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#FallingInLove 💘💦 Today marks 10 years since we have found each other.
Claudine: I was living in New York and Honza in Sydney. My fairy godmother Sherri was living in Australia at the time and had befriended Honza. One day she reached out to me and said "hey, I know you are 10,000 miles away, but it just occurred to me that if there were two people in the universe who should at least meet, it's you and Honza." Now this woman is very close to my heart. I've known her my whole life and she is someone who is truly tuned in, tapped in and turned on. So with a message like that, I knew I had to reach out to this man on the other side of the world. It started off with a simple email and we quickly became pen pals. Learning about each other through written word was very romantic and very special... feeling super nostalgic just thinking about it. We wrote to each other every day until one day we decided to call each other. This was back in the day of international calling cards, so talking to each other every day and often times through the night became a rather expensive past time.
Honza: Oh yes, here comes my part :) In one of those conversations, Claudine shared that she was given a Hindu name Kalpana by her meditation teacher. I asked what it meant in English, and she said that it meant Cosmic Imagination. I was speechless. It was in that very moment, that I knew I would spend the rest of my life with this woman. Let me explain. Three months before I had even heard about Claudine, I made a painting - 3 silhouettes in an abstract landscape. In the foreground there is a man and a woman looking out into the distance toward another female figure appearing on the horizon - curly hair, cute butt, slender physique 💁🏽 When I finished the painting I had no idea what it was about, so I named it Cosmic Imagination. Needless to say, when Claudine told me that her name Kalpana meant exactly that, I booked the next available flight to New York and flew over. I'll save the rest for another day... but yes, there were fireworks, lots of wine, candles, dark chocolate and we didn't leave the house for about a week. 🤣
Magical shot by the one and only @actionhiro 📸

Morning Yoga is always a good idea 🕉🙏🏽Take 3-5 minutes each morning to stretch it out! Just move organically and breathe. Your body will thank you for it 😊 Watch till the end for my dismount!! 😜@getstretchy #getstretchy #morningyoga
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Shorts by @aloyoga

💥Rotator Cuff Warm-up💥 —
🙋🏽‍♂️Mini-bands are essential for shoulders.
🚀 Watch this quick sequence for rotator cuff and scapular work. It's perfect for higher level shoulder rehab, overhead athlete arm care, and just general cuff specific training for people looking to maintain or improve their shoulder health.
⚠️ Pay attention my L shoulder. It does not externally rotate as far. It also starts to wing on the vertebral border of the scapula when I reach my arms out. If you are a trainer, coach, or therapist, never stop observing with a keen eye.
🎯 This wasn’t painful for me- and I went on to train just fine. However, my left shoulder is my problematic one. I have dislocated it multiple times and had labral surgery as well. It also hurts from time to time, but usually responds well to correctives and mobility work.
📝👀 These subtle differences in shoulder mechanics are not always easy to spot. While a small amount of scapular asymmetry is certainly not a red flag, it might still sometimes help to indicate future or past pathology, as well areas that can use improvement.
#StrengthCoachTherapy #RotatorCuff #ShoulderRehab

"Honesty is not the revealing of some foundational truth that gives us power over life or another or even the self, but a robust incarnation into the unknown unfolding vulnerability of existence, where we acknowledge how powerless we feel, how little we actually know, how afraid we are of not knowing... honesty is not found in revealing the truth, but in understanding how deeply afraid of it we are... we do not know the full story, we do not know where we are in the story, we do not know who is at fault or who will carry the blame in the end. Honesty is not a weapon to keep a loss and heartbreak at bay, honesty is the outer diagnostic of our ability to come to ground in reality, the hardest attainable ground of all, the place where we actually dwell, The living, breathing frontier where there is no realistic choice between gain or loss." #DavidWhyte
I saw a psychic this past weekend. She told me I only share what I want to and when things are going to good or people get to close I self sabotage as a means of self preservation. Basically I'd rather go out on top and alone than be apart of something collapsing. I'm not lying, but I'm not being honest. I'm keeping my real self hidden too afraid to let others see the real me. And I was like, "STFU Don't act like you know me!" Jajajajaja JK lolz I totes didn't actually say that 🤣🤣
I've worked so hard these past 5 years to figure out who and what I'm not, I think what I'm really afraid of is who I might actually be 🙈 By only letting others see what I want I feel I hold some kind of power. My ego believes I can dictate the outcome of relationships & situations. And if I can see what's coming I can run before I get hurt or lose face. it's time I start being vulnerable enough to be honest. Honest enough to be humble. Humble enough to be powerless, to live with not knowing. And vulnerable enough to not use honesty as a weapon to keep loss and heartbreak at bay. .
PC: @natashamarieyoga
Shoes: @shoesandbones

