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🇧🇪Olivier Elkabas @olivergeleather📍Antwerp Artisan Bespoke Leatherworker at OliverGé✂️

🎤 @bespokeaficionado Where do you find inspiration for your hand-crafted creations❓

🎤 @olivergeleather Anywhere ! But as you're starting to sense me through my various answers on your questions , you should
know it has to be from tradition but with a "zing " of modernity .
Sometimes i'll feel an inner urge for some elegant and fine designs with curvy lines
while at other times all i want is something more robust and bold .
It comes from a tickle in the stomach . Something i can't put my finger on .
Therefore , i'm always looking around me .
Looking the same way an eagle is searching from above his next prey .
i'm attentive to details . Be it on the streets , train , restaurants ... you name it .
And by the way , i won't mind stopping a lady on the street and simply ask - what bag she's wearing and why she chose it
with her specific outfit , or - why did she buy it in the first place .
You see, she might inform me of a detail or a feature i completely overlooked .
When it comes to my creativity , I have no shame whatsoever , and i don't mind what she/he might think . Also , i am an avid seeker of style magazines from years gone by . In the old days
bags and accessories had some rigidity to them but without it lacking in sensuality .
Sometimes , i'll think about combination of details .
I'll adopt the body of one bag but with gussets from another bag and a handle from even a third bag .
I'm searching for details . Not to be mistaken with fashion details but more - what differs these similar bags from others .
How were they constructed ? What was the artisan behind this particular design trying to reach .
Why was it done it this way ? What will it look like if i'll mix two different styles ?
If by grace , i can come up with some of the answers , i know that the seed to a new line of accessories or bags was
planted , and in the end i'll come up with something .
But in the end , i have to admit that as far as i'm concerned , it has to look simple .
If it doesn't ... i missed it❗️

📸 by @olivergeleather

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Store strada provinciale di caserta 84 capodichino napoli a 400 metri dalla rotonda di capodichino andando verso Casoria

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Trucco occhi di Laura che per il matrimonio di Benedetta. Aveva un
abito indaco con accessori argento e blu ☺️ Vi piace? .
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