When you need your tortoise to stop pacing but he hasn’t realized he can come out yet, you give him a trail of flowers!

Keeping Dexter cool on this hot day! I like to spray him down as many times as I can, put water into his burrow, and spray his food.

I think the big guy is glad I’m back. The first thing I like to do when I’m back from a trip is soak him for as long as he wants. Then, he gets to eat the grass that grew really well while I was gone!

A day in the sun 🌄


Climbing that mountain of lettuce #getitallinmymouth #leaflyfe #getyourgreensin

A question I am often asked “Don’t tortoises live a really long time?”- answer: watch this video. I guess this is the quickest way to get food into his mouth. As a side note, and the main reason for getting this video, one way to introduce a new and very important portion of your sulcatas diet to hay. Add a little over a food they really like. Slowly add more and more and they are forced to eat it like you see in the video. For babies, you can cut whatever you’re trying to introduce up into small pieces over food they enjoy. It’s like hiding those ever so undesirable vegetables in food for your kids!

Handmade item - Black and brown tortoise acrylic beaded keychain. Use it as a keychain, attach it to a backpack or rear view mirror. It also looks awesome as a handbag/purse charm or zipper pull.

Makes a great gift for daughter's, mother's, wife's, sister's, friends, girlfriend's, Mother's Day, and Birthdays.

Approximately 4" long


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I just wanted to let everyone know that I won’t be posting for a little over a week because I’ll be on a missions trip. My wife and I will be traveling to Haiti 😀. We are very lucky that God has given us this privilege to help and feel blessed by the Haitian people we will be visiting. My next door neighbor will be taking care of the house and the animals, among many other friends/family members watching over the house. Has anyone every traveled to Haiti? Or are you from there?!

Dexter was on the prowl this afternoon. Sound on!!🗣🔈

Rose of Sharon (hibiscus) leaves and flowers are good for your reptiles! If you know someone with them, ask if you can trim them up for them 😉 then you have food!

The weather is going to be beautiful for the next week here in California. Get your animals out for some sun!! They will appreciate it. Swipe to see SOME of the benefits that the sun provides.

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