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To the Point Tuesday! Listen to your cast & make the correction. A lot of people struggle with drift & creep on their back cast, including Amelia at times in the past. This is from 11 years back and on the first cast you can hear the over powering coming forward due to drift & creep unloading the rod on a back cast that didn't pause/stop. Listen to the second cast as she pauses, leaving a loaded rod and a much smoother stroke, leading to better line control & drift. If you listen well, it's obvious. Happy correcting! 😊

#TaxmanTuesday got to love this shot and thanks for the tag @jlpose 🎣💯✅
2 hours later...
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The coziest little kitchen I ever did see ☺️


Another morning, another #ancient thing, #caminodesantiago #sahugun

Come Down & Play With Me NOW Little Squirrel 🐿...
📷Photographer: Michael Mulvey @mulveyphoto

The young and the restless.

☀️ #Swan #ballet at the #lakeside: So, let’s call it #swanlake. 😉 It was such a #wonderful #morninglight at #lake #Müggelsee in #Berlin.

#naturephotography #goldenhour #phfreudenberg

Exploring the Archipelago around Stockholm. Found this girl on Grinda. #escapeto #stockholmworld #thedailyadventurer

Pink silk
Fun fact, right after I triggered the shutter Daniel shouted at me from a bit further down the river that he had a big fish hooked so I waited til the shutter closed and ran down to him. So basically this is the only pic I got from this sunset.

Career is a word that still scares me. Maybe because I'm an artist and unconventional. But until I became a coach, I honestly felt like I'd never have a true path for a career. Even the thought of that brings back the feelings of stress and depression that I used to feel surrounding the "W" word - Work. ~~~
Ten years ago, even five years ago, if you would have told me I would be finding my tribe, my purpose and happiness through what I do for work, I would have never believed you. Happiness in a long-term job or career wasn't something I thought possible. And I tried so hard to push people away and do everything on my own and do it my way. I thought that was easier and would save me from disappointment and pain. In the end it only caused that. We are not created to be alone in this world. ~~~
Being a part of a team and my tribe means something! I wake up daily feeling blessed that I get to make a difference in at least one person's life that day. I cannot express how grateful I am to those who have joined me and to those who support who I am today! I get to show up for myself by showing up for others. Day by day I get closer to my goals and help others do the same. I am fulfilled and at peace doing something I love - I get to freakin' help people! As my job! ~~~
I finally see a glimpse of freedom after my 31 years of life. Financial freedom, freedom from aches and pains, freedom from mental health issues, freedom from feeling incapable or unqualified to fight for my dreams, freedom from obesity and health issues. Some day I will be able to create the schedule I want to live by and do it all! And I will work to get what I want and not waste my life in a cubicle. I cannot wait for nature to be my office. ~~~
If you have ever considered being a part of my bootcamps or wanting to help people as a coach - now is the time. If you are looking for change, a solution, for developing a life you love, for having an impact on yourself and your family and for others, I would love the opportunity to come alongside you with the tools you need to reach your goals! Message me and let's connect!

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