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I don't know who I should fear?

Never ending #stairs #abandonedfl

Finals?? I'd rather explore Miami 😎

Link to full video in my bio!

#urbex #urbanexploring #miami #abandonedbuilding #abandonedfl

Another great exploration yesterday with the crew. This is inside the Gulfstream Hotel in Lake Worth. Our first exploration with permission from the owner. @girlswithabandonmentissues #abandonedfl #abandonedplaces #abandoned_junkies #aban


Just a little #flashbackfriday to when miss @c.c_marie and i had our first shoot at my favorite location. I'm also going back out there again today :) #photography #photographer #model #beautiful #love #work #play #create #ig #picoftheday #igers #location #railroad #train #railroadbridge #bridge #abandoned #abandonedfl #teamnikon!#nikon #billydphotography


“Loneliness adds beauty to life. It puts a special burn on sunsets and makes night air smell better.” -Henry Rollins


Where the animals used to show off 😢🦁🐯🦌🐴🦊🐵🐺🦃🐧🦏🐙
#abandoned #abandonedfl #urbex

Abandoned zoo!!! Yass Satan he knew I was gonna be on a film set and blessed me with an abandoned place right next door
#weboughtazoo #abandoned #abandonedfl #urbex

ʀᴜɴ ᴛᴏ ᴛʜᴇ ʜɪʟʟs ↗

Cotton candy sky 🍭🍡🍬 #driftour

ᴡᴀʟᴋɪɴɢ ᴏɴ ᴀ ᴅʀᴇᴀᴍ 😴 📷 @gyp_sea

I want to open up my heart like the ocean, it lit me up. ☁️

#abandonedcouch #abandonedfl ready for pickup.

When I'm out I see you walking. Why don't your eyes see me? Could it be you've found another game to play? What did mama say to me? Yesterday I saw you standing by the river. And weren't those tears that filled your eyes. And all the fish that lay in dirty water dying. Had they got you hypnotized? And yesterday I saw you kissing tiny flowers. But all that lives is born to die. And so I say to you that nothing really matters. And all you do is stand and cry.

I don't know what to say about it. When all you ears have turned away. But now's the time to look and look again at what you see. Is that the way it ought to stay?

That's the way, that's the way it oughtta be. Oh don't you know now, mama said..
That's the way it's gonna stay, yeah.

You can laugh. A spineless laugh. We hope your rules and wisdom choke you. Now we are one in everlasting peace...

This weird abandoned house/ apartment complex I found awhile back. It had a pond. .. Didn't know until I was in it. •

#abandonedfl #kingsabandoned #abandonedhouse abandoned

Wake. From your sleep. The drying of your tears. Today. We escape. We escape.

Pack. And get dressed. Before your father hears us. Before. All hell. Breaks loose.
Breathe. Keep breathing. Don't loose. Your nerve. Breathe. Keep breathing. I can't do this. Alone.

Sing. Us a song. A song to keep us warm. There's such a chill. Such a chill...

Went on an adventure today with my other half. 💓

Tie dye on the highway, see the garlands in your hair. If you're going my way, come along. What a beautiful sky, we just had to stop and stare. See the beautiful colours fill the air. Oh, just the messengers of peace. Oh, do you remember - across the burning years. Sweet smell of the mystery, I recall. Hang me on Miguel - a smile through all my fears. Oh high Olympus, touch our soul.

Tie dye on the highway, the wheels still turn around. Dance to the mariachi, take my hand. Hope springs eternal when laughter's feeling sound. Move in the mystic wasted land. With the messenger of peace and the company of love. All the passion and release, and love from up above. From the desert in my art, where the innocent may love. All the passions they release, and the love from up above. Say you will come back with me...

ᴀᴛᴍᴏsᴘʜᴇʀᴇ ☄

Nobody's fault but mine. Tryin' to raise my soul to light. Have a bible in my home, have a bible in my home. Tryin' to raise my soul to light. And sister she taught me how to read. Sister she taught me how to read. Bible and my soul tonight. Ah, no, no, nobody's fault but mine.

Got a bible in my home. Got a bible in my home. Tryin' to raise my soul to the light. Nobody's fault but mine . Sister she taught me to roll. My sister she taught me to roll. I roll along the line. Nobody's fault but mine. I got a monkey on my back. I gotta monkey on my back, back, back. I'll raise my soul to the light. Nobody's fault but mine.

