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Selamat untuk #JohnsonsBaby yang sudah menemani perjalanan mama dan menjadi yang #terbaikuntukbayi selama 125 tahun. Bersamaan dengan itu juga menghadirkan 125 video edukasi oleh tenaga kesehatan berdasarkan pertanyaan paling yang paling banyak ditanyakan via Google oleh Mama Indonesia. Jadi untuk para mama yang mencari konten seputar perawatan newborn baby, ASI, MPASI, dsb bisa langsung cek Youtube channel Johnson’s Baby Indonesia. #ABCcircle #WangiCeriaku

About to head out for an event and saw this present. How sweet of our @johnsonsbaby family to be sending our essentials when its in fact their birthday! Happy 125th! Hmmm wonder what kind of present we can give to thank them for making products that took care of us all these years... 🤔 Happy 125th year JnJ!💙

It was hard to leave my 4 boys behind but I Praise God for their hearts, because they were very supportive and were even the ones encouraging me to bring their sister. They know I still breastfeed her at night and they kept saying, “Mom she can’t sleep without you. You have to take her.” So this actually made “decision making” a bit easier for me.☺️🙏🏻
Fast Forward to us here in the States.... SORRY, this is going to be quite long but I just had to share this.... I thought it was going to be a breeze having our first mother-daughter time together. I thought having 5 kids equipped me already from all the obstacles, the challenges, the worries, the fears, that would come our way.... BUT I was wrong! 😩Amari went on hunger strike 2 days after we arrived (maybe because of jet lag?)😩 I got so worried I wanted to cry! I don’t mind being sleep deprived, I don’t mind taking very quick showers, I don’t mind tidying up everything she messes up, i don’t mind if she tinkers with my stuff and destroys my makeup, I don’t mind dealing with tantrums, I don’t mind doing a million other things, BUT, her not wanting to eat is a totally different story! It made me think if I made the right decision of bringing her with me. It even made me question my capability of being a good mom. So many things going through my head. Where do I bring her if she needs to see a doctor? if she gets dehydrated? and many more😩 BUT God always has his ways of speaking to us right?! And HE also uses people to help. I’m very thankful for all my IG friends who all replied to my IG stories and gave me names of Asian restos, food deliveries, places to go to to buy rice, etc... AND that’s when I knew everything would be ok! And I just had to go back to what I was really thankful to God for - Our Time Together As Mother And Daughter. All the good things that happened here still outweighs the dilemmas this past week. Thank You Lord for your grace always!☺️🙏🏼 Do you guys have similar experiences you can share? even travel tips? It’s always nice to learn from each other and help each other even here on IG. Thank you again to those who helped. You guys all know who you are.😘 #AlwaysOurBestForBaby #ABCCircle

Warning: Loooong Nostalgic Momma Post. Exactly a month from now, my Gummy or Amanda Lucia, as she insists to be called will be turning SEVEN. How. Time. Flies. Tell me about it. My eyes are starting to well up at just looking at my 1y/o (in the photo) and the soon to be 7 whos sitting beside me as I type.
Her name means giver of joy and bringer of light. The light that she has been in my life. The light that the Lord used to show me the path to True Life.
This photo from her 1st bday party reminds me of 2 things: 1. How having her has lit up my life, made me want to make things right in my life and be my best for her always. And 2. How God has faithfully provided for us. This first birthday party was a testament of Gods faithful provision to a newly made solo parent at that time.

Its amazing how such small beings have a huge impact in our big adult lives making us truly mature. (Especially women like me who had kids at quite a young age, we cannot deny we were forced to grow up!) And how I have also grown through the years of being your Mummy, Gummy. But like I always say, I will never ever ever have it any other way.
I praise God for you my love. God used you to change me. Having you @gummybites7 changed me. I am my best me because of You.
I hope you see that I give you the best of my time. I decided to stop doing soap operas because I put you first. So I can bring you to school and bring you home myself. When you need me, I drop everything. When you call me, I stop what Im doing. All my Friday nights are reserved for dates with you whether it be out in cafes or on the couch over our favorite series.
I love you Gummy. I cherish every day, every time spent with and for you. I miss you being this little but I love you more now youre bigger.

