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I had the amazing pleasure of decorating and seting up for one of my most favourite cousin's bridal shower. Thanks to the bride's sister for giving me the freedom to take on the theme of kate spade in whichever direction I like. Thank to amma for helping and supporting me throughout. I wish my cousin all the best with lots of love and happiness coming her way!!!😘 #abiforthevin2017

There was a couple of weddings last week somewhere in Canada. Photographs will show you the key moments, the stunning venues and eye-catching outfits. Caterers can share the amazing food and drink that was on offer. And guests will be able to tell you all about the memorable entertainment and magical dances that evening.

But that wasn’t the real story. As a matter of fact, that wasn’t the story at all. The real story was about families and friends coming together. Hearts travelling miles to be there for each other or to start new lives together. Souls working tirelessly amid joy, tears and hardship. Caring endlessly for each other in sickness and health. And when a love binds that deeply, even death cannot do us apart.

To everyone that made it everything it was, thank you. ❤😙 And to the beautiful, kind-hearted brides @abinaya_13 @luxsi_89 I’m lucky to call family, and their incredible partners @vinosinn @dinesh_ananthan , I wish you all a lifetime of happiness and adventure together. ❤💙❤💙 #abiforthevin2017 #dinlux2017

Twirls & the mom #abiforthevin2017

Abi at her bridal shower #bridalshower #abiforthevin2017
MUAH: @belleetmuah

These two love birds are getting hitched this weekend. We are so excited to treasure their moments.
MUA: @belleetmuah
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