My 6th entry of #princessskincarechallenge . This is both hosted by @camelliaskinensis & @mauibien .
🍃 Today's theme of choice is Ariel, anything that is moisturizing and hydrating. I have here Real Skin Double Action Super Cream.
🍃This is a dual-type moisturizer that contains both the hydrating cream ( the blue one) and the nourishing cream ( the white one). It's enriched with 10 super foods, minerals and vitamins good for the skin. In addition, this claims to be the ultimate supplement to our skin.
🍃My Overall Thoughts / Experiences
- This is a lovely cream as it targets two important functions a cream / moisturizer should have.
- It's very lightweight and applies smoothly in the skin.
- It's perfect to layer under makeup.
- It contains really good ingredients and the moisture effect it does to the skin seems long lasting.
- Finally, this double cream makes the skin healthy, dewy, plump and smooth. Somewhat it give me this brightened skin as well.
🍃Got this from @altheakorea .
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Belle • Rose product
The enchanted rose in the beauty and the beast has become a trademark of the film.
An important symbol for the beast’s future as the spell was casted on.
Rose has many benefits to the skin, and here are some of them:
🥀 Roses have anti-inflammatory properties
🥀 You can layer rose oils under anything
🥀 Organic rose cell extracts fight skin dullness
🥀 Rose water is a treat for your skin
🥀 A rose mask can ease rosacea symptoms
🥀 Rose extract is a natural makeup remover
🥀 Rose ingredients will soothe a sunburn
🥀 Rose water lifts impurities
🥀 Rose essences help replenish skin
So yeah, these are the rose-infused products that i have.
@miniso_ph rose essence toner
@miniso_ph rose hydrating essence oil
@deoproce.ph rose & pomegranate mask, and
@marksandspencer rose moisturising lotion
The toner and essence were only gifted to me by a friend, and im still contemplating if i will use it or not. ✌🏻😂 I rarely use the lotion - yeah its good and hydrating,
but i really get dizzy when i smell this kind of scent. I don’t know why but i honestly don’t like the smell.
But, maybe i will use the mask 😊. Maybe . 😜
So that’s it. This is my entry for @mauibien and @camelliaskinensis#princessskincarechallenge ✨.

This miracle in a bottle is the Best Natural Face Oil for @previewph Beauty Awards 2018!
Emu Oil enjoys the reputation as the ONLY natural oil that is closest to the human skin components. It is also the fastest penetrating natural oil, hence it is renowned for its ability to beautify, hydrate and rejuvenate the skin.

