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✨🇮🇹 Amo l'#Italia,ogni angolo è un emozione unica! #Manarola #Liguria #Buonanotte 🇮🇹✨
Photo by: @matteo_andrei_photography

Eski bir pasajın çiçekçiye çevrilmesiyle bugünkü adını alan Çiçek Pasajı, uzun yıllardır İstanbul’un en gözde yerlerinden birisidir.💐🏣 Hadi, sizin burada çekilmiş bir fotoğrafınıza bizi etiketleyin!😎
Cicek Pasaji, which has today's name by turning an old building into a florist shop, is one of the most popular places of Istanbul for many years.💐🏣 Let's tag us on a photo you have taken here!😎 #istanbulmoments by @barisshots

All suited up ⚓️ @_misscircle_ // 📷:@blakeysmalls

Swipe left to see shots from earlier today when I took the #bankywdubaigiveaway winners to see the #Kingsmen movie at the #DubaiMall.. the movie was awesome, and my winners are too! Next up, dinner at @kizadubai
#visitdubai_AF #visitdubai #dubainights #dubainightlife #dubaitourism #ministerofenjoyment #ministeroftourism #worldtraveler #AjalaTheTraveler #wemove

Почта EMS - это отдельная вселенная, серьёзно🙈 Где ещё посылку могут искать больше двух часов, изначально пообещав, что выдадут её через 10 минут?😁 Ещё веселит то, что доставка была оплачена, но курьер решил оставить отправление на почте, так как "ему это было удобнее"😤 Кажется, войны с почтой России бесконечны...

Tag someone you would watch this amazing waterfall with❗️
Kaieteur Falls, #Guyana 📷 by: Andrea de Silva

Traveling with someone special to you can bring your journey to a whole new level. It's more than just exploring together, but you also learn new things about your partner. Is traveling your relationship's goal? Tag him/her! ❤️ .
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Tempat yang cocok buat bersantai. Nago, sudut kota di Okinawa yang sepi, nyaman dan santai. Masih terjaga tradisi Okinawanya. Panas banget dan aku suka.
#ranselahok #instatravel #beach #okinawa #japan #instaphoto #skylover #instaphoto #photooftheday #followforfollow #worldtraveler
Location : Nago, Okinawa, Japan.

By @ranselahok

And that's a wrap guys! I've made it to Dubai after nearly another two month stint in . I'm absolutely gutted over it because trip made me realize how much I love it. I shot this photo in Altyn Arshan last year when I was traveling around , which is a totally underrated country. I know next year I'll be back for more, this isn't a region you can just knock out in one trip. 📷 and 🖋 Courtesy of @adventuresoflilnicki
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Love the beaches of the world! Work hard to experience life's adventures. #entrepreneur #travel #lifeofadventure #life #worldtraveler #vacation #fun #beaches

Cool store with soda from around the world! I thought this one was funny. I might've bought one de France 😜
#soda #france #worldtraveler #kickapoo #funny

Had to get my selfie with “Locks of ❤️” #locksoflove #seoul #southkorea #korea #tourist #travelmemory

Hello, Seattle!! I'm loving this city so far. 💗✨Have you ever been? #seattle #pikeplacemarket

Massive caipirinha

There's so much to see in the world and it's all up to you.
#jhathaway #lifeisajourney #travelinstyle

How long do you think it took to really take shape? One of the many locations around the world with “Locks of ❤️“ #seoul #southkorea #locksoflove #travelmemory

Hot air ballon safe the best fun.
Its such unique experience, everything is so quiet and you can see forever 👌☀️👍

The area surrounding the hotel is just scenic. After walking to the top of the entryway to the hotel the take the obligatory photos, we decided to walk along the beach searching for good skipping stones. I quickly learned that I am not a master stone skipper. In fact, I am pure rubbish at skipping stones, but it was fun to try nonetheless. With a view like this, who wouldn't want an excuse to stick around a little longer.
#instadaily #instago #picoftheday #photooftheday #photogram #travelgram #backpacking #backpackingeurope #wanderlust #travellife #travel #globetrotter #seetheworld #worldtraveler #traveltheworld #instatraveling #traveljunkie #travelingram #traveling #travelphotography #montenegro #europe #easterneurope #instagood #instapassport #instatravel #landscape #landscapephotography #sea #mountains

Let your senses take over as you set foot in Machu Picchu—they will guide you down the path of Andean wisdom.

Been chillin' at this beach place for about a week. Such a nice and relaxing place away from the busy area of Máncora, Peru. Laying in the hammock reading books or just hanging out with new friends and take a swim in the ocean when things are too hot.
#peru #mancora #misfit #beach #niclasworldtour #atwwithnick #aroundtheworld #worldtraveler #globetrotter #traveltheworld #travellife #travelgram #instatravel

Last night I had a 15yr old tell me they made $5K their first month diving in to entrepreneurship, just off watching my free content. That's only 1 out of thousands of people who tell me things just like that daily, people who are changing what they're doing on a daily basis to get different results in their life. ⠀

One of the first people who inspired me, was on Social Media 5 years ago, I used to read all his post, check his lifestyle and get motivated as hell. I can 100% say with confidence, because of the content he put out, my life changed and my drive was 10x.⠀

I want to do the same. I see my (even) younger self in everyone that follows me, regardless of your age. ⠀

If just one piece of content I put out, makes you make a decision that alters your life forever, my job is done. I put out content because I know without my role models I wouldn't be the person I am today. ⠀

It doesn't matter how much older or younger you are then me. You're not too early and you're not too late to start. ⠀

The resources are there for you to win. ⠀

It just comes down are you actually serious about making those resources work or are you just kinda serious. ⠀

Do you have the mental strength to put off everything that you are used to having as a guilty pleasure for delayed gratification?⠀

That's something you need to truthfully ask yourself.⠀

Think about that.⠀

If you gotta think about it, if you're going out tonight when you know you got shit you need to handle, then I'll answer for you.⠀


You're just not ready yet.⠀

You're a bench player thinking you should be ranked with the GOATS like MJ, Kobe, & LeBron. ⠀

You're just not worthy yet.⠀

(Just in case anybody was wondering, I type these up in less than a minute. My fingers race almost as face as my brain🙇🏽 #adhd)⠀

But, if you're reading the right now, and you feel like I'm talking about you, it just means you're not doing enough. Stop being "motivated" and actually get your hands dirty. Sit down for 10 freakin' hours and just work. You might think you're really working but your not, I promise you, you are not micromanaging your time. ⠀

Just work. Just do more. ⠀

That's it.

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