Posted via • @alexanderspringborn Turns out the Bahamas are a pretty decent spot for a night dive or two. I just love it when all those little critters come out to play. I could do without the fireworms and sea wasps, though ;)
#pictureoftheday #underwaterphotography #diving #hermitcrab #macro

Posted via • @meaghantrust Sharks & bubbles

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”The cure for anything is salt water - sweat, tears, or the sea.” - Isak Dinesen
Photo credit: @alexkyddphoto

Posted via • @theocean ‘The flare..’ if you’re an ocean goer, you know these little beauties but there’s a lot of people that don’t know anything about them.. Flares don’t have the power of slabs but they have an incredibly beautiful display of splayed water that happens when two opposing forces collide, they look especially amazing in golden light.⠀

>> Video and caption by @thurstonphoto from an incredible passion project that @mattblakersphoto and he made to show how the wave photos they share are captured.

Posted via • @neyu_dolphin Live from your heart! 💕 @neyu_ma

Posted via • @girlsthattechdive Focused but fun! Who else loves rebreathers? #girlsthattechdive 💦 photo by @alfredminnaarphotography Featuring @scuba.sarah😎 we’re celebrating 80,000 followers over at @girlsthatscuba today! So cool to connect with so many of you!

For #worldoceansday, students, teachers and families in Taiwan participate in an International Coastal Cleanup. This service day is a part of iEARN's Every Day is Earth Day project. #sdgs #sdg14 #globalgoals

11/12/18 - Block on Broadway between Clay/Campbell St, Santa Cruz, Ca #100piecesforearth
Duration - 10 mins
Weight - 2 lbs
- 7 plastic shot bottles
- 8 pieces of paper
- 3 empty cigarette packs
- 40 cigarette butts
- 1 battery
- 3 plastic lids
- 2 plastic cups
- 1 roll of tape
- 1 paper cup
- 2 plastic straws
- 2 plastic forks
- 2 paper bags
- 15 plastic wrappers
- 3 paper retail tags - 2 paper receipts - 10 misc.
#wildlifeconservation #stoppollution #helpanimals #stopplasticpollution #savetheplanet
#planetorplastic #choosetoreuse #banthebag #plasticsucks #savetheoceans #savetheturtles #skipthestraw #saynotoplastic #plasticocean #plasticfreeocean #cleanocean #banplastic #breakfreefromplastic #plasticplanet  #banplasticbags #plasticnotfantastic #parleyair #worldoceansday #coronaxparley #cleanplanet #savethewildlife #plastickills #santacruz

Celebrating Autumn with some of the autumn coloured creatures I have been painting recently 🍁🍂✨❤️🧡💛
Only 10 days left to order a painting for Christmas! 16th of November is the deadline for International orders (outside the UK) and 23rd is the deadline for UK ⭐️🧡💛⭐️

‪Dawn of light lying between‬
‪A silence and sold sources‬...

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