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Abel looks like he's gonna fuck up anyone that comes close to Selena 👏🏼🙌🏼

sel and abel with baby tigers appreciation post

The fact that Kylie and Tyga broke up and she was holding hands with Travis Scott had me shooked

ABELENA ❤️😍 #selenagomez #selenator #sg2 #abelena -Büşra

(21/04) Selena e Abel saindo do show do John Mayer! ❤ #theweeknd #selenagomez #abeltesfaye #selenators #abelena

Sisters Slay. 👅🔥🔥
Kim Or Khloè??
Repost @khloekdoll
Sisters Goals ✔

You know what I reliazed about Abel and Bella is Bella is a dead person and so was he so both of them were dead together 😂 no but on a serious note since selena and Abel started dating I see this new man rejuvenated in him all of a sudden he's showing emotions when he's with her, by initiating touching her or kissing her (which I've never seen him do with Bella cause once again she's dead) & you see him being extremely protective with Selena like his life depends on it & he doesn't get crazy waisted anymore ex: ( at Bellys birthday party all his bros were there drinking and smoking heavily and he chose to just chill with selena the whole night and actually had fun with her & I honestly feel he's trying to be a better man for Selena and that's why she's so in love with him and that's why I'm in love with them finally they are both happy and they both deserve happiness especially Selena after what that douche Justin put her through . So #abella & #jelena fans needs to fucking move on cause weather you like it or not they are together and happy 💯
#abelena #selenagomez #abeltesfaye #theweeknd #couplegoals


I- 😭😭😭

Seth and Summer are the older stydia. #theoc #sethandsummer #abelena #spaleb

36,8k! 🎉💞 {A}

Why you fucking up so much ?
I really don't know
Tell me when enough is enough
Should I leave or should I go ?

Smile 😍😍


Sunday boring 😌❤

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