Know why this oil is worthy to be part of your regimen by getting it online and in stores! You can also get a chance to take it home along with other products on @previewph Beauty Awards 2018 list. Stay tuned on Preview.ph for more details on the #PreviewBeautyBox. .
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QuickTipTuesday 💡: One of sheetmasking FAQs is — should we wash off after lifting the sheet? 👉🏼 Unless you have SUPER acne-prone skin, or happen to be heading out of the house (hence, we prefer sheet masking before bedtime 🛏) DON’t wash off the residue after lifting away the mask. It’s sure to be sticky at first but the leftover fluid is full of beneficial ingredients and is meant to be absorbed by the skin. Pat the remaining essence on or use it to give yourself a mini-facial massage! Glow everyone! ✨✨✨
👉🏼If you haven’t already, try our amazing sheet mask bundles now! There’s something for every skin concern! Check them out in our IG/FB accounts! .
📱DM/PM/Viber to order
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Here is my quick AM routine for today..😉🌤Have a great day! 💖
🌞Purito Defense Barrier pH Cleanser
🌞Benton Tea Tree Mist
🌞ACWELL Licorice pH Balancing Cleansing Toner
🌞J.One Jelly Pack
🌞Dear Klairs Soft Airy UV Essence SPF 50+ PA++++
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Remember I talked about & demo'ed a peel-off mask few days back? Well that mask is typically a mask powder infused with sea algae & bamboo charcoal.😍 @fabulous_fabeya has again done a fantastic job of bringing together few fabulous ingredients in a very innovative skincare product.❤️
Swipe➡️for more pics & details.
✔️If you're scared of peel-off masks, fear not, this one doesn't tug at your skin, or irritate it in any way.
🔰The intriguing algae:
Well this ingredient was what interested me so much in this product. Sea algae is present in the product as sodium alginate.
🌊Sodium alginate helps the mask to solidify & shape up on application, translating to an easy rubbery texture. This can be pulled off in a layer without any hassle at all!
Watch demo video➡.
🌊Algae extracts help in a better oxygen exchange, helping skin breathe while mask is on. How amazing is that?😍
🌊These also hydrate the skin, & soothe it. The mask honestly feels so relaxing!
🔰The cleanser bamboo charcoal:
An effective cleansing agent, this ingredient draws out skin impurities, resulting in deep cleansing for the skin.
🔰The organic soy Phytosterols:
These are effective anti-aging components, & help replenish & restore skin.
How did the @fabulous_fabeya Sea Algae Peel-off Mask (Bamboo Charcoal) turn out for me?
🍁Simply fabulous!!💞💞
🍁Instantly brighter & glowing skin, hydrated & super-soothed.💚
🍁With consistent use, I could see a mild reduction in my new blackheads.😱 I'm elated.🤩
🍁On application, there's a noticeable cooling effect, & skin feels so relaxed.
🍁The mask powder needs to be mixed & applied quickly in a desired thickness.The recommended is 4mm. I do lesser though.
🍁The best part perhaps, even in the drying season, this mask has never made my skin feel parched. Rather my skin feels plump & hydrated, which I love so much!💖💖
🍁The sachet is re-sealable, making this product easy to store & use.
🍁It doesn't hamper existing breakouts,rather helps calm the redness to some extent.😍
🍁No parabens & PVA
🍁Although a "peel-off" mask,it is extremely gentle. Thus suitable for all skintypes!💖
✔️Available in 30g & 90g sizes on @amazondotin. ☺️ Must-try for sure!❤

Lending you some #textureshot on this #TextureTuesday !
Featured here is the Jeju Volcanic Green (Cica) Color Clay Mask by #Innisfree 💚
Last year, Innisfree launched The Volcanic Color Clay mask packs which comes in 7 colors, each with different functions.
The premise is that the sebum control effect of their Jeju volcanic cluster, of which their previous clay masks are known for, shall provide clean pore care plus additional benefits depending on the colour variant:
Yellow (brightening)
Blue (hydrating)
Pink (vitalizing)
Green (cica)
Purple (calming)
White (refining)
Black (purifying)
They also come in 3 clay textures:
◎ Water gel clay : Yellow, blue, pink
◎ Cream clay : Green, purple
◎ Transforming clay : White, black
The brand promoted doing "Multi-Masking", in which you can apply a different coloured mask pack on different parts of the face to combat an array of skin concerns at the same time.

I've tried the black one before in a sample sachet, which didn't work but due to my irresponsibility ok ✌. But I still got this green in a small tube plus a sample each of the purple and the blue as well.

The green mask is for sebum control and cica care (y'all know cica, aka tiger grass, aka centella asiatica) to refine multiple troubled skin areas. It contains both the signature Jeju volcanic clusters added with madecassoside.

It's of the soft cream-type clay, that is mild enough for all skin types.
What I've learned from my booboo on my first try, which is the black one, is that this range should only be used 5-10 min max.
I use 2 pea-sized amount enough for the whole face, on a weekly basis which is why this small tube still lasted me months.

Cleanse with skin temperature water and though it didn't have any remarkable effect on my breakouts, it did make my pores clearer.

I continuously used this just for the fun of using it hehe. Good thing I only got samples and this tiny tube. I may not repurchase though. I'll finish it and my two others and then try other brands.