Send a heartbeat to. The void that cries through you. Relive the pictures that have come to pass. For now we stand alone. The world is lost and blown. And we are flesh and blood disintegrate. With no more to hate.

Is it bright where you are? Have the people changed? Does it make you happy you're so strange? And in your darkest hour. I hold secrets flame. We can watch the world devoured in it's pain...

To the center of the earth. Or anywhere god decides. Full of fever pulling forth. We hear our call as all. To the center of the earth. As if written in. DNA is reaching out. To your frequency. I want to live. Don't want to die. I want to live. I want to try. All in prayer. Prayer in all. All are scared. Scared of all. Black rooms are calling. To men in leather coats. White labs are cooking up the silver ghost. The glass migrates under her translucent skin. And all the spiders wonder what we've got us in.

So beats the final coda. Of a vintl storm. One more cherry cola to lift up her dead arms. A dream of sot focus sunsets filters thru the din. We are losing contact as she dials it in. She can hear glass calling. Or is it someone that looks like him. She eyes tv reflection and nods a knowing look She says it doesn't matter. She never liked her looks. I have seen a thousand fractures. I have seen everything. Cause knowing is it's own answer. Love something in a book. There's not much left to ponder. Not much left to cook. As she counted the spiders. As they crawled up inside her. As she counted the spiders. As they crawled up inside her...

I got you. But it's the craving for the good life. That sees me through trouble times. When my mind begins to wander to the spoon. And I got you. Because you're there to bend and nurture me through these. Troubled times. Cause the fix begins to twist my troubled mind. I got you. But it's the feeling that I get when you're away. Twist my mind cause when I'm alone and cold, I fell like dying. And I got you to fill the craving that I get inside my mind. When you're there to fill the space I have inside, I feel like crying.

And I got you to paint the sorrow on my day. And I got you to paint the roses on my grave.

ғᴇᴇᴛ ᴅᴏɴ·ᴛ ғᴀɪʟ ᴍᴇ 💨

You make a godly servant. Protect your bible between your knees. Baby I won't mind, let me play with it. I don't mind, run away with it. The funeral party favorite. I'm the ghost in the human shape. Baby I don't mind if you play with me. I don't mind, run away with me.

We'll drink from the waves and feel our souls. Fall asleep on the graves and seal our souls. Get drunk on the waves, reveal our souls. Fall asleep on the graves and seal our souls.

She moves through the mountains and down to the sea. She sings in celebration with her piper for me. She's leading the man who's beating the drum. Love is all around her on the road to the sun. Round, round, moving me round. Round, round the air. She's lost in conversation with the birds of the air. She's trading information in a world without fear. She's fixing up a potion made of laughter and love. And I will follow the enchanter on the road to the sun. Round, round, moving me round Round, round, again.
Oh that the stars will light my way. Oh as my tides dance the ebb and sway. She's studying the planets and she's searching for signs. Her eyes promise mystery and her treasure to find. She's mixing my emotions it's so easily done. In a league with the enchanter on the road to the sun.

Everyone's shit stinks, and if you think you're exempt from that, you haven't been inspecting your bowel movements close enough 💩
#abandonedearth #abandonedplaces #urbex #urbexworld #urbexlady #abandonedafterdark #staydangerous #abandonedfl #decayporn #abandonment_issues #urbanexploring #shitty

I get so scared inside, and I don't really understand. Is it love that's on my mind, or is it fantasy? Heaven, is in the palm of my hand, and it's waiting here for you. What am I supposed to do with a childhood tragedy? Sometimes, it's hard to hold on. So hard to hold on to my dreams. It isn't always what it seems. When you're face to face with me. You're like a dagger. And stick me in the heart. And taste the blood from my blade.

And when we sleep, would you shelter me. In your warm and darkened grave? Will you ever take me? No, I just can't take the pain. But would you ever trust me? No, I'll never feel the same. I know I've been so hard on you. I know I've told you lies. If I could have just one more wish. I'd wipe the cobwebs from my eyes.
If I close my eyes forever. Will it all remain unchanged? If I close my eyes forever. Will it all remain the same? Close your eyes for me.

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