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The ability to set yourself free is your greatest weapon. ・・・
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how to properly sunbathe ☝ @fitqueenirene

⚖️👑🤸🏻‍♀️ Day 2️⃣2️⃣ of #BalanceKingdom with @cyogalab ↪️ #Samyasana 🤸🏻‍♀️👑⚖️ Balancing in this pose is very challenging, often times unattainable, but if we never practice it, we’ll never get there either! At the wall is a lot more bearable (and you’ll hold it longer!) and there are a few things you can try, to see if yours improves today:
1️⃣ Practice it on a ‘cushier’ surface as opposed to just one mat on hardwood floors: a thick rug/carpet, doing it on sand or even a mat folded several times, will make a difference in your stability,
2️⃣ play with the spinal arch and try to send the legs over a few inches more or less: normally if you go into a #backbend shape it’s easier to find balance or easier to hold it a few seconds longer,
3️⃣ do one arm at a time and lift its hand towards the face: alternate that to prep yourself, feel the weight transfer from the whole forearm to just the elbow and keep staring at the same point in front of you, so the gaze is solid,
4️⃣ right before lifting the palms, make sure there’s no weight on them so you’ve already transferred it and the lift movement will not affect the rest of the body. A few seconds here is a complete victory. Try it a few times and have no expectations, no ‘counting’ seconds, just #practice… have fun, enjoy each ride and be fully present! Go for it!! More insights in tomorrow’s video, stay tuned…
For translation in other languages, follow and check out daily these accounts ⬇️⬇️⬇️:
Russian: @cyogalab_ru
Korean: @cyogalab.korean
Portuguese: @cyogalab_portuguese

Surround yourself with people who lift you. @kaylala88 @rivkayoga

The light reflections on the wall were so pretty, I had to dance with it ✨

Lately I've been contemplating a lot about what yoga means to me. Yoga is a tool accessible to anyone who is open minded and brave enough to try it. It's something that works magic on you without you even wanting it. And it's also something that can benefit much more than your personal physical and mental well being.
To me, a yoga class is a place where you come to take a break from the world, tune in with your breath, mind and body as well as connect with like-minded people. Creating a community is indeed something that is super important to me as a yoga student and a teacher. Over the past (nearly) two years teaching at Schottengasse (where I started teaching my first little group of yogis) I noticed people with the similar vibe yet completely different personalities connecting and making friends.
As yogis we make (sometimes unintentionally) the choice to be mindful with ourselves as well as with the world around us. I noticed that yogis DO care and DO want to influence their environment in a positive way and that's when I came to the idea to connect something good with something useful (AND good)😁 Ok now let's get to the point: Maybe you have noticed that I gave up almost all of my public classes in Vienna. The reason for this was that I want to focus on something that means to me a lot and something that I stand for.
So ladies and gentlemen, let me introduce you the @yogaforeveryonevienna , a yoga community that a) is super cool and b) does give a shit and wants to leave a positive footprint on the world.
Head over to @yogaforeveryonevienna for more info (yes this caption got insanely long😂, sorry)
PS: @yogaforeveryonevienna is a resumption of the Schottengasse classes, you can use your old pass, more info on my website.
Video- scorpion ambition at the @hotyogavienna today😁

No distractions, no excuses! Every day there are a thousand little things trying to pull you off your game. Every distraction you give in to is one less goal you can accomplish.

Are you ready to take your teaching to the next level? Join us & @bryceyoga for our next 300hr YTT June 21 - July 18 at @vikasayoga in Koh Samui, Thailand
This Yoga Alliance certified training is designed for yoga teachers who thirst to immerse themselves in expanding their skills and knowledge of yoga. This training is jam-packed with both foundational and advanced practices as well as a variety of incredible modules for the modern yogi. We invite you to join us on a journey of yoga evolution. 👉🏼beyondbrycett.com
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Breathe in deeply to bring your mind to your body. 💕
📷by: kru @n_une

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It's my BIRTHDAY WEEKEND. And I'm kicking of the celebrations with a fuck tonne of yoga, wine and CAKE 🎂 potentially at the same time if I can figure that shit out 🤔

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Let go.

When you stop flirting with life & really start flying 👊🦋

Pants:: 10월 출시 예정 @be_pureapparel
Top:: 9월 출시된 @be_pureapparel _______________________________
#EkaPadaSirsasana 오늘 첫 성공!! 불과 얼마전까진 될 것 같은 조짐도 없었는데 @yuea29 옆에서 분명 봤음!! 오늘 갑자기 쨘!!
_________________________________Pants는 10월 출시 예정인, Top은 9월에 출시된 @be_pureapparel 2017fw 제품입니다!! 이번에 새로운 소재가 사용되어 착용감이 굉장히 부드럽고 편안해요!! 타이트하게 핏되는 재질은 아닌데 날씬해보이는 효과까지 있어요. 다음주에는 같은 디자인의 그레이팬츠와 10월 출시예정인 다른 상의 소개해드릴게요!! #bepure #pureapparel #pureyoga #EkaPadaSirsasana #armbalance
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Seguimos con la oferta de clases ilimitadas al mediodía por 49€ mensuales. Lunes & Miércoles de 12:00-13:00hs, Martes, Jueves y Viernes de 14:30-15:30hs.
Para más info puedes mandarnos un email a: info yogaroom-bcn.com o llamar al: 600810741 .
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Morning practice 🙏 I was super not great this morning and felt really foggy. Practice has made me feel much better, still not 100% but I'm sure I'll get there over the day with some healthy green food 💪🙌🤓
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