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Finalist #2
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New @banksandsteelz single "Who Needs The World"--link in bio to 👂. "You got the ice-caps melting and so many animals have become extinct/And we're just opening up more burger joints and getting more money." #abettertomorrow #banksandsteelz #saveourearth

Until tomorrow. I will wait. Until tomorrow we shall lay. Until Tomorrow I trust you'll stay #hansvillewashington #sunset #blessed #abettertomorrow


could i have possibly composed this photograph in a better way? maybe. do i have any regrets? hell, no. say hi to one of the most genuine leedul hoomans.

midnight cravings.

Happy Toronto Pride Weekend! If you aren't in Liberty today stop by our Yonge and College location or our 30 Carlton location to celebrate all types of love and friendship.
#prideprade #love #queer #lgbtq #starbucks #toronto #abettertomorrow ❤️💛💚💙💜

영웅본색 주윤발 티셔츠

Until tomorrow. I will wait. Until tomorrow we shall lay. Until Tomorrow I trust you'll stay #hansvillewashington #sunset #blessed #abettertomorrow

I always dreamt of the place beyond where the sky touches the sea #blessed #abettertomorrow #love #hansvillewashington #beauty

Abandoned juvenile correctional facility-VHS Find. "A Better Tomorrow" 📼 @johnzthethird #analogbrothers #vhslife #abettertomorrow #juvenilehell #seedsgrowupthesameway

Don't be afraid to change everything, just make a decision to do it. Life is experiences, past, present and future, so live your experiences and stop worrying about conditioning and a man made social construct that limits your creativity. Start today by trying something new.....and remember everything is relative, we are actually moving protons in the universe, so don't be afraid to experience life through your own eyes. Have a great day! #lifechanges #reality #dontbeafraid #openyourmind #experiencelifeasyouseeit #awakening #creativity #art #travel #adventures #behappy #findyou #write #paint #music #workfromanywhere #hope #abettertomorrow #nothingtobeafraidof #goforit

late night thoughts.
- - - - -
part i
- - - - -
sometimes i breakdown for no reason at all. maybe because i feel overwhelmed yet too empty. 
i sometimes fail to understand the complexity of human mind. 
its complexity fascinates me at times but it's sad that not all choose to devote a part of their day thinking about it. 
i overthink. 
it gets toxic sometimes. 
sometimes it calms me down. 
it is complicated. 
it's tough to settle your thoughts at times, to focus on what others tell me is important. 
i like to zone out. 
i'm sure it gets annoying for y'all at times that i zone out completely and forget things that i just started talking about. but my imaginary world is so much better why would i want to zone in and talk or listen or breathe or...simply exist.
this post is getting sadder with every word that im typing out, i know
but that's exactly how you make me feel at times.
~ (a.k) - - - - -
part ii
- - - - -
that moment when you realize how lonely you really are, how lonely you feel even if you're with people, especially when you're surrounded by people.
you start thinking 'what if i'm the one who's going crazy?' you start a train of thought. the journey through your mind is that of a stormy night, decorated with despair & helplessness. you overthink about it so much, that you end up ruining moments.
people get tired of you saying the same things again & again, people get tired of your rants. and that's when another realization hits you: only you have the ability to fix yourself. only you have the ability to fill that void. ~ (a.p)


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