How do you Momma give your best for your baby? They will forever be our babies no matter how big they grow, right?💗 PS: Its the beach breeze thats getting me all emotional!!!! #AlwaysOurBestForBaby

Let me share a story.

We lost Kean's dad a month before we welcomed Stellar into the world. I couldn't understand why at first but when I finally gave birth to her and a year & 10 months after I think I know why.

Waking up everyday next to my daughter has taught me the real meaning of life and how fleeting it can be. We continue to deal with the fear and pain of losing loved ones everyday. However, my husband and I are determined more than ever to stay alive for our daughter. As a Mother I know I need to take care of myself as well so that I can take care of her the best way I can.

I am proud to say that I'm happiest when I know that I am able to give her the best of me. Heart, Soul, Mind & Body. I pray that I can do so until I'm old and grey. 🙏🏻 Ikaw? How do you provide the best for your baby? I'd love to hear your story.
#Johnsons125 #AlwaysOurBestForBaby #ABCCircle

Her new “duck” face💖
Hi Mommies and Daddies, spreading the word that @johnsonsbabyph is having their Grand Baby Sale! Here are the dates and details:
Feb. 2-4 & Feb. 16-18
1. Get up to 30% off vs. SRP on our favorite Johnson’s baby products on Feb 2-4, Feb 16-18
-Buy X, Get Free Y (Milk+Rice Bath, Milk+Oats Bath) ▫️i. 200mL, 200mL ▫️ii. 500mL, 400mL RF ▫️iii. 1000mL, 600mL RF
-Buy Shiny Drops Shampoo 200mL, Free Hair Band
-Buy 2 Wipes 75s, Get 1 Free
-Soap Family Pack (Tripid: Buy 3, Save PX)
******** Key Supermarkets:
Luzon: Puregold, Robinsons, Landmark, Rustans, Shopwise, Waltermart, MDC, South Star, Watsons, Metro Supermarket, CSI, Ever
Visayas/Mindanao: Gaisano Grand, Gaisano Capital, Metro Gaisano, NCCC

#ABCcircle #Johnsonsbaby #AllForBaby

125 years is a BIG milestone! Congratulations and Happy 125th @johnsonsbabyph !!!💙💖💛 The first shampoo and lotion I remember using as a child was Johnson’s.... that yellow shampoo and that pink lotion on the second row were the ones I kept using or shall I say, were the ones my mom kept buying for me. 😉 As I became a mom myself (a young mom to be exact), the only baby products I knew then was Johnson’s. Fast forward to 5 kids, I still use their products for my kids and myself. 😬💖 What’s even better is, they have more products and variants to choose from. Because they have established a name for themselves, I’m confident that even my grandchildren will be a Johnson’s baby as well! Please watch the video @johnsonsbabyph has prepared for all parents to see, most especially the mommies! Link on my bio. Enjoy watching!💙💖💛 #ABCcircle #johnsonsbaby #AllForBaby

125 years! 🙌🏻 35 years of continued trust on my part! Mula pagkabata hanggang ngayon na Nanay na rin ako i trust @johnsonsbabyph ❤️ They have a special treat for all of us! The Grand Baby Sale is happening this February. Guess what?! Up to 30% off ang favorite products natin. Yehey!

Habang hinihintay niyo yan watch their beautiful 125th anniversary video. Click on my bio! 🙂
#johnsonsbaby #abccircle

HAPPY 125th YEAR @johnsonsbaby !💗 Seeing that pink lotion bottle brought ne back to my childhood and how my Wowa would always make sure to put lotion on my knees and elbows.💗 Thank you for giving us the best care for our babies (me included) for how many generations!💗💗💗 Watch the very eMOMtional video in full. Link on my bio!


