Fully healed. Fully repaired. 🌿 The Perfect Repair line is for everyone—because staying on top of your hair health and outrunning damage takes work! 🍃 #GetYourLatherOn and get primed.

That one friend that always has to be the center of attention 🌟 But for real, want a Côte Babe Tank for yourself? We have a select few available for sale in store only! Stop by or send us a DM to ship yours today!
📸: @brandynlathamphoto

Eva Chen pose.

A man-made wonder of engineering and labor. Blows my mind to know that [only] ~100 people died during its 5 year construction period.

Mood every morning || The only thing that gets me out of bed in the morning is coffee. It’s just a small thing I look forward to! It’s a little act of self love every day💕☕️☕️

Macarons are overrated.

Who is this youthful fresh faced lady?
... amazing how much you can change in a year😂? Do remember just feeling amazing all day everyday with my buzz❤️✨

Seeing all the 🚕 🚕 🚕 in photos of New York City just melts my heart. So lucky to call this place home.

Sunrise by the mountainside. Just heavenly.

Saturday stroll in the park.

I‘ll have this popcorn trolley to-go.

What my old age entails — sitting here with a pot of tea and laughing about “kids these days.” P.S. If you think I posted this 3x, you are correct. I’m developing some kind of editing OCD.


I love you, @urbanstems — not just because you’re beautiful but mostly because you’re beautiful.

I got this super cute Tommy Hilfiger top from TJmaxx 😍

Tfw you jump at any opportunity to leave the city but you miss it as soon as you’re gone. #pathetic

Lost in translation
Photo by: @nickjaykdesign

Throwback Thursday? Is that still a thing?! Currently daydreaming about being back in Mexico where I could walk out to the beach at any given moment & I never had to fix my hair or makeup ☀️☀️☀️

Colorful nooks 💛✨

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