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Summer vibes ✨

>>>>>>>>BUCKET LIST<<<<<<<< •Intern for Dan Rather✔️
•Live in New York✔️
•Open @breakingrecordsmedia by the time I'm 30✔️
•Always give more than I receive. (So far✔️)
•Be an example to younger women✔️
•Never let pride keep me from helping someone✔️
• Get married to someone who understands my drive and doesn't try to change it.
I stopped listening to the empty promises and started building my empire one brick at a time. I'm one of those girls that "gets stuff done." I planned on opening @breakingrecordsmedia at 30, but I'm only 24. Is it crazy? Perhaps, but I'm also the girl that holds myself accountable and doesn't let defeat steal my passion. If you can wake up every morning and be proud of the person you see in the mirror, you're already steps ahead of most. You got this👌🏼#WorkHard #BeKind #breakingrecordsmedia #jointhemovement #GoodGirlMovement #myownworld #nevergiveup #notmeanttobeaprop

I had an absolute killer of a session at @bxrlondon with @garyshogun68 earlier but it's got me feeling so energised to teach at the @jdwomen & @reebokwomenuk event this evening 💃🏽 Sometimes you have to push your body to its limit, and sometimes you have to pose effortlessly for a photo when you'd much rather be lying face down in the ring 😂 #ddmcollective #SweatbyBXR

My favorite days at the gym are the ones filled with multiple skaters. All working toward the same dream- one squat at a time. 💪🏻❤️🇺🇸 #teamUSA #grind #workhard #strength #figureskating

I miss my early morning workouts with @lizzieifbbpro ❤️ I'll still be doing her online training programs to stay in shape 💪🏽

There is no guarantee in life for anything and it's no secret that life can be random and spontaneous to the extreme of you not being alive this time tomorrow.. but the one aspect I've found consistent in getting the closest thing to a "guarantee" to achieving dreams and goals in life, is to work your f@$king ass off.. You can tell yourself "I can guarantee I'm gonna make it or die trying"

I love it when people doubt me. It makes me work harder to prove them wrong #waitontheoutcome #starface #teamstarface #workhard #insilence #newmuzik #comingsoon


Received this in the mail from one of my clients!!! Thank you! #happyclients #meansyouarewinning #workfromhome #workhard

You deserve a night out (women only).
Sorry guys.
Food, drinks, good conversations and a little black dress! Sound good?
Here at MBS Elite I’ve been working with women just like you for a long time now, and there has been one common trait I have seen: You do not give yourself enough credit for being the incredible woman you are.
You are worth more than you know. You are a strong and beautiful woman, and you deserve the best life possible. 
Deep down you know this to be true, but you just don’t do anything for yourself. 
So contact us today and mention the Little Black Dress
Text: 909-294-6295
Email: mbselitetraining@gmail.com
Web: www.mbselitebootcamp.com
#fitbody #shredcamp #determination #fitnessworld #training #healthy #getfit #workout #success #gymtime #womanfit #eatclean #progress #muscle #gym #instafit #power #bestrong #workhard #fit #fitspo #traintotransform

🐝💼👒 #workhard

Not hating the office today. Gorgeous day working on my business from wherever, whenever.
I'm telling you...if you are self motivated, always the best employee, always find yourself going above and beyond...this life is for YOU and we need to chat. I WISH I had started earlier but I'm grateful to have spent my time hustling in the corporate world so I can appreciate what I have now.
Now, off to pick up the babes for swim time 🤗🤗 PS...it's green tea 😂💕 #createyourlife #workhard #live #dream


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