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silver or gold?

Lol @selenagomez 😂😂 Check out @femalempire 👈

omg Abel BOUGHT A $18 MILLION HOUSE it looks so lit 👀🔥🙌 LMAO I LOVE HOW SEL EVEN BOUGHT A NEW HOUSE LAST WEEK 😂😭🙌👏IT LOOKS SO NICE OMG 9 BEDROOMS 11 BATHS DAMN 😭😭 I would get so lost in that house lol

#Abelena throwback😍 so freaking cute

I'll never forgive myself for being offline for so long😭😭😭 #abelena

Her videos always make me emotional and shit
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Where are you From my Followers? 🌏I'm🇮🇹


new abelena picture! but sadly, this doesn't make me happy because of what happened in Manchester and what happened in my life in the last days.

Selena Gomez e Abel em Chicago .
(22 de maio,2017)

#Selenagomez #Selenators #Theweeknd #Abelena #K

let's make reality actuality a reality 🌸🌸🌸🌸🌸🌸🌸🌸🌸
Let me know what you think about my new drawing. Feel free to repost if you want to

is typing.... ♡ [fc: 1,586]

it has been so long!! i wanna see hq candids!! they had dinner together then watched the new alien movie!

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MY CHUBBY BABIES!!! MY GOD, MOM AND DAD, WHERE YOU BEEN?!!! Lol, they shook from Alien Covenant 😭😭😭/// @selenagomez @theweeknd #selenagomez #theweeknd #xo #selenators #lustforlife #badliar #abelena #love #dancing #tattoos #relationshipgoals #fitness

Selena y Abel fueron a ver "Alien" al cine. 😂😂 la pose que tiene The weeknd fue mi reacción al salir de la sala después de ver la película 😛// lmao the weeknd's face it's me after watch this movie. #date #abelena #selenagomez #abel #theweeknd #aliencovenant

I'm absolutely shook and broken about what happened. No words can explain how bad I feel for families of unfortunately passed ones. I send my all prayers to them and to those 50 hurt ones. #prayformanchaster

Good news of today that the weeknd just bought house in L.A in the Hidden Hills which gives 18 million mansion house and whose likely Drake just lives down the block from the weeknd. Selena Gomez most likely to see him in L.A more often this year around. #theweeknd #selenagomez #abelena

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