This afternoons activity. First it was just Barbie... And then Poppette and Jessicake and Peppamint and Marshamallow... And then..... PATI MUMMY??? I JUST BABATH GUMM!!!! Okay fine anything for you my love!🤣🤣🤣 Anyway greeting @johnsonsbaby happy 125th birthday!!! (If you were a person you wouldve seen 4generations of us using JnJ!💗) @johnsonsbaby is having a GRAND BABY SALE NATIONWIDE!!! As in 30% discount on Feb 2-4 and 16-18!!! Also, you can get a free hair band when you buy a 200ml Shiny Drops bottle! And many many more deals! So head to the Supermarkets okay!!! #johnsonsbaby

Memasuki musim liburan, tentunya mama punya rencana untuk liburan bersama keluarga. Mungkin bagi beberapa mommy ini adalah saat pertama kali liburan dengan si kecil, si traveller kecil ternyata membutuhkan berbagai kebutuhan serta perlengkapan moms! Jangan panik moms! I’m gonna give you some of my personal tips!
Ini ada beberapa Tips yang perlu disiapkan dan direncanakan untuk liburan pertama bersama your Baby:
Pesanlah “baby friendly accomodation!” Yang tidak Akan buat mom bertambah stress. Selalu milih akomodasi yang tepat adalah kunci untuk menikmati liburan.
Buatlah 📝 “LIST OF THINGS TO BRING” dan mulailah mengemas barang beberapa hari sebelum liburan.
PACK SMART untuk bayi dan mom sendiri. Don’t forget to pack your stuff as well - this tends to happen to me a lot btw! Seringkali untuk moms yang pertama kali berlibur bersama bayi terlalu fokus dengan setiap kebutuhan bayi dalam berbagai keadaan dan memastikan tidak ada yang terlupa untuk perlengkapannya, dan kemudian lupa dengan kebutuhan mom... 🤦🏻‍♀️ Last but not least, mommy’s pastikan juga ingin liburan berjalan lancar dan si kecil tidak rewel selama di perjalanan. Memastikan kenyamanan si kecil terjaga sehingga mereka tidak rewel - HOW!? This is my ultimate secret! You see that pink JOHNSONS bottle near the left bottom corner of this picture!? 💕💕💕💕💕 #JohnsonsBlossomBabypowder memiliki tiga aksi ceria - wangi tahan lama, kulit tetep kering, dan kulit si kecil kita tetap segar!
Why I use Johnsons blossom baby powder? Aroma yang wangi dan sejuk telah TERBUKTI MEMPERBAIKI MOOD BAYI! dan mempercepat responnya begitu juga dengan aroma yang familiar dari mom bisa mengurangi stres pada bayi. Selama melakukan rutinitas, gunakan produk dengan aroma yang menenangkan sehingga koneksi Anda dan si kecil lebih cepat terbangun.

Johnson’s Blossom Baby Powder terbukti secara klinis lembut untuk kulit bayi.
JOHNSON’S® baby powder terbuat dari talk murni, memiliki 0% kandungan pewarna & pengawet dengan wangi lembut yang menyegarkan, aman dan nyaman untuk Bayi yang baru lahir.
Trust me Moms as I trust #johnsonsbaby #wangiceriaku

Menjadi seorang ibu menurutku sesuatu yang paling special di dunia, kenapa? Karena proses, cara belajar, menjadi lebih baik, belajar dari anak, dari pengalaman itu yang paling berharga apalagi hadiahnya anak-anak yg baik dan yang sayang sama mama papa nya.

