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Had the pleasure of shooting this wonderful duo (soon to be trio) this weekend. It’s always important to capture these moments in life with the one/ones you love the most. I’m glad you allowed me to be a part of it 🙌🏾 #newparents #couples #family #familyphotography #maternityphotography

Way back! Our first family photo shoot #youngparents #soclueless #2007

| oh you ♡


"I really need a day between Saturday and Sunday". . Who here agrees?🙋 . .
For us it means Willy's home,routines are off,maybe too many treats?🙈🙋. .
I love my weekends but I must say,I also love my Mondays🤷.
New start to a new week, usually we think about what we all wanna get done the following week on Sunday night and we are all pumped to conquer that list then...then what? Something happens......even the smallest thing and we throw it all out the window,one bad day and we think our life is so hard,or so unfair. .
So often we start our journey and the path looks so open and free,we know exactly the direction we need to go or if not we at least have a map with the most clear instructions,it looks so hopeful and you can't wait to reach your pot of gold,as the days/weeks go on you notice the path getting more narrow,small obstacles in your path but you're still somewhat pumped about ur hunt so you just get through it and go on,slowly the obstacles get more challenging and your tired so you start to doubt... .
We start to question ourselves, are we worth this? What's the point? The point is that you ARE worth it and you have come this far to what?..Quit?? .
Second guessing is like human nature to us,I get that. But that one time you took the wrong turn and someone randomly showed up on your path to offer you help,did you turn it down? Or did you accept it and risked everything you had for this complete stranger to lead you on a new path? .
If you turned it down,would you always think,what if? What if you never saw her again? What if she was your only chance to get back on the right track to your destination? .
If it's in your mind put it in your heart and make it happen,ask for help,ask for advice,it doesn't make you look weak if anything it makes you look stronger,strong because you were strong enough to realize you couldn't do it alone so you searched for help♥️. .
"Behind me is infinite power,before me is endless possibility,around me is boundless opportunity"

So if you haven’t noticed because of the name change yet, @narratiophile and I are dedicating my account completely to family and family related posts, because it is 90% of what we post anyway 👨‍👩‍👧 In case you’re not into that kind of thing you have been warned, for those that still wanna stay in touch/follow us and our little family not much will change 🖖
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Его жизнь только начинается .... а впереди ещё огого✨ детский сад и первый класс, первая любовь 💕 , взлёты и падения, смех и слезы и мы никак не поверим, что это наш маленький человек 👼🏻- наш стимул и наша самая большая мотивация 🙌🏻 #youngmom #youngparents #myson #myhappy #love

This man is my support system and I am his. It amazes me the life we’ve built together, not a thing has been handed to us and bc we were so young a lot of times we’ve had to hustle twice (read 10 x) as hard to reach our goals. It hasn’t always been easy, in fact we’ve had to overcome so so much—but it has always been us, together as a team, and it’s certainly ALL been worth it! Our last big, life changing goal is here (the beginning of the end starts tomorrow) and we’re ready once again to get ‘er done. 💪🏻#100 #otherhalf #dreamteam #bonnieandclyde #usagainsttheworld #letsgooo

Yep ☝️

Just a perfect #Sunday ☀️🌊👌

Soo.. der tollste Ehemann hier bringt grade die kleine ins Bett und ich darf gammeln und mir fragen für die Fragerunde ab 20Uhr überlegen.. heute war wirklich schön! Auch wenn ich unseren Besuch soo vermisse😪 wir haben uns heute um das Grab von Manou und Olivers Opa gekümmert, waren lange spazieren, kurz bei beiden Omis und haben gespielt, gespielt, gespielt ❤️ jetzt dann schauen wir unseren Film fertig und ich mache nebenher die Runde und dann kuuuscheln 💏 der Typ auf dem Bild hier ist übrigens der Richtige für mich. Ich mein, ich weiß das schon lange aber er ist es nach wie vor 🤷🏻‍♀️ ich denke es ist wichtig das immer mal wieder zu sagen! Ich liebe ihn einfach.
Er hat übrigens kein Instagram, weil so viele fragen💙
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My companion and and best friend, I’m honored to be on this journey with her... I love her sooo much and can’t to see where we go in life together. She’s been an amazing wife and I already see she’s going to be an amazing mom to our little girl!

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14years ago I was ready to give life to a handsome boy! 😍😍❤️❤️ love my baby you can always count with your momma for anything I’ll always be here for you 😘😘 .

Good friends and a chill weekend refreshes the soul 💕

I don’t know about you, but shutting down and going into chill 🧘‍♀️ mode is difficult for me. This place and these people make it easier for me to do. Feeling blessed to have both in my life.
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