Start from 17-22nd of September.

All level Yogis are invited to join us and practice with us. We will explore our favourite twists and share them here.

Twisty hosts:
@indira.yoga .

Sweetest sponsors:
@24bottles_official .

List of September twists:
17th - seated 💞
18th - inverted 💞
19th - standing 💞
20th - arm balancing 💞
21st - forward fold 💞
22nd - choice 💞..lizard twist... Rules you should follow to be eligible for winning a prize:
👍 Repost this flyer and invite 3 friends to join.
👍 Follow all hosts and sponsors and tag them in your daily captions.
👍 Share daily pose.
👍 Make sure your profile is public.
👍 Don't forget to have fun, but practice safely 👐. .
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🌷🎯📝 Day 2️⃣2️⃣ of #YogaFeels with @cyogalife ➡️ High #Crow, #CranePose or #Bakasana variant 📝🎯🌷
This was on of the first arm balances I did and the first pose I remember I felt truly accomplished. I mean, I thought Crow was the sh*t hence, so was I!! Not long after, I started to see some ‘flaws’ on my form: arms a bit too bent, legs not active, hips too low, etc. I no longer felt accomplished but stressed because I had to improve sooooo much.... does this sound familiar? Have you ever fought very hard for something and, when you finally got it, the contentment lasted the blink of an eye, and you only saw the glass half empty? In today’s #practice I want you to celebrate those moments, those poses that once were cool/unachievable and now you barely value them anymore.... Crow is a beautiful pose, that offers tremendous teachings but, for whatever reason (social media inviting to do more extreme things?, people’s boredom?, human nature?...), I feel it doesn’t get ​that​ much appreciation anymore. And there’s a long list of poses like that! I love asanas, ALL of them, regardless of their difficulty level. I feel every pose speaks to you differently and has a particular message to deliver. To #practice only the most advanced ones would be to partially hear a conversation or read a book, you’ll only get half of the picture. Today is all about finding your inner child, be playful and remember those times when this arm balance, a seated forward bend or holding bridge brought pearls of sweat to your forehead and you thought ‘gosh, this is amazing!!!’... it still IS... Feel free to comment below about any of this if it resonates with you.... love and #keeppracticing.
For daily modifications, visit Aislinn @yogawithaislinn and Rachel @rachely.wang.
Visit cyogalife.com for my full workshop schedule or to practice at home with Online Classes. #keeppracticing

Day 6 utthitaparsvakonasana A....
We set the themes and you decide the poses.
Your Hosts:
💐 @elena_miss_yoga
💐 @yennychristine
💐 @lionet_yoga
💐 @uc.yoga
Our Gracious Sponsors
🦋 @aloyoga
🦋 @alo.moves
To be part of the challenge and eligible for the prizes:
1) Repost the banner, and invite your Omies friends to play with us
2) Follow Sponsors and Hosts
3) Post one new Picture of your favourite Asana each day
4) Tag Hosts, Sponsors, #alochallenge and #DifferentWaysOfYoga
6) Make sure your IG profile is public so we can find you
To Those who likes to plan ahead:
Day 1 Standing Pose
Day 2 Twist Pose
Day 3 Forward Fold
Day 4 Arm Balance
Day 5 Reclined Pose
Day 6 Side Stretch
Day 7 Bind Pose
Day 8 Back Bend
Day 9 Inversion
Day 10 Yogi's choice
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Lovely end to our beautiful personal health retreat. Always magical.

Yoga mornings 🧘🏾‍♀️

@joayoga is resting in child's pose on the top of Savinar tower 😊 We had to climb pretty steep to get this view, but it was definitely worth it!
#zenagoymat #zenagoy

Practicing that insect pose 😅

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