twenty one. human kisser. october baby. hufflepuff. trips over anything. goofball. kinda sensitive. dramatic. claims he can do a british accent but miserably fails. worry’s too much. apple juice enthusiast. very persistent. hopeless romantic. can hardly spell. mentally married to lily james. sings in the shower. lover of oreos, the 100 and his lovely friends. very lazy. 5’9. puppy stealer. softie. loves meeting new people. {like + comment x3 for a tbh} #openrp

julia’s thoughts & feelings.

without a mention
Heyyy bitches!! It's Asia whateva you wanna call me, I'm 5'1, I'm lit asf, I love cute nick names like babygirl cutiepie etc, I love dancing. if some one has a problem with me don't be fake just tell me Ight? I have no friends like Bella and London are my only friends . comment yo recent emoji for a r8 and a dm :)

[ your wifey say im lookin' like a whole snack ]

Goodnight everyone! Feel free to comment or message me if you want to and I'll reply as soon as I wake up

who knew evil girls had the prettiest face?

permanent post for my favorite gal. <33 @sunshjnebb

I’m very bored

how many nights does it takes to count the stars that's the time it'll take to fix my heart oh baby I was there for you all I ever wanted was the truth

permanent post for my number one babe. <33 @gay4juls

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i love my adorable boyfriend endlessly 💘💗💓💖

{temp intro} alissa violet, can legally drink in america, is a softie, likes kai and memes. dislikes things that aren’t Kai and memes. hmu if you want a girl that can drink you under the table or don’t?

[ tryna fuck me, im like okay. ]

[ cmt y/n lbl for tbh ]
nagisa harumi 🦑
harumi. nineteen. pansexual. taken. slytherin. arab-korean. hp friends gc. hes a dumb child. draco malfoy enthusiast. loves his friends and would love some more.

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