This is one of the amazing humans who has recently inspired me. Lately I have seen so many people out there doing what they know is right for them in their hearts, and who have been taking bold and courageous leaps and bounds to live a life that they have always dreamed of. Does it really get anymore badass than that? You are YOU and there is nobody else like you on this planet. You bring certain gifts into this world that only you can explore and choose to do something with. Nobody else can do that for you. Deep down in your heart you know what those dreams are, and you may also think that they will always be just that - dreams. And you’re right. If that’s the way you think - then that’s the way it will be. But why not take the risk and act on them? What have you got to lose? The scariest thing for me would be “waking up” 30 years down the road and realizing I have been living someone else’s life this entire time. Think about that for a second.
Thanks Lisa for being YOU because you rock, and inspire a lot more people than just myself I am certain of it. When I check Portland off my bucket list, I will be sure to pop by ✌🏻 Posted @withrepost@lisacongdon It's been a long time since I introduced myself to new folks here! So if you're new or curious here goes. My name is Lisa Congdon. I am an artist/illustrator & author. I write and illustrate books (7 so far, 4 more on the way between September 2019 and 2021). I also work for illustration & licensing clients, teach a bunch of online classes, run a super busy Etsy shop, and travel to speak about illustration, creativity and business. Recently I opened a retail shop in the front of my studio here in Portland. I am 50 years old. I am self-taught and didn’t begin drawing or painting until I was in my early 30’s, first as a genuine hobby. Eventually my creative work turned into a career (after 20 years working in public education). My birthday is January 17 and I am a quintessential Capricorn -- my life goal is to get really good at relaxing. I am a former competitive swimmer and currently an avid road cyclist and ride with a women’s team called Sorella Forte here in Portland. Cycling and the wome

The first part of living a fulfilled life with all the things you desired is to accept yourself for who you are. It’s also difficult to love another person without loving yourself. 🥰
Take yourself out on a date. Treat yourself to a mani/pedi. Find your positives for your exterior and interior. If you feel you have flaws, accept them or accept that they are ok for now until you reach your goals of fixing them (like losing weight or being fit enough to run a marathon). Some people find journaling quite helpful. If you are super busy, you can actually download a password protected app that you type into or leave voice recordings. Meditate while envisioning warming light engulfing you. Yoga allows you to find balance and connect your body with your mind and spirit; give it a try! 🌅
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Day 4: Twist.

Find the people in your life that lift you up and inspire you, and leave you feeling A m a Z I n G! 💞
Surround yourself with people who get it.
I love you. Find your people. Follow your heart.
Life will throw you #twists and #turns
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Pre-storm Run after work tonight. Stumbled upon these #kindnessrocks
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Congratulations Nadine on graduating with your Bachelor of Nursing! 👩🏻‍🎓🎓🥂 so proud of you! You have worked super hard for today and as a side note you look amazing!:) here is to the first day of the beginning of an amazing career! #youareamazing #soproud #sisters #bachelorofnursing

One million memories, one billion jokes, hundred of tears and not one unresolved disagreements. Because of you, I learnt how to laugh through the toughest times in my life. Thanks for being that friend who has been consistent with me. I’m proud of the woman you have become and I await to celebrate many more seasons of accomplishments with you. Happy birthday @gabbie_simplyamazing. #beyou #youareamazing #iloveyouthenihateyou #abouttoblockmynumberthough #wedonthavetotalkeveryday

One of my favourite studies of all time! Words carry certain vibrations 🎶. What are you saying to yourself, because we are over 70% water!! Our bodies pick up on everything we say to them! Speak words of love 💕 and kindness 😘 to yourself and your water! Stick affirmations to a bottle of water and keep it in the fridge/house. The water 💦 becomes purified and infused with love, which then infuses your cells! Pure alchemy 🔮 pure magic ✨😊💙 #wateraffirmations #dremoto #watercrystals #lovecrystals #wordshavepower #waterexperiment #cantbestopped #spiritualbadass #strongbeings #badassbeing #galacticgangster #galacticfamily #strongsouls #badasslovebeam #selflove #compassion #IAMworthy #appreciatewhoyouare #youareamazing #selfacceptance #youarebeautiful #spiritualawakening #selfworth #knowyourworth #limitlessbeing #beyourownbestfriend #awakening #ascension #wakingup #higherself

Life is always changing, enjoy all your journeys no matter what stage you are at. Changing directions along the way is fun and life will never get boring #motivationalquotes #inspirationalquotes #ahealthieryou #fitforlife #grateful #journeys #youareamazing #fourtyplusandfabulous #livelife #lovelife #💕 #healthymindandbody #doitforyou #friday

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