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(FRUK rp; Dm to rp. Can be any au or any kink in the future)
Arthur sat by the restaurant window, staring into his cup of tea nervously as he waited for Francis. Today was their first date and Arthur was nervous he'd scare him away some how, he knew the two had always had fights in the past but in all reality he was just too shy to tell the other how he felt. But the last meeting Arthur had told him how he felt finally, before he could think about it anymore Francis had arrived "For you" Francis said, handing Arthur flowers from a nearby flower shop.
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Im single again 😪😪😪😪 #abdlcommunity #abdlmommy #abdlrelationship #abdlrp #abdl #mdlg


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Dm for forced abdl roleplay. Female subs wanted. #abdlmommy #abdlstory #abdlcaptions #mommydom #abdlrp #abdl #tbdl #diapers #littlegirl #mommy

y no es por hablar de mas, pero yo sin ella no podría estar.. porque me enamoré ~ y porque fue de ti... ♡

Me wish me had a mommy i tell me this #abdl #tbdl #ddlgrp #abdlrp

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