Stretching by the pool at @gilitreehouse
I'm truly in love with this place! So many cute spots 😍
Swimsuit from @calzedonia
#yoga #stretching #gilitrawangan

Sneak peek into something I did for @masilo.in (this fabulous organic bedding & linen brand our client @emaskara has started), my teacher Ian narrowed down 5 yoga poses that are best for pregnancy. I've been in love with the Iyengar style especially for pregnancy coz with all the props and bolsters and cushions and blankets, it honestly doesn't feel like 'exercise' or 'working out' , it's almost like getting pampered while you stretch and open out and breathe... also he makes the rest of the class do squats and splits because of me so everyone else is also getting a good pregnancy work out 😂🤰🏽😂 #pregnancyyoga #prenatalyoga #iyengar #yoga #trikonasana #yogawithprops #fitpregnancy #fitbump

Love starting my morning with the best crew on TV! #RealConversations #RealNews #TGIF

I could write you a million motivational quotes .. I could show you a thousand before and afters .. I could cook you hundreds of healthy meals.. but the truth is YOU need to want it bad enough to get off your butt and work for your body 🤝
نقدر نكتب ليكم ملايين الجمل تحفيزية وايجابية ، ونوريكم مئات الصور قبل وبعد ، ونقدر نطبخ ليكم الاف الأكلات الصحية كل يوم ، لكن الحقيقة أنه لازم انت او انتي تبغيو التغيير وفعوض مانتم جالسين تشوفوا صور ناس عندكم قدوة كونوا أنتم القدوة وبداو بالتغيير اليوم قبل غدا 🤝 #كريمة_غيث #karimagouit #motivationalquotes #sport #yoga #yogainspiration


Güzel şeyler bunlar 👊

#Repost @iyikiuskudarvarofficial (@get_repost)
Naturel Fest’e gelmeniz için pek çok nedenimiz var.

İşte Naturel Fest etkinlik listemiz. Bu eğlenceli dolu etkinliğe herkesi bekliyoruz. :) #naturelfest #iyikiüsküdarvar #narbazaar #festival #eğlence #yoga #koşu #aktivite #kuzguncukbostanı #üsküdar #spor

Yoga'ing through to the weekend 🙌🏼💆🏻✨ #yoga #yogis #instayoga #yogaposes #yogavibes #yogainspiration

Little backbending in 🐫 pose after private class | the struggle to get to those heels is real 🙊Sped up x2
#backbending #backbend #flexibility #flexibilitytraining #contortion #inprogress #yoga #camelpose #lenvoleestudio

Yea.... #fbf to last week that one time I did yoga at the USA Swimming Convention with some of the athletes and attendees.... good stuff...
#swimyoga #swimmers #athletes #yoga #usaswimming #convention

Не каждый из нас знает, что залог бодрости и хорошего самочувствия в течении дня считается хорошо сбалансированный и питательный завтрак. Который дает заряд энергии на весь день, это помогает продуктивно мыслить, а еще позволяет удержаться до обеда от приступов голода, отпадает необходимость перекусов, которые непременно ведут к набору лишнего веса. Завтрак должен быть легким и полезным, в него может входить: _ салаты из зелени и овощей, злаковые культуры, каши (овсяная, гречневая, перловая, пшеничная, ячневая), отварное мясо - которое в свою очередь неплохая альтернатива колбасе, омлет. Важно так же помнить, что на завтрак больше пользы принесут овощи и фрукты, нежели сладкие продукты, которые быстрее вызовут чувство голода. Будьте здоровы, и следите за своим рационом!
#yoga #MabiYoga #йога #Moscowyoga #Москва #йога #здоровье #здоровое_питание #feat #breakfast #йогавхамовниках

