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U know when people post motivational quotes under gym pics/sexy shots & u think to urself "while I like ur big butt, how does this caption about perseverance & being kind have anything to do w/ being at the gym or smizing at the beach? except maybe the literal persevering thru sweat & pain? Being kind by not taking up time on the machines for too long or picking up garbage littered on the sand? (plz do that by the way if the opportunity arises #savetheseaturtles lol I digress)" Well Im about to post one of those. Sort of. See im at my parents place in Phoenix for a few days & today I decided to lay out/soak up some sun & relax with my doggos outside. & it may be 107 degrees outside but it is the PERFECT day. & I think to myself "damn it would be so easy to have my life be like this all the time. I could move back home & lay in the sun & feel like im in HS again on summer break-just enjoying life." But then I think about all the CRAZY aspirations I have & everything I want to accomplish out in LA. & I just can't take that easy escape! I have too much ambition. Too many dreams to bring to fruition. I want to be a dancer & a teacher & a choreographer. I'm on my way to those things but I yearn for more. I want to be a poet & publish books of my work. I want to write honest feelings that make others feel some type of way. Connect people. Make people feel less alone. I want to be an actress. U know how many people I've told about that? Almost no one outside of my small but tight acting community & maybe over a handful of friends. I've been going to classes & taking workshops & performing in showcases but I've been shy about telling you all on here because it's scary to admit these "pipe dreams" & say it out loud. But I'm saying it to u now! Because Im more than willing to put in the hard work to make all of these dreams happen. Because it's WORTH the struggle. It's WORTH the "failure" and rejection. It's worth it because our dreams are VALID & a life where u take the easy way out isn't a life fulfilled. It isn't a life of purpose. So while I'm enjoying AZ sun today, Im posting this saucy pic & encouraging u (& me!) to never stop grinding/pushing for our dreams ✨💛

Gods decide is out of our hindsight power but it is always beneficial for us.
تصميم خداوند از قدرت درک ما خارج است اما همیشه به سود ما می باشد.


#Repost SLIDESHOW @mrhennigan
Doug explaining stuff to MacArthur Genius Award Winner Adrian Nicole LeBlanc, NYC 19th June 2017, W Hotel Union Square. We've been working with Adrian since 2011 on the book about the stand-up comedy world that she's been researching for about ten years. She asks a lot of questions. No idea when book will be published but know it will have a fantastic title #adriannicoleleblanc #adrianleblanc #dougstanhope #nikon #nikond750 #d750 # sigma24mm #writersoninstagram #writer #newyorker #standup #standupcomedy #journalism #journalist #macarthurfellow #macarthurgenius

“I remember the last time I saw your face
it was in a picture as I was scrolling through
and I was hit with a wave of longing
to know what we could have been

because I fell the first moment I met you
I don’t think I’ll ever really be over you
my longest lust, my greatest what if 
and the worst part is that I can’t even speak your name

because the syllables come out soft, come out slow
like I actually got the chance to love you the way I wanted to
because it sends me back to daydreams in my room
all that time spent pacing and thinking about you

how is it that it been months since I last heard your laugh
yet you’ve still ruined me for everyone else”
— I miss you or maybe I miss who I was before you by Abby S (via fireandsteelofangels)

T e r r o r s
Special thanks to @mirakeeapp and @writersnetwork for all the support.
Illustration by the incredible @andreahrnjak.


Long time no post, sorry about that!!
Not relating, but a question, how would you guys feel if I wrote for multiple fandoms? I have an au for the musical Be More Chill that I'd like to write for, but I need some opinions first.

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A veces nos olvidamos de las cosas importantes.
A veces solo existe una primera vez. Otras una segunda. Quizás una tercera. •
A veces toda la vida.
A veces solo un recuerdo.

A veces, solo a veces, gran amor.


Projekt 120x80

Empowered women empower women. Awesome night hearing from #pattyjenkins on how she brought Wonder Woman to life. Incredibly inspiring night! Thank you, @womeninfilmla for such an amazing night!! #favorite #movie #inspired #badass #actor #writer #producer #createart #filmmaker #wonder #woman #nevergetsold #girlpower

"L'amour comme innocence et comme capacité d'illusion, comme aptitude à résumer l'ensemble de l'autre sexe a un seul être aimé, résiste rarement à une année de vagabondage sexuel, jamais à deux" #houellebecq #writer #ecrivain #quote #citation

News 😵
At first I was silent
When there was so much beauty
And horror to look at
Where first you'll have to die
To embrace desired freedom
That comes with loss
Now I am ready for things
I can choose
But how can I forget
News of a new deaths
From sunrise to sunsets
Making me step out
from my freedom
© Kapildsrawat

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