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Courage brave soul. Courage.

When Pat was little, during the primary program at church, he jumped on top of the stand and walked across the railing like it was a balance beam. With the same blood running through my boys' veins, I held my breath as my boys walked up to the stand (our twins very first time) to participate in their own program today. ⠀

We were thrilled when all three boys acted reverent, nailed their speaking parts, and let each of their personalities shine through! The twins were front and center the entire time and did pretty darn well. The sweetest old lady approached me after and said our twins moved her to tears...in the best way possible. 😊 Good job boys, you nailed it! 👊🏼#primaryprogram

“Like” if you agree! 📸@youniteverses #likeattractslike

I'm not saying I have a perfect kid. But I do have an amazing cheerleader of a son!
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Your voice is the most important instrument of communication and expression. 💙 The vibrations of the voice are felt not just by the ears but by your entire body. ❣️ Your spoken voice has immense power over your mood, confidence, what you attract & allow 💪🏻💪🏽💪🏾
In yoga we refer to the front of the neck as the throats chakra in Sanskrit it is “Vishudda”, which means “pure” or “purification”. 🗣 Your Voice is a gift 🎁 unwrap it. #findyourvoice .
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What's your motivation? Do you do it to just look good or for the health of it?...it's a dual thing; you train hard, eat well, and everything gets better.
Your energy, body composition, sex appeal, confidence, mindset, outlook on life, happiness level, the list goes on...
Don't do it for anyone else...do it for you and never look back 😘

forget about trying to gain weight. just focus on making the body you do have incredibly sexy. 💕😘 #wordsofencouragement


It’s hard #buildingyourdreams especially when you feel alone, aren’t supported or worse, have people telling you you’ll fail. If you find yourself in that position, today let me be the person who #believes in you! #nomatterhowhard it seems, know in your heart #youcanwin If you need some #wordsofencouragement feel free to message me. I’m #heretohelp #helpingothersbesuccessful #dotherightthing #dailygoals #itshardsometimes #neveralone #dbl #dreambuildlive #perservere #iwillhelpyou

Astrology is worth studying and it is life changing, highlighting parts of yourself and others... it’s magical🔮✨ #astrology

Words that have been on my heart and mind...especially for those going through hard times. #hewillgiveyourest #wordsofencouragement #peacebeyondunderstanding

Listen deeply to others today! ✌🏽#kightspiration #listenclosely

Morning motivation from @skylar.yoo - This is the year of the woman. Chelsea Handler addresses the sexism that has been happening for a long time, in all different industries. There's a strong need for women everywhere to have the courage to come forward and speak up about how they're being treated. The willingness of women to speak up shows that the lions are awake --- and they're powerful. Women everywhere, fight on! ✊🏻✊🏼✊🏽✊🏾✊🏿 - #realwomenonthemove #sisterhood #theyearofthewoman #dedication #empowerment #empowerment #sisterstakingaction #career #jobs #healthandwellness #finances #commitment #wordsofencouragement #blog #bloggers #blogging #goals

It's so funny when you're about to leave a place, you start looking at everything differently. You start appreciating and basking in it more. .
I've been moving slowly all week just staring at my surroundings with Dewey, grasping mental pictures of what we do and see to hold onto before we move. It's bittersweet. It's interesting. It's fascinating emotionally that even though we can love, appreciate and cherish something like people or stuff or our surroundings we see everyday and are used to, when we aren't going to see it daily we wonder how we could have appreciated it even more.
That's how I feel. Could I have been kinder and more grateful and honestly that questioning doesn't serve me because everything I did and felt at the times I did it was perfect.
You can change it. You grow from it. You expand and learn from it. That ultimately transforms how you feel towards it. You forgive it and love it and accept it and appreciate it differently with new eyes created from those old experiences. That is transformation. That is healing. That is real love.🌿🌾

Good morning my IG Family. Here's wishing you a day filled with love and a lovely day. #goodmorning #love #liveeverymoment #lovelyday #quote #wordsofwisdom #wordsofinspiration #wordsofencouragement #motivation

Seriously don't. Do what makes YOU happy and what's best for you! 😁#wordsofencouragement #happywednesday #dowhatsrightforyou #dontfeelguilty

Sometimes people show us parts of ourselves we aren’t yet attuned with and sometimes when we reveal who we are to ourselves, we need to leave the people who helped show us. You helped me realise I was fiery, made to make a change and stand up for those who need it, I wasn’t meant to follow the rigid rules of society, you didn’t know you helped me see that, but my rebellion and my fire manifested differently from yours. I want to change the world whereas you want to run wild so we weren’t the same after all, and that’s okay🔮

Breasts are not sexual organs, people with boobs do not exist for the male gaze, men need to stop shaming us and calling us derogatory slurs 👊🏻

Words of wisdom Wednesday
No matter how broken we think we may be we all have the opportunity to give it our all and make something good out of something bad. ❤️#wordsofwisdom #wordsofencouragement #blessed #wednesdaywordsofwisdom

One of my favourite quotes is by
Suheir Hammad, who once said “A woman will tell you
every home she has ever inhabited
has been broken into
starting with her body” and this, I’m sorry to say, seems to never change. The #metoo movement is incredible, however I’m shocked people are so surprised at the astronomical numbers of survivors of abuse, particularly the amount of women survivors. As a woman, I’ve been aware from a very young age that there are monsters lurking not in the shadows, but in the light of day, they stalk us and pounce when we least suspect it. I am yet to meet a woman who has never been sexually assaulted, which breaks my heart. Something must change, which has been said so many times before but something seriously must change right now, we cannot allow predators to get away with their abuse, society needs to stop protecting the perpetrators and actually protect and support the survivors. Too many times we are told it was our fault, simply brushed aside as if we do not matter, we are let down too many times to count and this needs to stop, we deserve to be protected, we shouldn’t have to fight so hard to be believed. To any survivors, you are not alone in your pain and your trauma, you matter and you are strong and incredible, no matter what ignorant people will say, I see you and I hear you, I believe you and I stand with you!❤️👊🏻✨ #stoprapeeducate #stoprape #metoo #nomore #endrapeculture

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