Any thoughts on this range?
Share your most trusted wash-off mask below please! ↓↓↓
———— #ReviewedByCharm

Product : Céleteque Suncare Facial Moisturizer with SPF 15
Size : 50ml
Price : P150
Claims :
🌞 combines with optimum hydration and UVA/UVB to help prevent the skin from dryness and damage from daily sun exposure.
🌞non-comedogenic, hypo-allergenic, fragrance-free
Application :
Use daily for protection against the harmful effects of the sun. Apply evenly on face and neck after cleansing
Feedback : I'm presenting to you now my moisturizer and sunblock in one product! Second to the last product in my AM routine last month. It comes in a plastic tube type packaging. It smells mild lotion. Maybe, SPF 15 is a bit low, but for me as a stay-at-home-mom, this is really good for me! You just have to reapply it every 2-3 hrs if you're going outside. I'm also using this under make up, it is lightweight, not that sticky, easily absorbed by my face. It's almost empty now and no breakouts happened. I think, this is good for all skin types, this will give you dewy and hydrated skin! .
This product is not sponsored. All thoughts are my own! ❤️✨
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🌲 W O O D S E R I E S 🌲
Thanks Ate Mawen of @mawenchan and Veron of @triedbyveronica for gifting me these cuties from @etudehouseofficial .
Veron gave me hers because her skin doesn't approve of honey ingredients while Ate Mawen shared her samples because she knew I wanted to try products with honey in it.
#PrincessSkincareChallenge by @camelliaskinensis & @mauibien my entry for Tiana:
🔸@etudehouseofficial Honey Cera line 🍯
Haven't tried these yet, but maybe soon once I get to finish all the brand reviews I have to do :)
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@camelliaskinensis @mauibien

If Princess Aurora was real, she would've held the Guinness record for the Longest Human Sleep(if this also exists 😂). I just started stretching into sleeping masks, so I only have a few (yet?).
🔷Laneige Water Sleeping Mask - I wanted this to be my HG, just like many others who have tried it. I guess only our skin can decide that for us. This makes my skin super greasy in the morning.😥 Sample size is really essential.
🔷iWhite Korea Vitamin Sleeping Gel - I haven't really tried this one, but I like the whitening version of this line. I want to try all the variants first, then decide which variant to buy in full size.
🔷Face Republic Sleeping Beauty Face Mask set - technically, these are not sleeping masks. I saw this at Watson's and caught by "Sleeping Beauty". I had to put it in my cart! "Seven Nights of Beauty Rest"

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Oh the places you'll go! ✈️ Have trouble-free skin anywhere you go with our Free Your Skin bundle. This has the Mini Low pH Rose Gel Cleanser and the Spot Control Facial Oil to combat troubled spots and soothe skin. This is available exclusively for P499 at www.inherelement.ph. Hurry, very limited stocks only!

Today’s #princessskincarechallenge post is Tiana, or food ingredients. I had just ordered the @skinfood_official Freshmade Watermelon Mask during the 11-11 sale and here are my first impressions — along with some texture shots for #texturetuesday!
🐸 This watermelon mask is a wash off gel mask that claims to instantly soothe and hydrate skin, and minimize pores and oil production.
🐸 The pale pink gel is cool and quite fluid; it is easy to spread with a spatula and has a refreshing effect. I love the scent, which reminds me of watermelon Bubbleyum.
🐸 I applied a generous layer and waited fifteen minutes as instructed.
🐸 My face was a shade brighter, skinfeel was soft but I did not feel any hydrating effect. I do feel it was slightly mattifying, perhaps better for oily-skinned folk. But I would totally use this to target dullness, as I got a bit of a glow post-mask. I also think the soothing effect of this mask would be best after sun exposure — I bet this would be awesome on a beach trip or after a dip in the pool; I should test that soon!
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We're testing out a new skincare trend: washing your face with carbonated water! Carbonated water is scientifically-proven to improve blood flow to the skin, which creates an overall brighter, flushed, glowy complexion. It may not seem like much, but it does make sense when we factor in how many skin issues can be resolved by improved blood flow. Read all about this trend at #projectvanitycom!

