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🛡a loose comeback🛡 Last time I was seen in marvelous wrestling I lost. Now I talked a big gam before my first match. And when I lost I stayed quiet. Now you can say what you want about me. You can say I’m a coward or a cheater. But one thing I’m not is a liar. I said I was going to save this company. And to do that I have to win. Now when I said that I wasn’t just talking out of my ass! I meant ever danm word I said! And sometimes you just lose. That happens for everyone. But I don’t plan on losing again. Buddy Murphy your walking around the place like your the baddest man on the planet. But last time I checked your name wasn’t mike Tyson! All you are is a big dumb jock. You walk around like a big deal because you aren’t. You wouldn’t be shit without you wife holding your hand through fame. I worked for everything I have. I work hard day in and day out to stand in that ring, while you sit on your ass and let you dumb friends do all the work for you. You’ve ridden the coat tails of everyone you’ve ever known. And when we meet in that ring I’m going to show you what a true wrestler is. I’m going to show you what someone who has worked for what they own looks like! I’m going to show you what a winner looks like. My plans to rule and save this company start with you. But don’t worry everyone will rennet you in the history books. They’ll rennet you as the first guy Adam brooks beat in marvelous wrestling.
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I Am So Petty. But This Guy Was A Douche. And I Have ALWAYS Wanted To Do This To People With Terrible Gym Etiquette 😂. TAG SOMEONE WHO WOULD DO THIS. Full Video On My Youtube Page! Link In Bio! Shot By: @dannypyle
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This was behind the scenes hand wrapping before my fight. The one and only @stitchduran in my corner.

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