"And all at once, summer collapsed into fall" Oscar Wilde
#oxygenyogasaanich #yoga #fitness #saanich #ilovemylife #yyj #pumpkinspice #fall

"When you try to control everything you enjoy nothing...
Sometimes you just need to relax, breathe, let go and just live in the moment"
Kelas Floating yoga today..belajar jadi superman level 1 dan 2..trus Batman...
Mingdep bljr apa lagiii 😂@evadewinta
#floatingyoga #yoga #floating #gym #learn #relax #celfit #celfitso #solo #gymaddict #fitnessaddict #fit #healthylifestyles #Friday #loveit #vivavideo #instagram #instagood #instagym #celebrityfitnesssoloparagon

Don't let obstacles get in your way! 💪🏻
Assess the situation and push forward. Take what you learn from the experience and grow as an individual! 🙌🏻
#chiro #chiropractic #chiropractor #crossfit #quotes #wellness #exercise #electroacupuncture #rehab #yoga #pilates #learning #healthy #fit #fitness #fitnessmotivation #drscapp #success #mobility #motivation #niagara #niagarafalls #stcatharines #mindfulness #backpain #squats #activerelease

this autumnal equinox is an invitation to turn toward the light within. embrace the joy and fantasies you have cultivated over the summer. as fall approaches, come back down to earth and make those dreams a reality.

Bringing movement and breath together helps me to gets rid of stress, anxiety & tension. Peace and balance for body & mind.
#yoga #yogalove #balance #peace #mindful #mindfulness #breathe #sitbackandwatch #enjoy #smile #slowdown #friday #igersvienna #missstripes

Aeonium arboreum 'Black Rose', or as I like to call it: Black Beauty 🖤🖤🖤🖤
🌵2.5" pot size
🌵Bidding on this succulent will start at $3.00 💗Bidding can be done in increments of at least $0.50 & don't forget to tag who you outbid! 😇
🌵Will be shipped bare-root to protect the succulent during shipping. 🌵Shipping to anywhere in the U.S. is $3.50 in addition to highest bid amount for USPS first class mail UNINSURED. If you want to pay for Priority Mail with Insurance, please let me know. *I will not be responsible for damage done to crystals/Succulents during shipping if you choose to ship uninsured*** 🌵Yes! Shipping can be combined on Succulents-I cannot ship succulents with crystals for fear of smashing the succulent during shipping.💫💫💫Auction ends SATURDAY 9/23 at 6pm PST
❌RULES: MUST PAY WHEN INVOICE IS RECEIVED. If invoice is not paid within 24 hours, Succulent will be resold and you will be blocked from future auctions. Thank you and happy bidding! ☺️
#nofilter #succulent #succulove #succulents #succulentaddict #succulenthoarder #nature #beauty #love #succulentgarden #raresucculent #garden #loveandlight #happy #crystals #naturelover #mygarden #outdoors #nofilter #crystal #crystals #crystalsforsale #yoga #meditation #reiki #zen #reikihealing #love #stones #nature #beauty

This week our very special classes for little ones and their grown-ups begin. Me + You Music 🎶 is always a favorite with Keri Wirth and her ukulele. If you haven't tried it yet, expect to be incessantly singing her original tunes day and night. She's incredible! We are thrilled to bring a little peace ✌️ and zen into our weeks with Prana Mama Llama, Adrienne Chertoff as she offers a class for little ones and parents to play and pose together and a drop off class for the great big grown up 3-5 year olds. This fall we are also welcoming Jen to teach us Baby Sign Language so we can communicate better with our littlest ones before they can fully talk. 👶 I sincerely appreciate the opportunity to have these talented teachers at the Sandbox and I look forward to seeing you and your sweet children for class. Register at www.sandboxplayspace.com. Or call, (631)421-1600 #sandboxplayspace #toddlerclasses #yoga #musicforchildren #babysignlanguage #mommyandme

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