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Dravidagram awaits the return of its queen! #Aarambh, This Sat-Sun at 9pm.

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Watch my mom now on #aarambh @starplus ! 9pm! Looking so amazing ! Love love love ❀️ 😍

On the set of #Aarambh serial ....tv series from the makers of bahubali

A princess takes the throne! #aarambh #subhaarambh #devsena

Gulaal is rebellious, revolutionary and clever in storytelling and direction.

This movie touched my soul. It's an ocean of learning. In this movie Anurag Kashyap is so clever in using symbols to tell us the situation of the "world" we live in. Yes, right, "world" we live in. You can compare this movie with any high end Hollywood-Blockbuster.
The major storyline of Gulaal is about Rajputana. You really can't ignore this fact coz throughout the movie you are confronted with their rich history, culture, sacrifice and how they got betrayed.
Get your tickets for tomorrow's screening! Link in my bio ⬆️ @1018mb .
Movie: #Gulaal Directed by: @anuragkashyap10 Song: #Aarambh Lyrics: #piyushmishra .
"Today, is the time for war, uproar. It’s either our pride or life that’s going to be sacrificed. At the mercy of the bow and the arrow." - Aarambh is a call for war for the ones who are willing to protect their honour and pride. It is embracing violence in victory and suggests killing and being killed is part of the bigger cause. The entire song refers to Rajputs going to war as a metaphor for an uprising and change.- TRIVIA- Anurag Kashyap was watching Guru Dutt’s movie Pyaasa when he was inspired to make Gulaal. The movie pays homage to some of the greatest Urdu and Hindi poets like Sahir Ludhianvi, Faiz Ahmad, Ghalib and various others.


2nd #happy #birthday #day
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Shiv meets Jaldev! Hope you are loving both the shows..Keep watching Eaab & Aarambh only on Star Plus!πŸ’ͺπŸ˜ŽπŸ€™
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