I finally finished my bottle of @halobeauty HSN booster and here are my thoughts on it.
I'm not gonna go into the ingredients anymore since this isn't brand new in the market but will instead go straight to the bottomline 😘
💇🏻‍♀️Hair - i didn't notice any drastic changes with my hair but that's probably because it's been only a month and i think you'll see a difference with prolonged use.
💁🏻‍♀️Skin - showed a bit of improvement in skintone, no breakouts and i wasn't as oily. Nothing major that a good solid routine can't do.
. 💅🏼Nails - this is where i saw major improvement. I have weak, brittle nails from ALWAYS wearing gel polish since i do my own nails. I have my own lamp and all so it's easier (and cheaper) for me. In just a week, i saw growth and did not break a nail! By week two, my nails were long already that i had to cut them!
🌸Will I buy it again? Yes, I would if it were accessible to me. It's not locally available and i don't want to have to pay so much for international shipping. I did order this through @beautyindulgenceph though so if you want to order through a seller, they're one of my go-to's.
Until then, i'm gonna try other brands since that's what's convenient for me.
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The most thoughtful brand I know :) I fell in love with their sheetmasks and fell more in love with them as they answer my questions about it. Their sheetmasks are one of the best hydrating masks and can’t wait to try the centella and snail cream + the toner too! Thank you, @hello_skin_official for remembering me and sending this limited edition set. Thank you for making us smile. More blessings to you, guys! .
And btw, this limited edition set is available at @stylekorean_global !!! Get yours now! .
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Product's name: Luminice Natural Facial Wash & Luminice Natural Facial Toner
Brand: Coco Haven (they don't have IG)
Where: @hoybataph
☑locally made
☑all natural ingredients
☑cruelty free
☑paraben & sulfate free
☑the packaging is nice, facial wash has pump type. The label has all the things you need to know
☑Facial wash is moisturizing, it did not strip the moisture on my skin. ☑Cleanses without drying and tightness
❎After using the facial wash for three days, a looot of bumps and redness appears on my skin. Luckily not breakouts. My skin was okay with Coconut oil, maybe it's the formula and other ingredients in here like pineapple extract. ❎has a strong smell that's overpowering
❎will not repurchase
⚠I did not use the toner because it has almost the same ingredients as the facial wash⚠
*products were given by #hoybata. All opinions are based on my own experience. What works for me may or may not work for you.
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Love Centella? 🤔 You’ll surely adore these best-selling Centella goodies from @iunik_official 💕 Shop them at gobloomandglow.com ✨
P.S. Tag your friends who absolutely ♥️ Centella Asiatica!

You know gorgeous when you see one 😘

10,000 roses
at Cordova Cebu 📸@snapfile_

Dry to Normal Skin Type "KNOWLEDGE & DISCIPLINE: are your key words

You don't get much breakouts but you know that your skin is not at its best. So what to do?? First KNOW the brand that cares then have the DISCIPLINE to follow your skincare routine.

I never thought that my skin can be softer or brighter than before, but it is! By the way, you don't want a white and dull skin. You want it to glow just like a bright day. 😍🌻🌞 Love your natural skin by improving its state not by changing it 😘

Stay Gorgeous!

Day 3 of #princessskincarechallenge hosted by @camelliaskinensis and @mauibien .
🥀Today I am posting my Princess Belle👸🏼
@heimish_korea Hydrogel Eye Patch Bulgarian Rose Water 🥀This is my most favorite in all the skincare products I have. 🥀I love that whenever I use this it always reminds me of roses, which I feel really pampered. 🥀The cooling effect of this is addicting and it lasts even when I remove the patches. 🥀I love staring at the glittery patches for a while before applying it on my undereyes.😋
🥀This is the very first eye patches I used and I'm glad it did not disappoint. 🥀I got this from @gobloomandglow .
PS: If you are a person who is sensitive to fragrances then this might not be for you because the rosy smell is too strong in this product.
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