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Day 19/Where I’m working now #readwriteplan Brainstormed some ideas for @nanowrimo while enjoying a smoothie at @caviarbananasgville earlier today. ✍️ 😋

[#10thingstotellyou... getting a late start but I’ve been far too much of a consumer instead of a contributor of social media lately, so why not?] I grew up... in Arizona ❤️🌵and if this is news to you we probably haven’t talked for longer than 15 minutes because my love for my home state is real.
honestly I think my love of AZ is less about the physical location, and more about the memories. don’t get me wrong, I think the desert is beautiful, I love the lack of traffic (compared to CA 😉), we’ve got shopping and eating options galore, and the weather from Nov-March is straight up magical. but what I really, truly, love about AZ is the memories it holds for me.
I was lucky enough to grow up surrounded by family. not just my amazing parents and three younger sister but almost my entire extended family lives in the Scottsdale/Phoenix area (shout out to my awesome family in TX of course though). I grew up spending not just holidays with my grandparents and cousins but also random weekends, birthdays, and play dates of all sorts. from card games, to baking, to sleepovers, we did it all and I treasure it so. I’m beyond lucky to have the low drama, loving, and hilarious kind of family that to many only exists on tv (no joke, we’re talking Braverman or Pearson status). the kind of family that makes you crave the holidays and who you’d willingly and eagerly spend time with any day of the week.
beyond family there’s also a community of my parents friends and their kids that I grew up with. from preschool, to Christmas tree cutting trips, to graduation parties and more there’s a rich community of people who played with me, prayed for me, and spoke and speak so much truth and love into my life. they celebrated with us in the good times and walked with us and served us in the hard times. they modeled for me what deep and meaningful friendships look like. their the kind of friends I’ve sought out and strived to be like to others.
there’s so much more I could share about how I grew up but I think I’ll leave it at this: I grew up in the beautiful desert of Arizona, surrounded by family and rich community, more blessed than I ever could’ve deserved.

If you are stuck, change something. You never have to stay where you are. You are in control, stop letting others make decisions for you.

Just a girl and her creative director 💕 #ragdollcat 📷 by @krishmapatel_

These two, this day, and that lovely light. ☀️ (Thought of you two on Monday, @rachelizleach! How time flies!)

Still bit off 🤧 but volunteering today for couple of hours at Mundaring Sharing. So here's a bee as well as a flower and a mask I made from clay with false eyelashes 🤣
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And then autumn kissed summer goodbye with the sweetest {coldest} kiss 🍂

Each stylist has a different way of how they describe tones so I created an easy guide to the most popular tones when it comes to blondes and what I personally call them! Which one is your favorite? Which one is the hardest for you to formulate? 👇🏼leave your answers in the comments below! 🖤

When you hear me saying that one of my business is to make personalized hand stamped jewelry, is it actually clear what I do?

Because I get asked a lot of times, what I actually mean with that. So, basically this video will show you part of the process. Just the part where I actually do the hand stamping...so, what exactly is hand stamping? Well, I have a bunch of metal letters in different fonts and sizes. Depending of what the clients wants, I will then take those metal stamps, align onto the metal blank and with a brass hammer hit each letter INDIVIDUALLY. That's right, no machine is used. It's just me, my stamps and a hammer.
Now, obviously there is more to each piece, but for today, we'll mark this lesson as done and at least you know now exactly what metal stamping is.
This video shows you  exactly that and yes, I really did have all those hearts on the side to stamp. That's where a list comes in handy, so I know exactly what color heart to stamp with which letter and make sure my customers get exactly the design, size, and personalization they asked for.

Sounds fun, right?

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Bright blonde ✨
Haircolor by me
Cut/style @christagoldstein

the verdict is in and I’m 100% in love with @inktheoriginal 🖤
my tattoos tell stories and each and every one of them mean something special to me, which is why i want to protect them from the sun and the damage it might do to my skin.
if you know me, you know that i’m a little crazy about the ingredients in the products i put on my body, which is why i was so excited to try INK, since their products are free of fragrances and dyes, oxybenzone and parabens, gluten and PABA, and mineral oil and petroleum. not to mention, it barely even feels like i’m wearing anything on my skin. 🤩
check ‘em out and feel free to use my code “INK15” for 15% off any products on their website! ✨
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C o l o r M e l t ••• As a hairdresser, we are shown pictures all day from Pinterest and Instagram. “Inspiration” pictures are a double edged sword to us. One big reason is there is a whole history behind that hair that is totally different than your hair history may be. This particular client has been my client for about a year. She already solid blonde ends with a natural light brown base that I hadn’t highlighted in 6 months. Today was a 2 hour appointment where I framed her face and broke up the top with a few highlights, then 10-15 mins before rinsing I added bleach to some of her ends just to brighten them up. I finished it at the bowl by melting everything together with two toners. It actually was a very simple appointment even though it may not look at it. This would have been a totally different story is she had more grow out or if she came to me with virgin hair. So just remember to really communicate and be patient with stylist!

When in doubt, ask. DID YOU KNOW Frida Kahlo’s image is trademarked? The lawyers I knew could not agree about whether or not I can use Frida Kahlo in my art..
So I asked Frida Kahlo herself, and she responded. Well, her estate’s lawyers did!
More than creativity and skill, I firmly believe it is an artist’s responsibility to do our due diligence to protect and uphold all rights involved in the process of making art. This is what it means to be a professional artist..
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Spinning into another dimension 🌪🌪🌪 had such a fun day with the talented @bethshepherdphotography

I don’t need a crown, to know that I’m a queen 👑 pc: @bethshepherdphotography

🖤MESSAGE: Gettin’ Ready To Serve Your Ass To Ya On A Platinum Platter!

Be Strong, Don’t Let The Haters Take Your Dreams! Courage, Confidence, Self Belief and Determination. Hustle Girlzz!!!💪🏽
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