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Flightreacts & Ti of #taylorgirlz break up. Possibly over Trey👀

Chris wants Queen back 👀👀

Clarence passing 🌹🌹🌹he has the midas touch lately.

Armon & Chris celebrate baby CJ’s bday

#Jinger don’t know what todo. Poor girl just wants #Clarence “If I want him, I can have him”😂👀☕️

#jinger speaks 👀👀☕️☕️☕️

#clarenceandqueen respond to Jinger’s allegations 👀☕️

#queen 👀☕️

Looks like Armon and Chris got new music coming. Thoughts🤔

Chris & #parkermckennaposey keep denying dating rumors but their booed up 👀

#clarenceandqueen Spicy 👀

#ParkerMckennaposey Speaks 👀 Thoughts 🤔

#Queen not so innocent👀 we were tagged in so many posts last night of her twerking her life away😂

Is #parkermckennaposey throwing shade at Chris Sails already 😳(via) @queen.naijaaa_
Chris was suppose to post his big surprise and never did on his personal page. Thoughts🤔

Chris Sails gift to #parkermckennaposey for Vday thoughts 🤔

#Clarenceandqueen got Club Lit LiT‼️ for Vday #spicygang

#Dearraandken on Valentine’s Day 🙏🏿🌹🙌🏿

#clarenceandqueen shopping and having a good time right before Valentines Day do y’all agree🤔

#clarenceandqueen taking trips taking trips.

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