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throwback with these two. esto n muñeco 💯💯 #Homies #BusseWoods #Bville #aaddison @esto21

LIVE painting at Pride fest 2016!
The piece will be raffled off tonight. Thanks to all who entered to win.
@thesurrealrabbit will draw names TONIGHT!!! May the odds be ever in your favor!
@northalsted #ourstory #aaddison #chicagoartist #chicagopride #maytheoddsbeeverinyourfavor

I did a little bit of cosmetic surgery to my D, just in case.
They're very protective of all their fonts and trademarks. Rightfully so.
I think she's still awesome 😊
#disney #disneyart #aaddison #wecandoit

Painting the roses red in our new studio.
Maybe I won't sleep.
Maybe I'll magically finish everything I'm supposed to this week?
It's worth it!
#thesurrealrabbit #curiousartparty
#aaddison #mural #likeagirl

Inspired by my art soulmate, @vampkira_art and Edgar Allen Poe. ♡ "The Raven" will be on display and available for purchase during the Sketchmas Art Show at @pilsenoutpost opening this Friday.
Come gotchya sum!
#edgarallenpoe #raven #aaddison

I'll sleep when I'm dead. Finishing Aries and the Raven for our April 7th art show at @thesurrealrabbit .
#aaddison #ramskull #skull

I love my new Frida bag, Frida earrings, Pilsen Tee and Frida print! #pilsenmade #pilsen #adrianarivera #yesicamorfin #aaddison

She hasn't decided if this bag is for her, or her sister. But what she DOES know, is she loves this bull skull!
Thank you for loving my art ♡♡
#aaddison #bullskull #turquoise #skullart

Another skull in the works. Can you guess the team?
Hint: It's not a Snitch or a Pokéball.
#aaddison #workinprogress #skull #skullart #red


Ring of the day is a festive fall colored Vintage garnet cluster, from @PilsenVintageChicago .
It reminds me of these piles and clusters of red leaves, in more hues of red than I could ever find in a store. More gradients than I can mix. 😍

This #kintsugi skull needs a few coats of obnoxiously bright, fresh white before I can start painting on my the design. Now that all (read: most of) the pieces are glued back together, It's ready.
Originally with layers of bone and brown, to look aged, That's not going to work for my vision.

I can't decide if I want "A Fleeting Moment" as a throw pillow, or a soft blanket. It's fun the way each of my paintings translates onto such different swag items ♡ Available on my Society6 page --> Society6.com/aaddison

Finishing the kitchen before dark, today. The ombre fade was finished last month, but it was stillllllll in need of a little bit extra. Metallic stars, to the rescue!

I want to paint a skull covered in dead leaves. And when people say that skulls are "kinda creepy", I can say that some people think dead leaves are kinda creepy.... 😂

I'm thrilled at the way my Dia de los Muertos Bi-Plane translates into swag. I think I'll take a travel mug! How about you? --> shop now: Society6.com/aaddison


Who has 8 arms, and is going to a new home?
This guy 🐙

Stay tuned for more hand-painted skulls, or purchase a "Custom Skull" on my etsy, to design your own. (Link in bio)
Please leave two weeks for me to design, paint and seal it, if you're buying as a gift.

I keep hearing variations of this question-- Why don't you have these tentacles on a canvas?
The truth is, I do!
But I didn't like it as much, so I didn't finish it.
There was something TOO flat about the canvas version of tentacles. Compared to the skull, it almost seemed dull and uneventful on a canvas.
I absolutely LOVE that the paintings I do on skulls can be rolled around in your hands and seen from so many angels. I like turning them from side to side and seeing a new detail every time. They take me longer to create, they are more complicated to work with, and I have to plan them more strategically, to in corporate teeth and curves and cracks, but that's part of the fun of it! They have dimension!

I don't know how to be anything other than extra.

I can't wait to see the pro photos of this piece. The prints usually show such a fantastic level of detail in the wood grain. And since I put so much into preserving the natural beauty of the wood, and ensuring that the grain is part of the design, it makes me happy to honor it even in the reproductions.

I love this tentacle skull so much, I don't want it to go!
But alas, there is more art to be made and loved. Tomorrow is a new day!
It's been licked 👅 (AKA reserved)
but thanks for following the progress and loving these 8 ooey gooey arms 🤘 (Music by Bleeker)

The donest of the done.
This Dia de los Muertos Baby Bi-Plane commission has been varnished.
It's time to be photographed, and then shipped to Florida ♡ to be loved forever more.
Thank you, sweet art patron, for the opportunity to create such a fun and colorful piece for your family :-)

Because I have to be at least slightly anatomically correct or I will lose my mind..... The tentacles all have to have a texture. And be "slimy". THEN I can seal it and walk away! #ocdproblems

The "BEFORE" video. Just a skull jug, in need of lovin'. @Regranned from @a.addison - Tentacles!
Partially inspired by our #kraken themed bathroom at home, and partially inspired by the #murakami exhibit at @mcachicago , #theoctopuseatsitsownleg . These tentacles appear to be wrapping around this skull.
Finish product revealed this weekend at the three festivals. #skull #skullart #tentacles #octopus #squid #sunkenship #aaddison #workinprogress - #regrann

The tentacles are painted to look like the kraken is coming out of the jug. And it has a cool cork plug. In case you do fill it with something awesome!

About human skull sized, with copper gold teeth. This skeleton kraken jug has my heart.
I wouldn't recommend actually putting liquids in it, as I saw a few crack as I was painting the nooks and crannies.
It will be on display and for sale, tonight at the Friday the 13th @PinturaObscura art show.

Come see this guy and other monsters, ghouls, demons and nightmares, at the Friday the 13th Obscura art show! .
Friday 13 Oct, 7-10PM
2059 W 18th Street
Chicago .
Art show, Free to the public. With beer and wine. And tarot card readings! #PinturaObscura @pinturaobscura @thesurrealrabbit

Sneak peak at my submission for tomorrow's #PinturaObscura art show at @thesurrealrabbit .
Stop in from 7pm-10pm for a dark and whimsical exhibition of dreams and nightmares 👹 and beer! 🍻

**UPDATE!** I have only one, left. Lol. Wait to jump on that one, you guys!!!
. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .
#TBT to custom skulls. I only have a handful of blanks left.
You can order on my etsy, or message me.
Give me two weeks per skull, please. Designing how to cover your skull, and which logos or designs will fit will take a few days of back and forth conversation. No idea is too weird! I only have a handful left, and then these are gone forever. The company stopped making this size with the smooth paintable surface.
Fear not, I have a backup plan, once these are gone.

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