Getting in the last chapter of ‘count your blessings’ now before the evening webinar, then I’ll be ready to move onto the sleep smarter book for the new week ahead, excited after watching a video of @shawnmodel (author and creator of sleep smarter) talk about sections of this book on YouTube 🙌 he also has some great videos and content on his Instagram channel.

Just finishing up some forecasting and my getting my thoughts down on this weeks opportunities ready to compare them with the thoughts in the weekly falcon webinar 🙌

Enough with the fake followers and profiles. Please don’t like , follow me or DM me IF your followers are fake. Don’t be fooled by people who have lots of followers. Thank god I have years and years of business experience. I can see through all the bullshit. The reason why this irks me is because people don’t want to WORK FOR IT. Success leaves clues and it’s called HARD WORK.
I am here to make a difference for people as I have been doing for years, just on a bigger scale. Come on people do the work, don’t waste my time. ❤️❤️
#getreal #workworkworkwork 🙄🙄

Yea to organic and sustainable lifestyle.
After lunch at a Chung house in Assam, tasted some delicious tribal food.

Was there a man dismayed?
.Not though the soldier knew
.Someone had blundered..
Theirs not to make reply,
Theirs not to reason why,.
Theirs but to do and die. ~ Alfred, Lord Tennyson.

In frame : @thefooddude__
Pic credits : @saurabh._.96/ @kunicaaaaa
I am feeling a little poetic hence the above poem is an excerpt from a classic Tennyson masterpiece I have adored and adorned. In the time frame of last 96 hours, I won, what would be the ONLY Modern Indian Poet on my treasured 13 shelved book collection in Tejaswini’s competition on @satinandgold.
I am the only winner out of the (Lucky Number) 3 (read OCD😝)chosen to have the opportunity to meet the poet herself alas #yehdooriya. No matter how much I may look forward to this, it won’t be till long(read couple of years) that I have to myself the Pune life. #workworkworkwork
I’m not sure if you, my reader, understand punjabi, but if you do I’ll end this one in a couplet with the lines of one of my favourite punjabi poets and the much acclaimed Professor Surjit Patar;
“Chal Patar! Uth Dhundan Chaliye Bhuliyaan Hoiyaan Thaavaan
Kithe Kithe Chad Aaye Aan Anlikhiyaan Kavitaavaan” (It can be roughly translated into English as “ Oh Patar! Wake up! Get up! Let’s trace the untrodden paths the ones that have been forgotten in search of poetry you left on your way to the peak of your being.”)

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Lagu Jelita ciptaan saya yg dibawakan oleh Girlband The Charola segera dinyanyikan kembali oleh Tallent berbakat..Clarissa Chavella Lidardy. @the_clarissa_officiall
@just_clarissa_02 Sukses Clarissa n semoga Lagu Jelita jauh lebih sukses dibawakan oleh kamu ❤️
Music & Arr by my brother @my_name_edo_satriani
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Work as Tolak Bas...💪💪💪💪 #ums #weekend #photo #workworkworkwork

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