion are not our enemy, abortion doctors are not our enemy. We will not win them over with hatred, but with our compassion." - @senatorlankford #standforlife

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