When you're only (still) rankling a little bit about discovering that you're (apparently) in the "45-54" demographic while you were registering your wristband :p #getoffmylawn #cheapseats #agebeforebeauty #middleagedspinsterlife #summernights #summerconcertseason #summerbeer #bostoncalling #tgif #aarp

@studioelevensalon thank you for the new colors hair by Liz Skin by R+F
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Me Soy Yo


Our Wednesday Presentation is at CJ’s House in Green Valley.
Meet the Sahuarita, Green Valley and Rio Rico Team from 5:30-6:00p and the presentation will start promptly at 6pm.
To RSVP Please call: 520.437.3740 Limited Seating
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Apparently my students think I’m gettin old. #aarp

4 things: Bike, Bleeding Heart, Blazer substitute & Books. Because I’m oftentimes all over the place #braindump I’ll preface with where I’m going 🙃 On the subject of bikes, I love being able to simply put my bike in the back of my Honda FIT and get on my way. I can pick it up, roll it in and turn the wheel - done. Not having to take a wheel off or put a bike rack on is wonderful. Having it with me most of the time is great. This is the first year in many that my Bleeding Heart plant wasn’t damaged by a late frost. It comes up very early, before that last blast of bad weather. I’m not sure how it escaped the damage this year, but I’ll speculate that it may be because winter’s final hurrah was a snowy mess instead of an icy mess. This “Express creamweight cotton”, elbow length jacket/sweater/thing was a fluke find that I almost passed up. So glad I didn’t, because it is the perfect substitute for a work blazer. It will be my work uniform until cold weather returns. I love finding those perfect pieces that work with your wardrobe. Especially at the Salvation Army for $4.99 - 25% because it was ladies night, and I am such a lady 😉 Last, on the subject of books ... I want a couple that I’m really torn on buying and reading in-hand, or on my iPad. What do you do? Does it depend on the book?
Here’s to the weekend of remembrance. First official start to summer here in Michigan. The lakes open tomorrow and the line of traffic heading to 23 going north was heavier #lakesofmichigan The music festival is happening downtown #detroitelectronicmusicfestival and I’ve got some biking, eating, sipping🍷 and total relaxation plans happening. I kicked off the weekend with ice coffee at the outdoor cafe, followed by a stroll around town eating an ice cream cone quickly before it melted #89degreestoday #guernseyfarmsdairy #lemoncustard (forever my favorite), all the while talking our heads off. I love getting together with people who talk non-stop. Well, who only stop long enough to listen to me talk non-stop 😊 Connecting with people totally energizes me. That’s my plan for the weekend - staying connected. #peopleperson #bikemichigan #lovemyhondafit #bleedingheartplant

What a pleasure getting to vaporize inside legally at @theharvestshops in #sanfrancisco , I also stumbled into am excellent presentation by Tali from #Dossist who was teaching senior citizens about cannabis use and replacing dangerous pharmaceutical drugs. Senior citizens are often the last to try cannabis, despite the benefits it could provide them, including a path off cocktails of dangerous pharmaceutical drugs. If you haven't talked to a senior citizen about cannabis yet, please do your part. ✌ #California #marijuana #cannabis #legalmarijuana #medicine #freedom #health #AARP

#AARP expresses its thanks and appreciation to @northcentralcollege for hosting the #AARP~#NPR state budget forum at the new Wentz Science Center. #enoughisenough #becentral #FinishTheJob

You'll never meet my mom, strings will never be attached, we'll always get along 'cause it doesn't have to last and anytime I call you, you don't have to call me back, I'm never gonna fall, but I'm never hard to catch. She said she's cool with it, she's down with it, there's nothing wrong with it 'cause its easier this way. She's so cool with it, she's down with it, there's nothing wrong with it, don't want it any other way. It's just your typical hardcore casual sex, we're single, but we're lovers, crazy for each other. Just your typical hardcore casual sex, we're wild under the covers crazy for each other.
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Pizza Hut.⠀

Family Friendly Score: 62⠀

Pizza was becoming a trend in American culture in the 1950’s, and two brothers from Kansas decided to get in on the action. Dan & Frank Carney chose to borrow $600 from their mom and open up a pizza place in town. They took an abandoned building to which they felt looked more like a hut and the first Pizza Hut was born. They focused on local college students at Wichita State. They continued to learn and grow as they went before selling the successful chain in 1977.⠀

Participating locations offer kids eat free special on Tuesdays but the family benefits don’t go much beyond that. In doing research, it appears you have a 50/50 chance of getting a military discount, depending on your location and there are no resources online for a senior discount. Consumer Reports just issued them a D+ rating on their food quality and transparency leaving you with even more reasons to try one of the other hundred pizza options you have out there besides this one.

Don't do today, what you can put off for forever!


Venha você também participar da caminhada socioambiental onde o intuito é compartilhar e explorar nossos recursos naturais de forma educativa.
Um ato de consciência, saúde e qualidade de vida!!🌱🌳🌍#AARP #meioambiente #mundoverde #Cachoeira #Pensamentoconsciente #amigosdorio #cuidar #natureza #planeta #bahia #rioparaguaçu

After a busy day of sightseeing, what could be better than a cappuccino on a lovely Piazza in Rome? #travelandleisure #fodors #unitedairlines #italy🇮🇹 #turkishairlines #adventuretravel #travelblogger #cappuccino #aarptravel #aarp

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