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Полностью измениться не может никто, но стать лучше может каждый 🌒

Welcome to Hartford! Look who I had on my flight to Connecticut! LA Lakers Legend James Worthy! 🏀 Not to mention musical ICON William "Smokey" Robinson. Truly a pleasure to serve them in First Class on American Airlines... "The World's Largest Airline". ✈️. 😉 #ijs #ambassadorforHim #aalife But now I have to hop back on a flight to LA, to be at Little Company of Mary Medical Center, when he comes out of surgery. Really tired, but I promised him 🤷🏾‍♂️.

Starting my 2016 like I gotta wake up and go get it. ain't nobody gonna do it for you. #LiveLife #AALife #CaliLife #coastin

My two favorite AA'rs

I know there's more to see. Can't wait to be back, Shanghai! 🇨🇳😍 #ChinaForTheWeekend #trAAveler #AALife


Let's all welcome Beatriz Bernandino! She is the Executive of Student Relations for Fall 2017.
In Spring 2017, she was the Director of Student Activities. Her goal is to help other students become aware of the various professional and social events, and leadership opportunities available. In her free time, she plays guitar, basketball, and billiards. 🎱
Learn more about Beatriz on our website (Link in bio)

Once again, hello all! You were just introduced to Ryan Tan our Executive Coordinator!
We are approaching the end of our executive introductions. Up next is our final introduction, Beatriz Bernandino, Executive of Student Relations. #csunaa

Let's all welcome Ryan Tan! He is the Executive Coordinator for Fall 2017.
Ryan was the Director of Firm Tours in Fall 2016 and Director of Awards Banquet in Spring 2017. He aims to be a friendly and welcoming executive, and to always be available when new or existing members need advice. During his free time, he enjoys fixing cars, lifting weights, and coffee brewing. 🍗
Learn more about Ryan on our website (Link in bio)

Let's all welcome Fatima Batool! She is the Executive Administrator for Fall 2017.
Fatima was the Director of Monday Meetings in Spring 2017. Her dedication for AA increased through the organization's ability to show appreciation for a member's involvement. With the support of my peers and co-directors, Fatima became Fall 2016 "Best Member" and Spring 2017 "Best Director". After school, she tends to her henna and makeup clients to hone her creativity. 💅🏼
Learn more about Fatima on our website (Link in bio)

Hello everyone! You were just introduced to Fatima Quintero, our treasurer!
From one Fatima to the other, we are introducing Executive Administrator Fatima Batool next! #csunaa

Let's all welcome Fatima Quintero! She is the Treasurer for AA for Fall 2017.
Fatima was a Director of Firm Tours in Spring 2017. The support, resources, and meaningful relationships she received from AA led her to give back to the AA community by pursuing an executive position. Fatima also enjoys watching Disney movies and hiking with her dog, Charlie. 🐶
Learn more about Fatima on our website (Link in bio)

Let's all welcome Chris Mazourek! He is the Executive Controller for AA for Fall 2017.
Chris was a Director of Student Development in Spring 2016 and a Director of Meet the Firms in Fall 2016. As the controller, Chris wants to give back to AA for all that was given to him. Outside of school and work, Chris hikes, camps, and plays volleyball or soccer. 🏕🏐
Learn more about Chris on our website (Link in bio)

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