Parenting is a journey!
Pengalaman yang di hadapi sebagai seorang ibu sangatlah banyak, kita bisa belajar dari hari ke hari untuk menjadi lebih baik, seiring berjalannya waktu tentunya akan terbiasa memahami anak anak dan bersiap untuk perjalanan yang masih panjang sampai anak anak tumbuh besar dan dewasa

Tidak ada orang tua yang sempurna!
Orang tua pasti pernah salah, sangat wajar apalagi kita masih proses belajar, aku pun setiap harinya masih belajar dan belajar, jadi jangan takut untuk salah, cari informasi sebanyak mungkin dan belajarlah dari pengalaman

Guru terbaik adalah anak anda!
Orang tua pasti punya cara sendiri untuk memahami anak anak mereka, tetapi dari setiap anak pasti berbeda cara asuh, pola pikir dan kebiasaan setiap anak, jadi jangan takut salah yaa karena setiap anak itu berbeda dan mereka istimewa

Create a memory!
Anak adalah hadiah terindah buat seorang ibu, kasih sayang yang tidak ada batas tentu untuk anak, mulai lah memberikan kasih sayang dengan bonding dengan anak lebih dalam, memeluk, mencium dan bercanda dengannya bisa mengurangi stress pada ibu loh, anak pun mendapat hal positif dari itu, ia akan slalu merasa aman, naman dekat ibu nya, karena momen bersamanya ga akan pernah terulang lagi

Have fun!
Jangan di bawa stress ya, memang mengurus anak tidak mudah, tetapi kita sebagai ibu harus relax dan slalu enjoy dengan rutinitas yg ada, dan me time itu perlu loh di sela2 anak tidur kita bisa melakukan kegiatan yang menurut kita bisa membawa mood happy kembali, jadi yaa di bawa fun aja.. Kita lihat video Johnson’s dgn tema happy mother’s day yuk ❤️ https://www.facebook.com/JohnsonsBabyIndonesia/videos/2081163728784540/

#Johnsonsbaby #ABCcircle #wangiceriaku

Selamat #HariIbu! Tantangan terbesar menjadi Ibu buat aku adalah kalau sudah capek fisik dan batin (alias emosi). Namun walaupun sedang capek dengan keseharian, langsung tenang rasanya saat mencium aroma bayi. Setuju? Melihat anak-anak sedang tertawa cekikikan juga selalu jadi mood booster hari-hari 😍 Kalau mama, momen apa bersama bayi yang paling membuat bahagia? Ohiya cek yuk video Hari Ibu dari #JohnsonsBaby di FB page https://www.facebook.com/JohnsonsBabyIndonesia/videos/2081163728784540/. Ada yang sudah nonton? #ABCcircle #wangiceriaku

GIVEAWAY WINNERS!!!! Here are the 5 winners! As promised, I picked all the winners on Dec. 18 and I had my little assistant with me. 💖💖Congratulations @cayeden_drielle @mariaruthp @honeykochan @mayroseup and @shahaniealpaj 💖💖💖💖💖 ... Please check your IG accounts often because @johnsonsbabyph will get in touch with all of you soon!😘 Thank you again everyone for joining! Till the next!💖😘 #ABCCircle #Johnsonsbaby

Thank you so much abc7 for this wonderful opportunity thank you so much 👊🏼🙏🏼🔤🎦7️⃣💯👏🏼💕✨🐶✨🕊 Keep rocking #daisyandradephotography #tv #artphotography #landscapephotography #naturephotography #photooftheday #art #reporter #California #news #photographer #abc7eyewitness #vistala #thecircle7 #abccircle #blessed #godisgood

Yey!! We won! ❤️ Thank you 💗💋 Repost from @abettinnacarlos using @RepostRegramApp - Congratulations to these Mummies!!!💟💟💟 @johnsonsbabyph will get in touch with you for the shipping your Johnsons Laundry Detergent jars!👍 #ABCCircle

Congratulations to these Mummies!!!💟💟💟 @johnsonsbabyph will get in touch with you for the shipping your Johnsons Laundry Detergent jars!👍 #ABCCircle

i have been a johnsons product user since my ist child and to my 2nd child..now i have my new baby boy, been using the same brand also which is johnsons..it is gentle on the skin and clinically mildness proven..we as moms should really be meticulous when it comes to our baby needs..we should always look for a product that is 100% natural,paraben free and 0% harmful chemicals.. #JBLaundryxChynna

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