This 11.c was my very veryyyyy close to finished project before my accident. Today I got it clean on TR second go after I figured out how to leave my right foot out of the crux. I feel so strong, just not my ankle! How do I know when to start saying fuck it and just climb what I feel like?

My friends Erika and Tan summiting the iconic Eichorn Pinnacle in Tuolumne.
(The weird line on the upper right is highline webbing that’s being setup. Swipe to see video of the highline fully setup and being sent.)
A couple weeks ago, I climbed Cathedral Peak. This was my second time and my buddy Tan’s eighth time. He tries to climb it every year and take some people who have never climbed it before with him.
The first seven times, Tan never summited Cathedral with enough time to climb Eichorn. But this year, he simul-climbed with Erika and they cruised it with plenty of time for Eichorn.
But as he and Erika waited their turn to climb up Eichorn (along with @chrisburkard and @tedhesser btw) there was a dad belaying his daughter from above and the daughter was scared LIFELESS.
Not an exaggeration.
Long story short, the dad took his daughter climbing for the first time on a harder climb that’s very exposed and she was wearing TENNIS SHOES 🤦🏻‍♂️
So, after about two hours, Tan literally saved the girl’s life, told the dad he’s an idiot (not really), and got the summit he’d been patiently waiting for.
The end.

Renaissance man:
'A person with many talents or areas of knowledge'
I'd like to consider myself a bit of one, when it comes to climbing, as I enjoy all forms.
Though, there is always room for more.
Roof climbing proves challenging for me as I have more technique than strength.
I will feel fluent in the language of "roof climbing", one day! 📸 @tc.bukowski

Another shot from last week during @climbersfestival. There was a clinic at a beautiful yoga studio (@bhava_shala) in Lander. @livelightly_ talked about how fast we can make decisions on the wall (or other stressful situations) in accordance with meditation.
For me, climbing is meditation.

Throwback to the best try hard face of @team__beta's Black Mountain trip! 💪😬

The Smith // 05
Jules @juliannalyle last burn of the day on Last Waltz

@gisellewanders gets ready to rappel off an obscure backcountry summit with majestic Mount Humphreys guarding and protecting. We had bigger goals for this trip, but unfortunately those didn’t pan out. As a consolation prize, we spent the day exploring a trio of wicked towers dotting a random 13,000-ft sawtoothed ridge. Once again the High Sierra delivered with sunny skies and impeccable granite! — 📷: [2] Me swimming through a sea of knobs and splitters on the 2nd pitch of Chex Mix (5.7, 300’). [3] Giselle clings to the precipitous summit block of the South Tower, following the 5.8R sequence (this was a sphincter-puckering lead, I’ll tell ya). [4] Giselle waves from the top of the North Tower after leading the 5.4 summit pitch of Chex Mix (5.7, 300’). [5] Alpenglowing Giselle follows the summit pitch of South Tower (5.8). [6] Giselle cruises the easy golden slabs at the top of the 2nd pitch of The Devil Wears Plaid (5.10b, 400’). [7] Find the Giselle belaying me to the top of the first pitch of The Devil Wears Plaid (5.10b, 400’), with delicious steep stone beckoning from above.

Just got back from a sweet 7-day trip to the #windriverrange with @lizzyvanpatten. Climbed hard, got scared, learned TONS and actual climbing pics and trip report are forthcoming but for now, here’s how my legs felt about the trip. 🙊 #flashfoxy #tradisrad #winds #alpineclimbing #outdoorwomen

Summit silliness on Grand Teton (13,770). Complete Exum, huge 17 hour day ⛰🏃🏻‍♂️🧗🏻‍♂️💃🍺 Can’t believe it’s been 11 years since my last trip here, life moves so fast!

#grandteton #beastmode #workinovertime #killinit #tetons #wyoming #mountaineering #aacgram #outwestisbest

Another one from the wedding. Suits suit 😁🤘🏻😜 La family❤️
In order: @miguel_chupon @antoniopp21 @indarxu @olallar9 great times
#suit #suits #wedding #brothers #brotherhood #aacgram #climbing #tomorrow #fit #nofilter #picture #posing #picture_to_keep #madrid #spain

Last night we spent the evening at the Watzmannhaus (last pic), and today we summited Watzmann. Watzmann is a collection of 3 peaks: Hocheck, Mittelspitze, and Südsptize with Mittelspitze being the tallest by a meter. Watzmannhaus delivered excellent sunsets, and the climb had some gnarly exposure. According to our new friend Alex, it wasn't part of the "normal" European tour. .
#aacgram #optoutside #wereouthere #Germany #mountainhardwear

It's been a rough summer

What drives you? 🍻 to the dirty thirty! 📷s @nervousone
Pic 2- Warning to the easily queasy #skinabusespecialist

runouts & flared liebacks… #tbt to Jul ‘16: a fun morning following crack systems at the Bookend with Ally… 🏞🧗‍♀️🤘😎 #summer #climbing #lumpyridge #colorado

Home from almost seven weeks on the road. I think I missed one day, but here’s our trip in seconds.
Thank you again to @americanalpine for awarding us a Live Your Dream Grant!

@sam_roehrich catching fire and air on The Spark, 5.13 c/d, Celebrity Cave, The Dry Canyon, Cochise County, Arizona. It’s been over a year since I was last out with Sam and the progress he’s showing is nothing short of amazing. I’ve always admired Sam’s systematic and dedicated approach to projecting hard boulder problems through to the send even if it takes months or years and it’s great to see him tackle sport climbing with the same gusto. It’s definitely serving him well. Go get it Sam!
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