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Instagram vs reality 🙆🏼🌿
Posting this to show you guys how different posing and ways of wearing clothes makes your booty look!
For Instagram photos I usually wear my "at home" shorts pulled really high while posing to make my booty look big. But in reality I usually wear my shorts at waist level.
This is why you shouldn't compare your body to anyone else's!! We all look completely different just by adjusting small things like poses and clothing! So please don't be harsh on yourself because you don't look like someone!! You don't need to change your body!! Change your mindset about your body because you are perfectly amazing just the way you are!! In the end all that matters is doing what makes you happy and comfortable. Also don't let others judge you on how you wear your clothes on your body!! I hope you guys have the lovely day you deserve!! 🌴☀️
#bodylove #selfconfidence #stopcomparing #bootyfordays #bewhoyouare #bodypositivity #allbodiesarebeautiful #youareenough #youareworthy #thinkpositive

I've seen a few posts lately on my @ufbgcommunity Facebook group about how people are happy with their progress but are demotivated by the number incresing on the scales. This is something I can relate to a lot as at the beginning of my fitness journey I was always looking for the number on the scales to drop🙄. Looking back on photos like this really shows how IRRELEVANT weight can be!! Taking photos over time is much more effective in my eyes! As soon as my focus changed to be more about enjoyment, my physical and mental health and challenging myself it all fell into place. PS: These pics kinda make it look like the rest of me shrunk when my legs stayed the same but actually my legs shrunk loads first then I continued building them back up with muscle...just incase you're wondering about my lil leg story😂💪 Link to my Ultimate Full Body Guide (UFBG) is in my bio --> @busybee.carys #YAE #YouAreEnough

Where New Yorkers go to clear our heads #centralpark #youareenough

A room should never allow the eye to settle in one place,
It should smile at you and create fantasies.❤️
खुदी में मसरूफ 😁

You are a vital, beautiful, intricate part of this universe. Act like it. Speak like it. Shine like you mean it! .

When the going gets tough, remember: Without you... Nothing would be the same🌱✨
#believeinyourself #trust #youareenough #balance #practice #yoga #yogaeverydamnday

Today, know that you are good enough. Stop worrying if you are pretty enough, strong enough, rich enough, smart enough. You must know that you're enough! Don't let negative thoughts have power over you. Take a deep breath, and know that you're matter and you're good enough #youareenough
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(the lost lessons) we must raise our boys to keep their hands and mouths to themselves. for this to happen men must begin to unlearn the toxic school-yard-playground behavior bestowed upon them that girls/women are meant to be preyed upon. to be collected. to be targeted. we have a long way to go but i believe that it starts in the home, in the spaces where men gather, in places conversation molds young minds. it starts with me. i vow to pass the lessons my mother taught me (and the lessons countless other women have blessed me with) to my son. who will know better. do better. love better. 🌹 art by @noir096 #respect #women #iloveyou #adrianmichael

The obligation to understand yourself for yourself far outweighs any obligation to make sure other people understand you. 💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖
#bemorethanabody #beyourself #youareenough #mondaymotivation #mondaymood #stretchies #scars #looseskin #nonairbrushedme #mombod


Life isn’t always easy, but keep pushing and think of the things you’ve accomplished. ampuTeez.com 💪🏼#stillstanding

This Henry Ford quote is still on point! #thoughtsbecomethings #believe #bemore #YouAreEnough

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Only the best for my body👙🤸🏽‍♀️
#health #breakfast #omega #fruit #healthychoices #healthybreakfast #colour #loveyourbody #loveyourself #youareenough #fitness #fit

Love this quote from one of the most inspirational woman I know @brenebrown
To be you, to show up and own who you are, it's a journey but so worth it ❤️ be you - always 🙏

Wczoraj źle dzisiaj dobrze 🦄 nie ogarniesz 🦄 chcesz to poleż chcesz to wstań i zapieprzaj dalej #żyjztymalboskaczzparapetu #trzydziecha #fuckyouropinion #liveandletlive #behave #younglady #beyourself #always #youareenough

"Remind yourself that you cannot fail at being yourself" - Wayne Dyer 👌🏼🙌🏼❤️ love this quote!! #waynedyer #beyourselfalways #beyou #youareenough #iamenough #memyselfandi #choosekindness #love #peace #happiness #happinessishere #seeitbelieveitachieveit #mindful

Yes. You are perfect, just as you are. At the same time, we can be working to become a more authentic us, to evolve.
Too often, we beat ourselves up for not having it all figured out. For not having the things or money or appearance society tells us we should have. It's okay. Learning to accept and love ourselves as is, if you will, is a process. If we can't love ourselves now, why would we love ourselves with a new car or a bigger home? Why would I love myself more if I had plastic surgery to remove signs of aging, if I don't like what's inside? If you can't learn to love you for who YOU really are, no outer changes will ever fix that. It's taken me far too long to learn this lesson.
I am an aging, saggy, fat, non-conforming woman. I also am a beautiful, sparkling, intelligent, passionate, talented, warrior and goddess. I choose to embrace who I am and I remind myself of my positive attributes daily. I am more than my body, or what others think of it, but I also have learned to love my body, for getting me through everything I have endured in my lifetime. I will be writing more about this, but for now, know that you are a miracle. You are a masterpiece and a work in progress. You are worthy of unconditional love and joy. Honor yourself and know that I see you and you are beautiful. 💙#youareenough #fearisa4letterword #ibelieveinyou #unconditionallove #joytherapy #staymagical #sparkle #shine #hatersgonnahate #beautiful #selfcare #investinyourself

And until our paths cross we're just gonna keep doing what we do best and staying true to who we are, right? 💫

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All those tough times.. there’s no way around them. We all will experience them. The only way is through. Eventually we will get to the other side. Just keep going. Don’t give up! #healing #recovery #strength #resilience #health #wellbeing #strong #perseverance #belief #motivation #courage #believe #achieve #anorchidsview #youareenough #inspiration #affirmation #selflove #selfcompassion #selfbelief #value #self #respect #integrity

A little reminder for all of us because we are all beautiful women 💜 #beautifulwomen #youareenough

I was having a shaky start to the day...feeling annoyed/angry for no particular reason (or so I told myself - there's always a reason), something that hasn't happened in a while. I had a talk with myself, vocalized what was actually wrong and decided I wasn't going to ruin my day because of things that are in the past and can't be changed. I also accepted that I cannot live life avoiding getting triggered, how I handle that soul disruption is the true test. The same way I would have spoken to a close friend, is how I spoke to myself. You don't have to paint your entire day with the same brush from that dark place. I hope we all have a great day and are kinder to ourselves, check in with yourself today x
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Just a simple little poached free range eggs on gluten free whole meal seeded toast 🥚🥚🍞 #LoveandLightness

#FailForward .
But really I’m just trying to work up the courage for a many mile hike today up 12 flights of stairs after the last one like this left me in a panic attack at the top 😜😂The fear of heights (& failure!) is real my friends!!

You can’t let the things stop you! You have to keep pushing through and find a lesson in everything..Be truly grateful for every single one of things you have gone thorugh, all the people that have came and went... Never stop learning,growing and becoming the best you can be! #justalittlereminder #tuesdaymorningvibes #goodmorning #positovevibes #peaceofmind #youareenough ✨💪🏻👌🏻

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