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You guys. I just got my first paycheck from Young Living. They paid me for loving their products and wanting to share that love. How amazing is that!? I’d share these products even if I didn’t get paid! This is going to be such a blessing in my life. 😍😭

Frankincense essential oil (Boswellia carterii) has a broad range of uses, from enhancing spiritual and meditative practice to use in beauty routines. Frankincense has an earthy, uplifting aroma that’s perfect for grounding and spiritual connectedness. Create a safe and comforting environment by diffusing this oil’s empowering aroma, particularly when you are seeking purpose or engaged in prayer or meditation.
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Lemon 15ml RM52.80 (Save RM 13.20), .
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Thieves 15ml RM161.20 (Save RM40.30), .
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We like to use every single drop we can from our oils and not waste anything. So... we put our empty bottles in a Mason jar and fill it up with Epsom salts. Give it some good shakes and leave it for a few days. Shake it up throughout the few days. The salts absorb every last drop of oil and then bath time! Such a great gift idea ! Then we boil our bottles and clean them and they are ready to be reused for samples ! I wish everyone could smell these! Rc smells like men's cologne and is the BEST for sick little ones for their bath. #epsomsaltbath #younglivingessentialoils #reuse #recycle #essentialoilbottles

Y’all!!! This is awesome. My amazing wife had the opportunity to be on an awesome health and wellness centered podcast. Go check it out!! Healing Uncensored podcast, episode 37. Check it out!
#Repost @worthitwellness
⭐️ Podcast Alert ⭐️
I had the great honor and privilege to be on my sweet friend @autoimmunetribe podcast. We talked food fear in restrictive eating. Check out Healing Uncensored on all podcast platforms.
And after you're done listening to me you should take a listen to Sarah's other episodes. She has a wealth of knowledge to offer and I learn from her all the time. Doesn't hurt that Sarah is a beautiful soul that I just adore. 🦄

Clearing my airways / smelling sooo fine. This lil’ dude is filled with raven, peppermint, & lemon.

This roller in particular has been my saving grace for stress & anxiety. In it is: stress away, frankincense & lavender. You can find me putting this on my wrists and over my heart like 12 times a day hahah ♡

“Redeemed Redwood” because firstly, I’m from the pacific northwest and my heart lies deep in the mountains, waterfalls, and redwoods that call this magical place home too. And secondly, I’ve lived a life clutched by fear. It’s something I battle every single day. After having been on medication and seeing the numbness it leaves you with, I thought there would never be anything that shed some of the burden anxiety places on you. But who would have guessed it, the same earth I love provides natural remedies just for me to help calm and ease my heart. I’ve never felt a breakthrough like this until using essential oils. After finally finding something to help nurture my anxiety after years of thinking it was hopeless, that is enough to make me wanna shout it from the mountains. I believe your redemption is right here waiting for you too. ♥︎

These two are already making a difference to our lives. 2 nights in a row of noticeably improved sleeping and helping with some big emotions yesterday! They smell so beautiful that they are a treat to roll on. We make sure we do it with care and appreciate how special they are. Made with love by @earth.blended
For a discount use the code earthblended10 -
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Diy Hair mask
2 tbls of coconut oil
Melt that up on stove on low
Let cool
3-5 drops of lavender
oils (Lavender smells lovely and soothes, nourishes and conditions the scalp while also offering relaxation properties to the mind
3-5 drops Rosemary
Rosemary is packed with antioxidants and is the premier hair growth enhancing oil, also stimulates blood flow to the scalp and helps with thinning and greying)
Massage through Hair and scalp and leave on for an hour.
Wash hair as normal #hairmask #younglivingessentialoils #hairgrowthtips

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Lemongrass 15ml
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I am great for
• Immune Health
• Circulation
• Purifying
• Joints
• Uplifting Mood
• Keeping insects away
• Energy Cleansing
Quickly grab it before it’s gone, only for a day. Act Now‼️ DM me now to purchase yours
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I get really a really itchy nose this time of year because of hay fever.
A really simple and effective way to stop the itching is a drop of lavender up each nostril. Itching stops nearly straight away 👏🏽

This little guy enjoys his ningxia red wolf berries in his new wolf glass from our trip to Michigan! #ningxiared #wolfberries #michigan #younglivingessentialoils

20% less uollss!😍 YL buat sale utk 5 most popular eo utk 1 HARI SAHAJA!
Hari ini 23 oct 18
Yang nak grab promo untuk penjimatan hebat ni, whatsapp Aniz 0129075940 hari ini saje ya..😚

Who’s looking for a little bit of magic this Monday night? 💞Add 15 drops Valor with 15 drops JOY into a 5ml roller.

Valor: relieves pain, boosts courage, soothes anxiety, and alleviates stress.
Joy: aides calm + cheer! & smells amazing. #essentiallyjoy

Last minute stocking stuffers for the 3 oily kids!
1 oz of distilled water
1oz which hazel
And 20-30 drops of your favourite oils
We always love
Cedar wood
And our new one
The kids love it and it’s always a part of our bedtime routine
#stockingstuffers #younglivingessentialoils ##sleepyspray #pillowspray

I’ve always been what I call a “functional” essential oil user.
But this month, I decided to partner with the oils in a much more emotional/spiritual way... to help me rediscover my passion.
I was a bit nervous about it, i’m not gonna lie. I trust the oils implicitly when it comes to physical health... and even emotional health... but I’d never attempted this kind of mindset shift with them before. Not with myself at least.
After only a week or so, I feel so much lighter. I feel hopeful... and I have more clarity about what I want in the moment. Most importantly, I have more grace for my self.
The change is subtle sometimes but it’s undeniable.
These are some of the oils I’ve been leaning heavily on this month.
👉 Sacred Mountain in the diffuser or on brain stem (sometimes over ❤️).
👉Inspiration on the crown.
👉Awaken on forehead from right to left.
👉Gathering on the temples.
👉Humility on ears.
👉Dream Catcher on pillow or in diffuser at night.
👉White Angelica as shield around entire body.
#thealignedvortex #essentialoils #younglivingessentialoils #youngliving #whiteangelica #humility #gathering #inspiration #sacredmountain #awaken #dreamcatcher #transformation #yldiamond #mamapreneur #workfromhomem #findyourpassion #selfcare #plantjuice #plantmagic

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