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(FRUK rp; Dm to rp. Can be any au or any kink in the future)
Arthur sat by the restaurant window, staring into his cup of tea nervously as he waited for Francis. Today was their first date and Arthur was nervous he'd scare him away some how, he knew the two had always had fights in the past but in all reality he was just too shy to tell the other how he felt. But the last meeting Arthur had told him how he felt finally, before he could think about it anymore Francis had arrived "For you" Francis said, handing Arthur flowers from a nearby flower shop.
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Me wish me had a mommy i tell me this #abdl #tbdl #ddlgrp #abdlrp


Rant..? I feel so thoughtful and there's so much I have to let off my chest I just need to talk.. I really wish I could love the way I use to. I once gave all of me to someone, I gave all of my heart. Everytime I said I love you, i truly meant it. I felt so much. My love for that person overcame the world, and even after I gave them all of my strength.. They threw it all away, for.. nothing. Since then I haven't been the same. Sure, I've tried more relationships. But I just can't give myself again.. I feel like there's no more love in my heart to give. Sometimes I cry really hard, and I don't even know or remember why. Words no longer mean anything to me. I really loved someone. I would have given everything for them. And I truly mean it. Because I loved them. But now, it just feels like "okay I can't get hurt.. I can't get heartbroken again". Love feels so empty, where did it all go? Sometimes I walk and walk, my mind is rushing, I'm breathing, but Im not living. I feel like I could fall and nothing would change if I never got back up. Maybe I forgot how to love, Maybe I forgot what love is. Or maybe I never knew. I'll cry, I'll scream, I'll break everything around and me and what little bit I have left, but nothing will change. We are all just people, the only thing waiting for us is death. There is no promise of love, marriage, an eternal commitment.. There's nothing except the promise of death. The world is cruel and it's made me cold hearted, but I still cry I still laugh and sometimes it still becomes harder to breath and there are many mornings I wonder if I should even get up. But I do. And I walk, and I breath slowly, nothing changes. I'm still not living, I still feel nothing. Nothing has changed and nothing will change. This is life. I gave my pure, true heart away once. It got crushed to pieces. And once a paper is ripped, you can put it back together but it will never be the same. This is life. And it doesn't and wont change.

i will always treasure you, my little boy.

both of my boys are just the same. both adorable and loved by me. i am glad to see my little one is taking such good care of his new friend. daddy is very proud.

went back and reread some old messages, god i hate my old self. so fucking much.

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