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Bakar terus sampe mateng

It was a drizzling afternoon, and as I was finishing my run in Central Park, I bolted across Fifth Avenue to try to capture this beautiful moment. So many were the balloons, and so small was the girl, I was concerned, Mary Poppins-like, she'd float away in the sky ..

Face-to-Face: who's going to flinch first?? Lions & Tigers & Bears [oh my]!

2012 >> Linsanity: Modern Mythology

Takes the meaning of a "doggie bag to go" to a whole different level. #abk_nyc_street_scenes_series

The virtues of being industrious .. God bless that man's soul for taking what the mean streets of New York giveth. #abk_nyc_street_scenes_series

100 degrees in NYC, school's out, no water in the pool ..


Bakar terus sampe mateng

Working hard for the money in #NewYorkNewYork ..

5:00 AM -- Real-time robbery at #UES #Fairway opposite my apartment. Suspect(s) possibly still inside ... Had to grab my early AM coffee behind New York Police (#NYPD ) lines ...

As cars go zipping past on the #FDR , he sleeps ...

Kind of a shame people in #NYC throwing away Roman antiquities these days ..

Working the hot summer streets of #Manhattan . ..

An Extinct Species: The #NYC #CheckerCab .

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