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A week or so ago, I asked you a few questions about grad school on my insta-story. If you missed it, I wondered what stage you were in your graduate school degree, if you struggled to get in a groove in the beginning stages, and if you wish you had resources to better prepare you for the demands of graduate school.
Overall, I got a lot of feedback saying yes, you needed more support when you first started grad
school. You also might have voted yes, that you would take a survey for me to get an idea of what is lacking in the realm of grad school preparation and tools for overall success…
- ➡️ Well I finally constructed that survey! If you want your voice heard as to what resources and general knowledge needs to be available for new graduate students’ success, please take a few moments to fill out my survey (link in bio)!!
When I first started graduate school, I had a terrible time figuring out myself, the expectations, and the systems I would need to be a productive graduate student.😳 In a lot of those areas, figuring things out is also an ever-ongoing project during my time as a graduate student! If this sounds like you too, please help me serve you by filling out the survey. ❤️🧡
Please share with anyone and everyone you know that is getting on, currently on, or just hopped
off the struggle bus that grad school can be at times. The more feedback I get, the more effective we can be at improving the grad school journey. Thank you so much! I appreciate you more than I can express. 💛💚
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participants in the Chicanx and Latinx Graduation Celebration are incredible individuals 😭 Today we want to highlight Maria Paola Murillo from Mexicali, Baja California, Mexico. Her future plan is to return to Mexico and implement her knowledge for the betterment of her home country. Maria Paola Murillo is graduating with a degree in Civil Engineering with a minor in Construction Management.

Advice: Take advantage of every opportunity that presents itself and make great memories!

Best memory in Davis: The best decision I made was to join Danzantes del Alma. The people in DdA became my family away from home and my support system when I most needed it through this journey!

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Valerie Davidson is blazing a trail for female engineers. She is the founder of the Ontario Network of Women in Engineering, professor for 25 years, and a #maceng grad. Link in bio for her #bigideas story.
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Feeling like a 👑 queen 👑 because I received the most Miss California People’s Choice votes yesterday! I’m so thankful for each person who cast their votes. Did you know that the People’s Choice winner receives a place in the Top 15, gets to compete on finals night, AND her scholarship for competing jumps from $750 to $2000?! Help me make my mark for San Luis Obispo County AND fund my education by voting {link in profile}
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Garantir o pleno desenvolvimento e a implantação apropriada de metade do total de talentos do mundo tem uma grande influência no crescimento, na competitividade e no preparo para o futuro de economias e empresas em todo o mundo. #gendergap #womeninengineering #womenintech

It was exactly five years ago (May 2013) when I first got my bachelor degree! And now here I am extremely relieved again! Another one is here! Although there was a huge question mark in understanding this process, I am thankful enough to improve a lot from my 21 y/o-self and to have the reality smacks me on how "Gender Inequality" term is indeed an understatement 😂
Thank you for the support @lestari.nurhajati
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We’re reminiscing on the wonderful time we had during our Agilent #WomenInEngineering event last month. Thank you to all the #NextGenInnovators who attended. It was a pleasure to meet all of you! #JoinAgilent

Thank you Marit for providing our leadership team an overview of WiSH, a group at Maple Grove High School - that exposes girls to #STEM careers in #healthcare. We are excited to further explore possibilities to partner.
#GirlsInSTEM 🤝👍

Why are my boys jumping for joy? Because the new season of DOOZERS is premiering today on Hulu! I’m so proud how this series celebrates diverse families...especially our single mom, Chief Doozer, running Doozer Creek and raising two kids. Being a single working momma it was important for me to showcase this Boss Mom. So many other goodies to discover in this show with your kiddos! So get to it and DO, DO, DO it!

Africa is the hub of resources and the prime continent of potential in technology.

SmartiPants Education is an organization led by engineers that are passionate about reinforcing innovation and critical problem solving skills for the South African child.
Imagine an Africa with many more inventions and innovations of its own! We catalyze the youth’s creativity and interest in STEM through #mechatronics and #Robitics workshops which promote the very much needed manufacturing industry in South Africa.

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We’ve got an awesome #FounderFriday takeover coming your way! Our host @jeannicole19 has more than 18 years of legal and electronic discovery experience and is skilled in the legal and technological developments associated with electronic data governance for litigation. 📚 In her spare time, she also she writes thriller novels,which inspired her to launch @SimplyStylus, a cloud-based novel writing software. @SimplyStylus is a visually rich application that allows one to easily outline, organize and write their respective novel. 📝 During her takeover, Jean Nicole will be talking about what electronic discovery is, how she balances having a career, a hustle, and a family, and so much more! Add us on Snapchat - WomenInTech - to catch it all! ➡️👻

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I’m not bossy I just now what I want.

‪Full credit goes to @collegehumor for the description of this #enggirlproblem (which is really a #girlproblem in general). ‬
‪Check out the link in our bio for the hilarious video in its entirety 😂😂.‬

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