✨The Ritual✨ is our skin loving trio designed to restore, illuminate and bring that inner glow to the surface 🧚🏼‍♀️💫

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When you catch a glimpse of your abs in the mirror and think “hmm...not bad” so you do your best to try to capture the cut. ..
Especially after birthing four kiddos. Boy those kids know how to stretch out belly skin! (Photo 2!). But i love ❤️ them for for. Wouldn’t trade it for anything!
But that also doesn’t mean I don’t enjoy investing in myself. Time and energy into myself. Because my mental and physical health are good for me AND good for my family. ..
So you are welcome, all you mamas with some stretched out skin ready to invest in yourself.
You are welcome to join imperfect me on this awesome wellness journey. Prepare to become awesome! Because you are worthy. And you are worth it!
❤️ to you all!
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I remember the first few years of my business were ran in fear...”will I still book weddings for next year?”, “what if this client doesn’t like me?”, “what if they don’t book me because they think my prices are too high?”
Raise your hand if you’ve ever been there, or still are there!
Now, 5 years later, I no longer run in fear but in confidence. Every business owner has something to fear—I get it—the stakes are way higher than a secure job, but fear won’t get you anywhere, I’m done with that part of my story
Double tap if you feel the same!

Описываю для себя этот период жизни как «смутное время». Смутное - не потому что «все плохо», а потому что все именно мутно.⠀

Силы и мотивация есть только на то, чтобы снимать портреты, медленно редактировать фотографии, но ещё лучше - собирать желтую малину размером с кулак, от такой (шутка, но огромную), чесать котов и загорать, когда в наших нынешних тропиках вылезает солнце.
Сил и мотивации нет, но хватает, чтобы отслеживать как плохое так и очень хорошее. Поэтому смутное. И так и так.

Закончила чистку от ботов и вынос мусора. Вот на это силы были) начали колоть мильгамму. Вытягивать шею. Работаю со списком желаний.⠀

Понимаю сейчас, что что бы я ни заставила себя делать через силу - толку не будет никакого, даже если это приносит деньги или что-то ещё. Только добровольно, только с удовольствием, даже если добровольно и с удовольствием получается только спать и есть глазированные сырки с варёной сгущёнкой в молочной глазури.⠀

Б.Ю.Александров - моя любовь! Вкуснее чем во Вкусвилле (а я то думала, что во Вкусвилле все вкуснее). А на кустах - малина, смородина, вишня. Это ещё вкуснее, потому что босяком ходишь среди кустов, срываешь и кладёшь это все в рот. Иногда с червячками, но редко.⠀

Я вот в своё время забила на сыроедение, вернула сначала молочные продукты, потом яйца и даже рыбу. А потом и всякую дрянь типа этих глазированных сырков и шоколадок киндер. А мясо не вернула и не надо и не хочу. Только пару раз ела, случайно.⠀

Был случай в лесу, когда мастер-ниндзя зажарил на костре курицу и сказал «ешь»! Я отказалась. Тогда я ела только сырую пищу и сказала, если бы была война и голод, я бы ела. А сейчас я не голодная и не хочу это есть.⠀

Сейчас, выходит, голод есть, но не на мясо, а на что-то такое особое. В общем-то мой план только в том, чтобы в нужный момент, когда что-то необходимое станет уже нездоровым - не держаться.⠀

Сосны щедро осыпают меня и всё семенами. Вытряхиваю потом из дредов все эти «вензеля», а то вдруг прорастут.⠀

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Healing | It’s not about needing the forget the past, needing to ignore the scars, but detaching from the pain and emotions tied into it. What happened doesn’t define you, it makes you who you are. It doesn’t make you less whole than others, it doesn’t make you broken.
Owning your story, telling your story and using your experience for the better, will turn grief and pain into power, don’t underestimate your own power.

Have you ever noticed how many verses in Proverbs 31 are about her making money!? Read it again!!
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Have you ever noticed just how many verses in Proverbs 31 are about her making money and being strong!? Read it again!! #tuesdaythoughts #motivational #proverbs31woman #godcalledyou #bealifegiver

Never let anyone tell you you’re not good enough! Walk in like the queen/king you are everywhere you go no matter what you’re dealing with! #motivation #youareworthy #selftalk #iammzword

Just because I’m cheese-ie 🧀
But seriously you are one-in-a-melon 🍉
You are exactly who you are supposed to be!
No one can be a better you than you!
Know that you are enough.
Know that you have worth.
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Today I’m acknowledging myself for how far I have come, where I have been this last year & the challenges I have faced and the fears I have chosen to push through.

It all comes down to continuously taking action even when the pain was so present. Believing that the universe has my back and trusting that everything happens for a reason- good and bad ✨

I also want to acknowledge everyone else who is reading this, who also has overcome challenges this year. We all have them! It’s called life 🤷🏻‍♀️ Continue to bring the light into the dark until the dark becomes light again. I promise you there is always light after the dark 💕

KNOW you’re worth it and can experience happiness, freedom, joy, love, abundance every single day. Today it just hit me after doing some soul searching lately, I realised I haven’t been super clear on what I want or how I want to get there 😂

To move forward with the future, my intention is to get super CLEAR on what it is I want, how I want to be feeling and set new clear goals 🙌🏻 Time to manifest some amazing freakin magic again!
Who’s with me?

Where in your schedule can you add more movement today? Break at work? Lunch time? After work? Any movement counts, even if you don't get it all at the same time! #TuesdayFitTip #women #empowerment #YOUarebeautiful #YOUareworthy #YOUMATTER www.fabYOUlousfitness.com

Today I refill my cup.
I have been feeling run down, lots of energy has been going out and I have been slacking on filling my own cup (and I dont mean with coffee lol).
So today I make the choice to take care of me. I have a to-do list a mile long! I am already running late so how can I do this?

I will choose gratitude. I will take a few minutes to stretch my body. I will end work tonight at a reasonable hour and actually get some sleep. Tomorrow morning I will reinstate my miracle morning. I will breathe deep, all day long, filling my body with nourishing oxygen.

What can you choose to do today to refill your cup? It isn't about perfection, just progress.

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Sometimes you have to smile to keep from crying. Many times you smile through your pain when you don't want to, and other times you have to smile through your tears. However know that you are fearfully and wonderfully made...eph 139:14, trouble don't last always, you WILL overcome and be stronger.
Remember, no matter who SAYS they got you.. Know GOD's got you! And He won't waiver nor leave you. He stands firm, so run as has fast and as hard as you can into His arms b/c they're open wide without judgement, and with only unconditional love, no matter how bad you think you messed up, He will ALWAYS love you..
Tomorrow is always a new day for a new chance to grow and become a better you. This too shall pass, so don't let your situation hold you down for too long. You ARE better and stronger than your current situation. Keep your faith and be grateful for the lesson, learn from it and move forward. Because what's for you can't be taken away...
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We crushed our day 2 workout💪🏼{Insert noodle arms}Seriously though- that arm and back workout was KILLER but freaking AMAZING!

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